Looking Forward To The Most

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lissica - September 28

Just wondering what all you girls are looking forward to the most about not being pregnant. For me it's sleeping on my stomach,drinking coffee w/o feeling guilty,bending over and heartburn. I am 38.5wks and sooo looking forward to doing all the old stuff i used to.


angie m - September 28

I am looking forward to not feeling sick. I am 31 weeks and still feel sick at times. I haven't gotten sick since 14 weeks but there have been times since when I felt like I could. I rarely go out because I am afraid that if I do go out it will be then that I will get sick and I have this huge fear of getting sick in public plus I get really bad car sick while pregnant. So yeah I am looking forward to not feeling sick so I can go out and do stuff again. Even just shopping.


inuk-mama - September 28

This may sound really silly, but the things I am most looking forward to are: labor (?) because it means a vacation from the every day, and the other kids at home. Holding my baby, for obvious reasons, and maternity leave! I really need that break!


Ashley86 - September 28

This is probably the stupidest thing ever...but physical activities...I know it's odd but when you someone tells you you CAN'T do something it becomes more appealing! I miss roller skating lmao. How weird is that? And bike riding and being able to jump on a trampoline and jogging without people freaking out. If I jog to the car real quick to grab something everyone freaks out and tells me not to overexert myself! But yet no one objects to me being on my hands and knees straining my back to scrub the toilet and that takes much more work from me! What the heck? Lmao


tarheelfan71 - September 28

I am looking forward to not having to get up several times at night to go to the bathroom.


Tink - September 28

going back to the gym, sleeping better (at least more comfortably, even if the baby keeps me up often), regular bathroom again (constipation has been killer and i know it might be after for a bit)- not being nauseous and just feeling 'normal' again and able to lift things etc.


docbytch - September 28

Too many things to count!! 1. Mobility again 2. Able to eat whatever and not worry about it (GD now) 3. Energy level returning back to normal 4. Exercise 5. Not having to pee a zillion times a day 5. Sleeping in any position once again 6. How about a nice stiff drink!!! No guilt! AND...of course not to forget the wonder of holding this little baby who is part of me. All the things that go with that...8-)


josie4 - September 28

No more discharge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shagen McBride - September 28

I am most looking forward to being able to comfortably fit into most of my clothes again. As well as being able to shop in the non-maternity clothes section since there's obviously a lot more to choose from! I too am looking forward to being able to have a martini or something like that!! It's been SO long!! ;-p It will also be nice to no longer have everyone commenting on how big my tummy is, etc.


WP - September 28

Sleeping on my stomach, exercise that doesn't leave me completely exhausted, s_xual variation and frequency, bending over without having to hold my breath, having a drink without feeling guilty, getting back to work in January (part-time) and having something relevant to talk to my friends about (most are childless). Oh yeah, and not having hemorrhoids.


AntsWife - September 28

Emotional stability!!!!!!!!!!!


Pearl - September 28

I miss wearing heels to work. I haven't been able to go a full day in heels since I was about 15 weeks along. I can't wait! I look into my closet and get sad because I am stuck in flip flops or athletic shoes...lol I want to put on a nice pair of 4 inch leather heels with my suit!


afireinsideamanda - September 28

i tihnk probably the coffee, and hot hot baths... hot tubs, etc...


Pipa - September 30

I'm looking forward to not waking up in pain at night; being able to actually DO stuff without getting worn out, achy, or swollen; shopping for normal clothes, and I really want to lose some weight specifically in my b___bs!!!! More than anything though, I can't wait to hold my baby and see hubby holding him!


Mariefe - October 1

I am looking forward to wear my favorite tight jeans, dress and T-shirts without my bulging belly anymore. I want to see my old self who takes running, aerobics as routine exercises and feeling light weight again like my husband. And above all, spending time, share joy, love and happiness with our new born baby .. I cant wait to be a mom finally with the help of the baby's great daddy..


falafal0 - October 1

EVERYTHING everyone's already said. But mainly not being in pain anymore in every movement. No pain sigh.


sahm2alaj - October 1

I am looking forward to my flat tight tummy and being able to walk up the stairs at home withOUT running out of breath!!!



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