Loose Skin After Pregnacy

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Stephanie - March 7

i am 17, 5' 7" and before now i have been in athletics and im worried about loose skin on my stomach. i usually put on some coco butter lotion after i get out of the tub for stretch marks but im worried that wont work for the loose skin. what will work??


layla - March 7

Nothing is going to prevent loose skin. It's all a part of having a baby. Once the pregnancy is over, and you get the ok from the doctor you can start excercising to firm up.


brucen - March 15

You are young you will probably bounce right back into shape. Try to stick to the recommended weight gain 25-35 lbs, I lost that much in the first 3 weeks. However, I gained about twice that. So far I have lost another 20, doing nothing but caring for my baby.


brandy - June 15

try to use some vitamin E oil!! It really works.


Sabrina - June 15

I gained 76 pounds with my son. I ended up losing all but a few pounds (which I think I needed to keep anyways) However, It took over a year to lose it. I believe because I was small before getting pregnant, and my stomach was very tight.. it was easier to get back my pre-pregnant shape! I ended up having no loose skin and even got lucky with no stretchmarks. It does all depend on the elasticity of your skin, but I recommend not worrying about it too much. Just like they say " a watched pot never boils".. if you weigh yourself everyday you'll be disappointed and think you'll never lose it. Once I decided to not worry about the extra weight is when it started shedding off! As far as gaining the 25-35 pounds they recommend... screw that! lol I liked to eat WAY too much! It's the one time you have an excuse to eat like a champ.


Janine88 - March 12

Im only 18 weeks pregnant but i also have a 4 year old daughter who i had very young (15). I got some loose skin, nothing extreme and i worked really hard and getting it to go away but now i am on #2 will it come back??


lisa mc - March 14

i had my first daughter when i was 16 and also scared that i wouldnt get my figure back. i put on 30 pounds whilst pregnant and had a 7lb 12 baby. i was back to my normal weight by my 6 week check up and i thank b___stfeeding on demand as you really feel your stomach muscles contracting. the stretchmarks are a hit or a miss though i was lucky enough not to get!! i am now 39 weeks pregnant with another girl and planning on b___stfeeding again and also lucky not to have stretchmarks this time either. good luck


lisa mc - March 14

forgot to add i had no loose skin or baby pouch as i refer to it as unlike a few of my friends!!!



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