Losing The Plug And Braxton Hicks

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Kiersten - November 19

Hey everyone. Things are getting hectic as I'm 38 weeks Wednesday and baby could come anytime! As of my checkup last week I'm 25% effaced and a "real good 1cm". Saturday I lost a LOT of my plug and although there was no pink or red in it, there was brown. I lost more yesterday and then again today. The braxton hicks are picking up, but aren't bad. I guess my question is, how many of you mommas lost your plug and went into labor, and what was the time frame? I know that it can regenerate and I'm thinking my exam irritated my cervix enough to dislodge it, but at the same time I can't help but be excited. Something new! :) GL to all and thanks for reading my tmi rambling!


AmberNicole - November 19

With my ds, my exam made me lose my plug, and 2 days later I realized I was leaking fluid. I had him that next day. I was only 36 weeks.


Fall - November 19

AmberNicole, HOw did things turn out? Did you get to take your baby home? I just lost my mucus plug and I'm 36 weeks!!


josie4 - November 19

I lost my plug all day the day before I had my baby. It had no blood in it - I didn't get that until about 5 hours into labor. I was 39 weeks 3 days when I had him.


Kiersten - November 20

Thank you! My exam was Thursday and Saturday, Sunday and yesterday I was losing the plug. Saturday was the only day there was blood (brown) so I didn't think that it really signified anything. Thought it had to be pink show. So thank you Josie for giving me hope! :) I have another appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping that losing it's at least helped me efface or dilate some more. We're moving middle/end of December and I don't want to cut it too close to the baby! My midwife wants me to get to a 2 before inducing...I just really want to go on my own. Thanks again for sharing your experiences! It's a comfort to at least THINK that something may be happening. lol


BeckyW - November 25

I lost my plug at 34 weeks and I'm at 37 (still, as far as I know, only 1cm) and still no baby. I don't even think I've had (or noticed) any real contractions! Just the Braxtons. So I have no clue... it seems with everyone else, they have the baby soon after teh plug is gone, but... I'm still waiting.


emfine99 - November 25

Not to discourage you, but I was due almost 3 days ago, I've been 50% effaced for 2 weeks and a really good 1cm dialated and I lost my plug a week ago, a big chunk of it that was brown and a few days later started seeing blood... the sad thing is... I'm still pregnant! I'm having a TON of pain, so hopefully soon for me, but you could go another couple of weeks so good luck!



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