Lost Mucus Plug Question

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mama3 - April 11

Ok, this is my 3rd baby but I have been induced with my other two. This time I am able to go on my own. I lost my plug tonight. An I am 1cm dialated. I have been having a few contractions off and on for about a week. Nothing big. I need to know does walking help bring labor on? I'm not meaning just to my van and around the store, lol. But like a mile or two a day? My dr told me my baby gorl is healthy and when ever she's ready its ok. If I could help her alittle so maybe by this weekend I could be going in to have would be great. I have a plan for someone to whatch my other girls but with my oldest being in school I would like not to have to worry about getting her home. If anyone who can help me I would be soooo greatfull. I'm just ready to hold her and be able to sleep better. Like I know most of you are feeling. I know she will come when she's ready. I just want to help her alittle. Not know scares the heck out of me.


kristie h - April 12

Hi, Yes walking can bring on labour faster. When i was pregnant i walked liked 45 minutes aday till the day i gave birth. The gravity will help the baby more easily and id think that that since you will be useing all the muscles and the blood circulating in your abdemon ect it will help the baby out alot. But I know it may be hard but its best to brisk walk dont be surprisecd though when you have finished your walk your hands and feet will throb like crazy and all you will want to do is plonk on the lounge and have water ready also for when u get in the door good luck!.


^lucy^ - April 12

hi mama3, im preggo with our first baby and she's a girl as well :) im 34 weeks today and i started walking since last week.. not crazy walking but like 2 hrs every other day cz i work full time and dont have the time to walk everyday really.. i wanna ask a question if u dont mind plz.. im 34 weeks now with my 1st baby and have been hearing people losing mucus plugs by 26 weeks.. i haven't lost mine yet, does this mean that i'll have to get induced? i wanna go natural and im scared that im too late now.. my baby is headdown since 22 weeks and i dont know if im progressing cz i haven't had an internal yet.. thanks for any help and good luck :)


andrea757 - April 12

hi lucy,,, to answer your question i am 39 weeks and 1 day and 3 cm dialated and have not lost my plug yet .. dr says some people don't lose it until just before birth,,, so don't worry you are fine


^lucy^ - April 12

thanks andrea for answering my question :) u really eased my worries.. best of luck to u,, wow ur pretty close that's so exciting :)


mama3 - April 12

Thank You Kristie h. I so just want to get this over with. I'm gonna have my kids walk with me around the track. Since we are having nice weather now. Course I'll be putting my youngest in her stroller. She cant walk that fast yet, lol. I lost my plug with my first and went into labor the next night, but it was to early and they stoped it, she then had to be induced for not wanting to come out, lol. But that was 8yrs ago and I cant remember how it felt or much else. My 2nd was inducde before 34 weeks so I never had a chance to even try to go on my own. Good luck to you ladys. Andrea757 best of luck you'll see your baby soon. ^Lucy^ I wouldnt worry at all. This baby has been head down since 24 weeks and droped at 29 weeks. I'm over 36 weeks and my plug droped. An yes like andrea757 said sometime you wont lose your plaug till you are in the hospital having your baby. Every womens body is different when it comes to getting ready for birth. TY all



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