Lost Sex Drive

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Anyone else? - December 9

I'm 29 weeks and I just don't feel like having s_x. My BF and I have s_x once every 3 or 4 days, I give in for him, I personally could do without. When we have s_x, I do enjoy it and everything is the same, I'm just having a problem getting to the point where I'd like to do it. Most of the time I feel like I'd just rather sleep or not be touched. I'm sure this is normal but I'd feel better being assured that there are others having this problem too.


Jeanan - December 9

I am 29 weeks also and my s_x drive has gone down the toilet also...my and my bf sometimes go like weeks between having s_x...sometimes it is like once a month and although I feel bad I just can't help that I am never in the mood....and don't feel bad it is completly normal and alot of women who are pg go through this...=)


Kate N Baby - December 9

Hi ladies. I am 32 weeks and I have not been in the mood since 23 weeks. I feel bad for my husband but in a way I kind of blame him also.... If that makes any sense. I might be hormonal but he NEVER compliments me. This whole time I have been pregnant not once has he told me I look nice. I think that if maybe he was a little more complimenting and caring then maybe I would feel better about myself, which would put me a little more in the mood :) I hate being touched too. Well good luck ladies. Your almost there.


Lizzy - December 10

S_x...whats that???? I lost my s_x drive like the minute I got preggo. Everyone said I would get it back in second trimester but noop! I would rather sleep!


Dana - December 10

I'm with you lizzie, I was waiting for that magical h__y second trimester too.. never came(literally). Now I am 30 weeks and feel like a big stuffed chicken waddling around in my s_xy sweats and big huge t shirts. Definely some incentive to get back into shape after the baby is born. Hubby could be a bit more complementive also.


terri - December 10

i agree...s_x is a thing of the past right now. i bet that i can count on one hand how many times it has been since i found out i was pregnanct at 4 weeks. it just seems so d__n uncomfortable and it seems like work now..so much to do in order to get in the right position... for example pillows under the b___t..lol..boyfriend still very interested but not me at all.



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