Lot S Of Pressure On My Crotch Area 39 Weeks Pregnant

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Ashlie24 - January 2

I am 39 weeks pregnant and due January 7th 2010..I have seen a doctor for my 39 week check up and I am diolated to 3 and 100% efaced..But I am having so much pressure in my crotch area and it feels like someone kicked me really hard down there..The doctor I seen she said that was normal to feel that (My actual doctor was on vacation) But sometimes it's so bad that I can't walk that good nor get up off the floor..I was wondering if there was other ladies out there that have felt the same way I am..I haven't lost my mucus plug yet or at least I don't think I have but there are time after I do wipe that there is some slimy stuff that comes out lol!! Don't mean to be so (TMI) but if there is anyone that can help me that would be awesome..Thanks!!


Mommy2Boys - January 5

YES! I'm 36 Weeks pregnant, and in the morning it usually only takes me 45 mins to get up and ready for work...this morning it took me 2 hours! I was walking so slowly because my pelvic bone hurt..like someone kooter punched me. It's been all day and i've looked it up on the internet. its called Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. It's where the hormones from pregnancy are softening and stretching your pelvic area and some women's bodies take on inflamation and soreness. This could cause the baby to be mispositioned and you could hurt yourself giving birth. Check out this website, it really helped me...i'm going to see a chiropractor tomorrow to see if I can get some relief.


Tara B - January 29

I am 29 weeks pregnant and have been feeling this pelvic pressure for almost two weeks now. I feel like its to early for me to feel this pressure, but don't want to tell my Dr being afraid she will put me on disability already. I don't rememver having this type of pain with my daughter.


TASHIWASHI - October 24

i hear you!!



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