Lots Of Braxton Hicks

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torbman - May 12

Does anyone have alot of Braxton hicks contractions in short time frames? I think I had about 7-8 in half an hour. They don't hurt, and are just annoying, but am I harming anything by stanying on my feet too long?


angelbebe - May 12

Yep, that has been happening to me the past couple of evenings. The other night they were like every 5-10 minutes for like 3 hours and then they just stopped. Just watch to see if they pick up in intensity. No, you shouldn't be harming yourself on your feet...just swelling if you get that. If you still keep getting the BH in a different position, like resting on your side, then that could be something. The real thing doesn't stop no matter what position. Good luck!


3babies - May 14

This is my third pregnancy that I have experienced this. I'll get a run of them for an hour or two at 5-6 mins apart. My doctor told me I just have an irritable uterus. They are definitely more likely on the days I have overdone it, and when I havent drank much water. He did advise slowing down just to be on the safe side. They can get quite uncomfortable toward the end, but I figured if I wasnt getting any period like pain, or pain around the cervix, they werent doing too much. A warm bath and a couple of gla__ses of water would often help mine stop.


Layla - May 14

I was wondering how normal this is as well because last night my boyfriend and I had s_x and i had BH contractions half the night and all the following morning. It was the first time I've had them so frequently and back to back. It was very uncomfortable.


Inny - May 15

Me too Ladies!! All the time - I am in my 31st week and I have been getting them for over a month now. I will get 6 or more in a 1 hour period. It really scares me but my doctor says it is a good thing!! They are definitely worse when I am active - I am to the point now where any movement will bring them on. When sitting, I still usually have a couple per hour.



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