Lots Of Vaginal Soreness

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Alyssam21 - May 16

I have been feeling very bruised both inside and outside of the va___a. It's when I get up from any sitting or laying position and when I walk. I also have some what seems to be pain in my cervix which can cause me to feel like I have to go pee everytime I feel pain there. Anyone with any ideas? Thank you!


Alyssam21 - May 16

By the way I am 36 weeks with pre term labor scares a couple weeks ago.


Allie - May 16

I am 35 weeks and also have the same feelings in my cervix - I asked my dr. about the pressure i was feeling on my cervix at my appt last friday, and he wasn't at all concerned - sometimes it feels like she is trying to push her way out of my cervix (but she isn't engaged yet).


redemptive_angel - May 16

I am 31 weeks. I know exactly what your talking about. I was told that it is the baby kicking your cervix. My pain came suddenly and caused me to stop in my tracks because it hurts so bad. I only felt bruised when I went to the bathroom a lot like I was wiping to hard or to often. I hope this helps... and you still have plenty of time before your baby wants out.


Evonna - May 17

I have this also, and i'm only 28 weeks pregnant. It worries me alot!


emmag - May 18

I am 41 weeks pregnant and have had this for the past 5 weeks ever since the baby's head became engaged. It takes me ages to get up and start walking in the mornings due to the bruised feeling. I really thought that something must have broken down there until I spoke to my midwife who a__sured me it was normal.


Leanne_ - May 22

Yes, me too!! I'm 40 weeks and my whole v____al area feels so sore when I wake up in the morning. It takes me forever to get out of bed because it hurts so much...almost like it's bruised. Nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing this.


iakram - May 23

Hi all, believe it or not, I started having this feeling at about 20 weeks - it was horrible it was as though something was putting pressure down there. I"m 30 weeks now it's subsided now but i totally know and can relate to that feeling. I just a__sumed it was the pressure from the baby that's all.



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