Low Amniotic Fluid At 35 Weeks

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Tillie - May 14

Has anyone been told they had low amniotic fluid in their third trimester? I had a sonogram Friday because of some weight loss (basically I've gained nothing in two months and lost six pounds last week, inexpicably) and afterwards they told me my a. fluid was low and I needed to spend the weekend pumping fluids and lying low. Tomorrow I go in for another sonogram to check again. My doctor mentioned something about "if" I get induced tomorrow--I was shocked! I'm only 35 weeks! Has anyone dealt with this? How serious is low amniotic fluid? Why in the world do I have it? ANY thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!


3babies - May 14

Hi Tillie, sorry not sure about the low amnio fluid, just to say that it can definitely replenish itself and build up again unless there is something else going on (like leak etc). But... I had my son at 35 weeks and he was perfect. He was small because of IUGR, had to be in the warmer for about 48 hours just to regulate his temp and had a tube feed for a couple of days just so he didnt use all his energy to feed. All in all though, we were only in hospital 9 days and he was fully b___stfeeding when we left. He was a healthy baby with no problems. Try not to worry, I know it's hard, but in some situations bubs is actually better off out than in. If your levels dont pick up enough then remember that there wont be enough fluid to process bub's waste or protect him/her. Here's hoping of course that your levels increase and bubs cooks for longer!


Tillie - May 15

Thanks, 3babies! That's very rea__suring. I hope I somewhat replenished the lack of amniotic fluid over the weekend; I'll find out today. I'm glad your son thrived so well at 35 weeks--it gives me hope! Though I'm hoping I won't have to test my little girl.


mommietobe - May 15

Hi Tillie, my fluid got low with my first pg, but it did replenish itself. Hopefully yours will too. I remember they look at numbers and I think they don't like to see it below 8 cm. Don't quote me on that. It's good to see your Dr is right on top of it though. Hang in there, I'm sure everything will turn out alright. Just keep us posted on how your doing.


Tillie - May 16

Yes, mommietobe, I just found out they don't like anything below 8. I was a TWO yesterday when I went in for the sonogram, and was admitted to the hospital immediately. The baby was really inactive and incredibly squished. With IV fluid all night it creeped up to almost 5 and they let me go today (after I said I reeeeally didn't want to be induced) so I'm going to go to the hospital every day from here on out for monitoring to watch the fluid levels. The baby's much better today, but it really terrified me. Do you know how low your fluid was with your first pg and did it affect your labor or send you into labor earlier?


Heather W - May 16

Wow Tillie...I had a leak that started my fluid loss at 31 1/2 weeks...Then that pinhole leak healed I guess, and at 35 weeks an u/s said that I was at 9 cm...the following week I was at 6.2 cm and then the following week I was at 7.2( a bigger measurable pocket i guess).. But anything below 5cm is crucial...especially if baby isn't thriving...so they will probably do continuous measurements...to make sure baby is doing well...keep a check on the fluid level, and have you in for non stress tests and you doing kick counts.daily. Now I am 38 weeks today....and only just lost my mucus plug yesterday, and having contractions every 20 - 30 min. So hopefully soon...but after all the scare my little one has given me...I feel like...watch this one will be late...Ack . But I've read lots about it..and sometimes it has something to do with placenta calcification or early separation, But since you are 35 weeks,.don't worry, because I have read plenty about 35 week babies...doing extrememly well, just weighing A LITTLE SMALL..LIKE 4 - 5 LBS. No worries though ..you two will be fine...but if baby slows down in mo=vement ...get your bum in to the hosp and tell them immediately. Good Luck!!


Gracer - May 16

Hi Tillie, I had a friend who gave birth a couple months ago. She went in for an appointment at 36 weeks to find out that they would induce her that weekend (3 days later). She had low fluid levels and come to find out she had a leak that had been going on for a long time before. Her little girl came out perfectly healthy and weighed 6LBS. Good Luck!


mommietobe - May 16

I don't remember exactly, I think a seven, but I know it wasn't as low as yours. I did go into pre-term labor several times with my first pg. This started at 22 wks and continued for several weeks.They were able to stop it with the shot of terbutaline. In the end I ended up with a failed induction and a scheduled cs. Don't blame you one bit for not wanting to be induced. Sounds like your getting excellent care and I hope you will go into labor on your own when baby is ready. I know with my fluid levels, my Dr. had me drinking alot of water. Hang in there, my best advise is to always go with your gut feeling. If you feel like somethings not right, get to the hospital. Please keep us updated on how your doing.



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