Low Amniotic Fluid Level

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falafal0 - September 25

Hey girls, I was wondering wether i have a low level of amnitoic fluid. Bbya is very much a mover and groover like all my other babies, but this time around I seem much smaller. Everyone comments on how small I am (I'm never that big, but you know) and I wonder now at 32 weeks if I don't have that much fluid in there? The movements for the past month or so have been rather sharp and you can see hands and feet pushing and moving. Constatly hiccups. I wonder if I'd be biger, or a 'normal size' if I had more fulid in there and the kicks nad stuff would feel more softer. Sometimes when lying down they take my breath away and are quite painful at times too if I'm leaning against something. I've experienced this with my othe babies but it's never occured to me until now. Perhaps I had a low level each pregnancy? I searched the net to see if drinking can improve it like I've heard. My midwife is coming next week and I'll ask her but I thought I'd jsut put what's on my mind out there and get some opinions or expreinces...XO


docbytch - September 25

I get all those same sensations too...but I actually am bigger for gest age. US last week also showed fluid levels to be on the higher side of normal...to be expected with bigger babies who pee more. So I don't think your symptoms necessarily mean low fluid levels....Will the midwife measure fundal height? When do you get an US? That will tell you more than anything else. Share your concerns with your midwife for sure!!


alirenee86 - September 25

I wonder about being small myself, but your gyno should be telling you if everything seems normal. Mine is. Didn't even occur to me that I could be smaller because of low fluid levels. I have a dr. appt today and will ask this and see what they say. I'm 34 weeks and getting anxious.


nikki1 - September 26

i was wondering about this myself... after you talk to the mid wife can you pleaseee let me know anything!!! I am 37 weeks and the dr. said I had low fluid level, but not dangerously low, then he said it could drop to almost nothing at anytime and the only way to check the levels is to have an ultra-soind and he has not scheduled me one......:( so I am really worried and would really like to know the same thing, thanks if you could get back and I understand if not!! btw, my baby also hiccups a lot and they are really hard feeling hiccups I guess because he's gettting way bigger, but i am, not for sure.....


KDR - September 26

I also get the same comments about not being very big for 35 wks but the baby is measuring on the low side of normal and no one has said anything about low amniotic fluid. I also have a baby who moves constantly and it's crazy to see my stomach morphing in all these different shapes. Hiccups ALL this time too.... it drives me nuts so I know my baby has to hate it! Sounds like your doc or midwife could rea__sure you about this.GL!



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