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waitngformyangel - November 9

im 17 and today i am 37w2d. about two years ago i went to the hospital cause i was feeling really faintish and just not myself it turned out that i was anemic. during my whole pregnancy i have been worried about my low iron count. sometimes it normal but most of the time its just not where the dr.s would like it to be. besides taking my prenatal vitamins and my irons pills is there anything else that could raise my iron levels?? im really nervous because i would love to deliver naturally but at the same time my mom is worried because she thinks that if i dont get my iron up i might have to have a blood transfusion. any help would be greatly appreciated. thank you and god bless. :D


star_eyes - November 9

Hello! I also had low iron levels and my doctor wanted me to take iron pills on top of my prenatals as well. She didn't suggest anything else so that's what I did. My levels went up a few points so now it's within the normal range but on the very low end. The doctor told me that it's very common to experience low iron during pregnancy because your body retains more water while you are pregnant. She said they only worry if it's accompanied by high blood pressure. Has your levels gone on up at all since you've been taking supplements? What does your doctor say about it? Good Luck!!


DaBonkElsMe - November 9

Take your iron pills with orange juice. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron.


star_eyes - November 9

Dabonk is right about the vitamin C. I forgot to mention that in my original post. I take a vitamin C tablet along with the iron pills. If your doc didn't have you retested at your last appointment then they must not be overly concerned about it. It sounds very similar to my situation. I'm sure you'll be fine!! What's funny is that my mom was worried about a blood transfusion as well. Maybe it was more common back in their day?



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