Low Iron Levels

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Ana - January 24

Hi I am 30 wks pg. I just came back from the dr's office and she told me that I have Anemia and that my iron levels are very low..she wants me to be at 12 and I am 10..Has anybody expericed this? Any responses will be greatly appreciated.


Steph - January 24

Hi. On my first my iron levels were 13 but this time round they are still low even with the tablets. I dont think it's something to worry about excessively but i imagine you'll tire easy like me. Good luck. I have 5 days til my due date xxx


Brandi - January 24

I just found out today that my iron level is low as well. All I have to do is take an iron supplement, not a big deal. Very common in pregnancy even with prenatals. Atleast it explains why I've been so tired lately, i mean besides the obvious hehe.


Preggo - January 24

I had the same problem the last time I went to the doctor. I'm 31 wks. My iron was @ 10.5. I'm on iron pills now and I feel much better. I was exhausted all the time. I have a little bit more pep in my step now. If you do take the supplements on an empty stomach, don't wait any more that 30-45 mins before you eat something or you might feel nauseated ...just a heads up :)


Kel - January 24

My iron is low as well, but not low enough to get on a supplement, just yet....I'm at 11.5 and normal is 12. I'm just a litlte more tired than usual. I'm also trying to eat more foods with iron in them (yuck). Good luck.


Maria - January 24

I went to the Dr last Friday and I was told that I was on the border line of being Anemic. I was advised to take two tablets of Feosol Carbonyl Iron Pills. They are over the counter.


Stacy - January 24

It is VERY common--so need need to worry :-) I was told I was anemic at 16 weeks b/c I was in the hospital for a kidney stone. I take the Slow Fe, which is better for digestion. Word to the wise--take some colase (stool siftener) if you start the iron. Ask your doc first. Mine has me taking it twice a day and I have not had one problem with constipation. :-)



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