Low Lying Placenta

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S. - July 18

I went for my 28 week ultrasound a few weeks back and my placenta still hadnt moved up. However, it is not covering the cervix, it is to the left of it, on the bottom portion of the uterus. The doctor who did the test didnt seem concerned and neither was I until I started looking it up... apparently, even tho it isnt placenta previa, it is a low lying placenta that can cause complications at birth which may necessitate a c section. Does anyone have this and know how worried I should be?


Jodie - July 18

I have a low lying placenta aswell, it was discovered during my 19week ultrasound, i went into a mad panic until i saw the dr at the hospital. She told me that as my placenta was 3.5cm away from the cervix there wasnt much to worry about and it would probably move out of the way, if it didnt feel like my baby was able to move down closer to my due date i would be having another ultrasound to check its position


S. - July 18

Yeah but the problem is, I am already at 30 weeks and it hasnt moved up so I doubt it will. Ive had the second sonogram to recheck it, and it never moved up. I need to find out what it means since it didnt move up.


anne - July 18

mine is sort of low too, but i haven't had any spotting or bleeding to indicate there is a problem. mone is low and to the left as well, but not covering the cervix at all.


S. - July 18

anne- how many weeks are you and what did the dr say about it?


anne - July 19

I am 38 weeks and 3 days now and The doctor said it was fine. If i start bleeding a lot before the baby is out, then the placenta is trying to make it out first. so watch that...


S. - July 19

Anne- so they dont have you on any "placenta previa" instructions? its just low and thats it? that makes me feel better... have u had any bleeding to this point? Thanks!


Lisa - July 20

I had low lying placenta at 27 weeks i was sent for another scan at 33 weeks and it was no longer low lying in the majority of cases the placenta will not remain low lying and a natural start to labour will be possible dont worry even if it stays low it is better that the doctors know about it and can monitor you!! good luck


anne - July 20

S. - it isn't placenta previa, that would be so low part or all would be covering the cervical opening. If you had PP you would have bled already weeks ago, showing signs of a problem. As Lisa said, the doctors will know what to do if there is a problem, but it seems unlikely since you didn't have any signs like bleeding.


S. - July 20

http://www.health.sa.gov.au/pregnancy/DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=354 Anne, thanks. originally, thats what I thought, but this website said all low lying placentas are previa, thats why i panicked, sigh. thanks everyone...



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