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lala7 - January 12

Help! I'm 30 weeks and for the past week or so I've had this really bad pain in my lower back. It's mostly on the right side and seemed to sort of start in my right bum cheek if that makes sense. It now makes it really hard to walk without looking demented, and any pressure I place on my right leg hurts. It kind of feels like something's pulled, but then sometimes the whole lower back kind of goes really tight. What is it and does anyone know of anything I can do about it??!!


sarah21 - January 12

I have the same thing. Try walking around a bit less, doing less of things like vacuuming, mopping, things like that. Also bending over a lot can aggravate it. My midwife said it's related to round ligaments and just more pressure on your back muscles in general because of the extra weight. I am 30 weeks and have had it for a little while. The weird part is how I feel it in my b___t. My issue is on the left side, but it sounds like the same thing. Like I said, cut back on some of your activity and see if it gets better. Also, I've found sitting indian style and kind of leaning forward for a stretch helps. Also don't sit still for too long because then it hurts really bad to get moving again.


izechsmama - January 13

lala... i have this too.. but i was diagnosed with sciatica... if you want to know more info on that you can google it.. and it will explain everything... could be just a pregnancy thing, or it may be sciatica... if it is sciatica, there isnt much they can do... i've had it now since about 26 weeks... good luck... with both my pregnancies i felt like once i hit 30 weeks.. it all changed and i was counting the days til it was over... which i'm currently doing now! haha... good luck to you!


Chris1975 - January 13

Hey lala, it does sound a bit like either sciatica or PGP. If its not running right down leg, then might be PGP - Pelvic Girdle Pain... if you google it you will find great description..very similar to sciatica and a big pregnancy symptom. Its very painful , especially when your getting up and out of chair or bed...tends to hurt a lot when you step off the leg affected onto good leg.. I had it really bad at about wk 26-28, but thankfully its died away recently and all i get now is the normal achey back. I hope yours goes away whatever it is :)


mary_ln - January 14

Argh, I know exactly what you mean! I have had lower back pain for a couple months now (I'm 38.5 weeks). It is the worse when I have been sitting weird on the floor or in the middle of the night when I have to get out of bed to pee. That has been the most irritating thing in this pregnancy. However, within the past week or so the pain has moved more to the front and I have a lot of painful pelvic pressure. I sure hope this means the baby is getting closer to come out. I'm just ready to be free from body aches!! Good luck with everything and maybe try doing some stretches a few times a day...



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