Lower Back Pain

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Concerned soon to be - March 11

I am due in 2 weeks and having alot of lower backpain and unable to manuever. What can be done to ease the pain.


alicia - September 23

take a warm bath and have your honey give you a nice back ma__sage on top of all this take some tylenol it's the only thing you can take when your pregnant..so i take like three at a time when my back pain is strong..it wont hurt your baby so dont worry.


kellie - September 24

being only two weeks from your due date i would talk to your doc about it and see what he says you might be experiencing back labor and you could be progressing without knowing it i am 33 weeks and already having back labor and everything else they have me on medication to stop my contractions.....check with your doctor to see what he says you might be a mommy sooner than you think


Mary - September 27

first check with your ob or dr and they will see how far the baby has engaged or dropped, the baby's head could be pressing on your tailbone. It's actually normal to have backpain from all the weight of the baby but if it's truly severe get to the doctor right away to make sure your not having any complications thats what I would do. I had back pain close to my due date with both babies.


Michelle - October 5

I'm 7 1/2 weeks along and my back hurts if I lean forward sitting to long or I'm on my feet to long. It is hard to bend forward to pick anything up off the floor. My lower back hurts the most. Sound familiar to anyone? At work now I find I have to sit for 5 minutes every couple hours. I work part time ,but 9 hours straight of being on my feet. I want to work as close to deliver as possblie.


tottie20 - June 11

I want 2 now if you are pregnant do your back in head hurts cuz all of this is going on with me can anyone help me on this


tottie20 - June 11

I don't now want 2 say cuz i don't now if i'm pregnant but my back n my head hurts alot can that be a sign of me been pregnant can anybody help me 2.



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