Lung Development At 36wks3days

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mrstj - December 6

Hi Ladies....I had an US today to determine size (I have Gest Diabetes and baby is measuring at 38 weeks) and the Dr. commented about my baby "practicing breathing" and how great that was...Does this mean that his lungs are developed? I've been really hoping I could make it to 37 weeks, since I've had pre-term labor for over a month and because I've had the 37 weeks stuck in my head for so long (after thinking it could be any day for a month and using that as "my marker"), I've really considered taking castor oil at 37-38 weeks - but I've been concerned about the lungs. I'm having a boy and I've heard their lungs develop slower - What have other Dr's said about lung development at 37-38 weeks??? I took Castor Oil with both my dd's and I had very smooth, fast labors - Although it doesn't work on everybody - it seems to work on me. My 1st dd was 41 weeks, and my 2nd dd was 37 1/2 weeks (Dr's were going to induce a couple days later, so I decided to make my own terms instead - so with her I knew she had to be "ready" if the Dr's were gonna take her) Any words of wisdom???


cattac - December 6

There is a chance the lungs may be developed at 36 weeks but normally not. I know a little boy born at 39 weeks and his lungs were not developed. Both my boys born at 38 1/2 weeks and they were fine. It depends on the baby. The only way to know for sure if the lungs are developed is to have an amnio and the only way (I think) to help the lungs develop would be with steroids. If you end up going into labor before 37 weeks they may give you some I dont know. As for Castor Oil...there are a few people that's worked for but a lot of people it doesn't work for- it moreso just gives them diarrhea. I think it just depends on whether or not your baby and your body are ready for labor.


Malica - December 7

I was hospitalized at 36 weeks and induced at 37 weeks, and they still gave me the steroid shots for lung development. Leave the induction up to your doctor to decide. Your baby will come when he's ready or when your doctor can confirm he's ready and induce you.


Tory1980 - December 7

I had steroid shots with all my babies and all three were born with fully developed lungs - my first at 34 weeks, my second at term and my third was induced at 37weeks. The only one to have any breathing diffculties was my second child and that was due to meconium in the delivery. You are pretty much at term but I would still leave any forms of inducing you to the doctors where they can monitor you and baby. Good luck!


Stephanie_31 - December 7

If you have gest. Diabetes than it is entirly possible that the baby is chunky but the lungs are not developed. Lung development is individual. Boys lungs generally develop slower than girls. As fot he baby "practicing breathing", they start that around 23 weeks so that is not an indicator of lung development. The only way to know is to do amnio. Why would you want ot induce yourself and risk your babies health? He will come when he is ready. If he doesn't, than the doc will make the call. If you don't trust your doctor to make those decisions, you should look into getting a new doctor.



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