Lyllian Is Here Sorry A Little Late

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preggoplease - October 18

She is finally here! I went to the doctor on 9/26 and he says I am 3cm 90% effaced and he stripped my membranes and believed I would go that night. Well sure anough at about 7pm I started having contractions 7 min apart and then by 9pm they were 5 min apart. So I decide to head to the hospital because I had a VERY quick delivery with my first (1 1/2 hours) and did not want to take any chances. We get there at 10pm and they admitted me. We had to wait in the triage room for 2 hours until we got a was very busy (full moon)! So we get into the room and I asked for an epidural even though I wasn't in pain...I just wanted to enjoy this labor since I didn't have time for drugs with my first. I went to sleep until about 3am when the doctor came in to check me. I was 5cm so he broke my water. Then he came back after he delivered another lady next door, 45 min later, to check me again and I was 8cm. Then 15 min later I was feeling pressure so he checked again and I was 10cm and ready to push. 3 pushes 7 min later she was out. Born on Sept. 27th at 4:07am weighing 8lbs 5 1/2oz and 20 in long. She is such a good baby....she looks just like her daddy. Her big sister loves her to death...a bit jealous at times of course. If you want to see pictures go to the site and go to preggoplease. =]


staci - October 18

Congratulations preggo!!! You had little Lyllian on my bday!! Anyway, good to hear all is well and everyone is happy and healthy!!


jazminesmom - October 18

congrates agian!!! i am in the 2nd trimester now!!


preggoplease - October 18

Thank you!! =] And Rachel I can't believe how fast the pregnancy is going. It seems like you JUST found out. I can't wait to see what your having.


tish212 - October 18

THAT IS THE BEST POSSIBLE DATE! lol sorry that's my it excited me to read that... I am so glad that everything went so well.... that is wonderful news.... congrats I'm sure shes beautiful... I hope ur enjoying every minute...


LIN - October 19

Congratulations, preggoplease!



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