Madelyns Birth Story

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afireinsideamanda - October 11 where to start?? on tues 10/9 i was admitted to the hospital at about 11:30....they took me to my room and by twelve thirty they started my first treatment of cervaidil... (which is a tab a mentadent breath strip that dissolves in your mouth...with a string attatched so you can pull it out quickly if theres a bad reaction) anyway, like i said, they started my treatment and it was in there till about....hmm...6:30 am?? but the contractions started hurting really bad ...two minutes apart, extremely strong...and it wasnt changing my they gave me some some nubain and phenergan at around 230 am to let me get some rest...around 7 something they gave me the epidural,(AM of course) and by 8:19 they broke my water....i was so numb it was fantastic, i didnt feel ANYTHING...but it was around ...noon when they found out i dilated to three... transition from here to further was the hardest... the medicine they gave me gave me the SEVERE shakes...i dont know what it was...which one, exactly...but i was nauseated too...throwing up. you know when people say that you should remember to breathe? sounds silly right? well youd be surprised how quickly you forget it... anyway, after i got over the nausea (the shaking stayed throughout the labor) they told me if by around 5:30 or 6 i wasnt progressed from 3 i would end up having to have a csection( well know i did NOT want that...) so i got seriously distressed...and i just pretty much accepted the fact that i would probably end up with it... at around 5 oclock the nurse came in and checked me and told me i had dilated to 8 CM!!! i literally almost fainted... i was so happy i started CRYING.... well withint the next few minutes i was fully dilated and ready to push... i pushed through six contractions, three times each, as hard as i could...and it didnt take anything, last push she was out!!!! shes perfect! madelyn was born at 6:23 on oct 10. 19 and a half inches long,13 head, 12 and three fourths body. her eyes are *right now* dark blue, with a full head of black, thin, pretty long hair... shes perfect! ill have the announcements out as soon i can. the pictures will be back in a week! until then, youve got myspace! ps theyve been giving me perkasat for meds. haha. i was in labor over 18 hours.


January - October 11

Congrats.. I knew you could do it! So glad you got to have her v____ally like you wanted. Can't wait to see pics!!


erin25 - October 11

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you! I bet you are so excited and happy. I am so glad they did not have to do a c-section on you!! Take care and I bet she is beautiful!!!


chickiepoo9 - October 11

congrats i am so happy she is finally here! Let us know where we can see pics!


tish212 - October 11

congrats that's wonderful and thank u for sharing ur story from start to finish labor scares me to death and like u I am going to be induced so thank u for giving me an idea of what it will be like...hugs to u and ur beautiful lo...she sounds just perfect!


tonia - October 11

Congrats Amanda! She sounds beautiful.


bluv5147 - October 11

Congrats Amanda!! Hey you forgot to tell us how much she weighed...


skylite - October 11

Congrats... I want to see pictures, what is your myspace name?


HeavenisMine - October 11

Phew! It has finally happened, and you got it just the way you wanted it to be! We're so happy for you :) Congratulations!


Buffi R. - October 11

Good for you!! Congratulations!


josie4 - October 11

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! :D


DaBonkElsMe - October 11

YAY!! CONGRATULATONS!! I've been coming back on again and again, waiting to read your story! Sounds like it had a rough start, but I'm so happy for you that it turned out so well in the end! I have a myspace too, what your addy?? I'd love to see her beautiful pics!!


emfine99 - October 11

Ashley showed me pics of her lst night on myspace, she's so beautiful!! Congrats Amanda! Glad all went well!


emfine99 - October 11

I'm up for a new thread... .we are awefull chatty and this thread is long lol! I think a 35 week page will be cool for new pics! I won't be 35 weeks until next friday. I did take some pics today.... anyone else feel like a fat cow? My face looks soooo fat! I've got a double chin or something! UGH! It's annoying! Will that go away? I don't wanna post my new pics lol!!!


afireinsideamanda - October 11

hey guys!!! she weighed 6 lbs 12 ounces. my myspace is myspace/faery135 add me if you want, but my myspace is private so if you want to see pictures of her immediately,,, our365 com/WebNursery/WebNursery/BabyFinder/BabyResultsByHospital.aspx?id=0 then put in the birth date oct 10 07 and click madelyn m. there ya go!


skylite - October 11

I am having problems,lol... Dont ask, what state do you live in?


afireinsideamanda - October 11

but ps i hate the webnursery pics. shes so much cuter than those!! add my myspace!



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