Making My Doctor Induce Me

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kayla_shauntel_05 - May 18

If I had not had my baby by my due date, can I make my doctor induce me? I have researched a lot about carrying over 40 weeks and there are some risk involved. The fluid level can become dagerously low, the placenta can begin drying up, the placenta can start detaching, decreased fluid can compress the cord, baby can become too big, the baby is more likely to have a bowel movement.....the list goes on. Is it not my right to make him induce me or do a c-section once I have reached forty weeks? My doctor talks like he may let me carry over, which I do not even want to consider. I have a small (contracted) pelvis and have had some blood pressure issues. By the way, I am using a family doctor not an obgyn because there is not one close by. It's my body, and can I make the choice once my baby is full term? I am getting so fed up and feel like I can not take another day of being pregnant.


HannahBaby - May 18

Hi there sweety!! I just posted on your other thread. I dont believe that you can MAKE your doctor induce you (there are a whole set of risks that go with induction) Honestly, i think that you know too much for your own good. It kinda worrys me because you are seeing a family practice doctor. Not to scare you but i worked on a maternity floor for a while and i didnt trust and never will trust a family practice doctor doing obgyn services...However, you really cant force him to induce you. Best thing for me to tell you is Go to the hospital, alot, alot of doctors dont like to be bothered at all hours of the night and since he is your doctor he will be called and maybe he will get fed up with it and just induce you. Have you menchined induction to your doctor?? Some of them will give in if you beg, but doesnt sound like this one will. Good luck and let me know how everything turns out


angelbebe - May 19

No one can blame you for wanting your baby earlier than later, but I HIGHLY suggest that if this is truely about risks and the health of your baby that you ALSO research the risks of using synthetic hormones like pitocin. You may feel a bit differently. In the meantime, get some black cohosh or evening primrose...both natural ways to get things going. Have s_x if you can to help soften your cervix, drink lots of rasberry leaf tea (also excellent for post labor), and walk, walk, walk. These are safer alternatives and you're also giving your body more trust that it knows when it's time for you to have your baby. Due dates are estimates made my doctors. It is your body though and ultimately you are responsible for whatever choice you make, but you might want to consider some other options and you can start the options I've mentioned right away! Good luck! : )


Nora1 - May 19

I totally agree with your ideas, angelbebe! My doc has already mentioned the possibility of inducing and I really do not want Pitocin or anything like that. So, my doc said there are other ways of stimulating labor. So I'm hoping, if it comes to that, that labor can be encouraged by other means than drugs. I am REALLY trying to go drug free... :) Kayla, good luck with talking to your doctor about this. I hope it works out for you. Hopefully you will not go over40 weeks...


EM - May 19

Hi Kayla, couple things to consider. Due dates truly are just estimates, they will be able to tell if you are overdue how big they think the baby is and go from there. Some hospitals do do requested induction just like they will do c-sections by request...not saying I agree with it but they do. My own doctor will start to try and convince you to induce if you are over a week overdue. Biggest thing to consider and I'm sharing my personal experience her is that pitocin is the PITS!!! It is not like natural labor where you ease into stronger contractions as you progress and they gradually get closer together. With pitocin, they start the drip out slow which is fine and good and tolerable and then over the hours they increase the drip giving you more of the drug until WHAM WHAM WHAM, you are having HARD contractions every 30 seconds! The nurse checked me after an hour of this misery and I was still only at a 3cm! I had to be induced because I mysteriously lost all my water and I was not overdue. Everyone gets sick of being pregnant toward the end, especially if you have had complications. Just know what you're getting into before you do something.


Emily - May 19

Your due date is an estimate....full term for a baby isn't cut and dry fourty weeks. My mil went to 44 with all her pregnacies, the doc told her, it was what it took for her. I have a doc that will not let you past full term very long, but he conciders full term to be 42 weeks....anything between 38 and 42 is normal and not techaniclly overdue. You are right the changes of things going wrong in creases the later you get, but the chance of something going wrong goes up when you interviene when you or baby isn't ready. Talk over the risks of each with your doc. or get a second opinion if you feel you doc isnt' being helpful


Jenn2 - May 19

I understand your concerns, but there are a whole other host of problems that can occur if you get induced......basically there are risks either way. My doctor wont induce (unless there are complications) until week 42 b/c he said that throughout his career ( and he is 60 yrs old now) he has noticed women who get induced end up having longer more complicated labors and a higer risk for c-section b/c the baby and your body were not ready yet. Most of the time if induction goes smoothly then its probably b/c your labor was about to start naturally anyway. I really would not worry too much, and try to trust your body as best as you can. Unless you are in a high risk category or are having a complicated pregnancy....induction may not be the way to go.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 19

Thank you for all of your advice. I go back to the doctor on Wednesday the 24th of May, and he said we will start discussing the options then. Due to the fact that he thinks that my baby is large, and my pelvis is contracted (very small), I am thinking I am going to lean towards a scheduled c-section. I do not want to put extra stress on my baby. I wiil let everyone know what we decide next week.


ash2 - May 19

you know i was just like you when i was just absolutley tired of being pregnant, but i have really thought about it and i dont want to be induced! there are alot of risk factors for instance if your cervix is not ready and " ripe" then you will ahve to do an emer. cs during inducing, and that is just one of the risk takes alot of pain for inducing. besides dont you want the excitement of having labor and the anticipation ??


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 19

I do, but I do not think I can have the baby naturally because the baby is big and my pelvis is small. I do not want to put that stress on her.


angelbebe - May 20

Not to add fuel to the fire, but just remember, the baby's size is an estimate. I can't tell you how many stories I have read about doctors saying a baby will be huge and he comes out 7 lbs. Also, more often than not a woman's body grows the right size baby that she is able to birth. They won't know if he/she is able to fit through until you are actually in labor and beginning to push him through. They can always do a c-section if it comes down to it, but why jump the gun when there is no way your doctor can know for sure? Just my opinion. As you can probably tell, I am very skeptical about doctors and I think they intervene way too much and way too soon a lot of the time. Good luck though, sweetie. I'm sure no matter what your baby will be born safely and beautiful! : )


ashley - May 20

no you can't make them, but if you expressed your concern and asked nicely they might comply.


ashley - May 20

oh and remember you are still considered term and not over due until 42 weeks. NOT 40


Laurabb4 - May 20

Hello, I was induced with my 3rd. Wanted my doctor to deliver. My body was ready. I did not have any complications. I am planning to be induced this time also if baby does not come by 38 weeks. My doctor said if my body is ready then It is fine. Good luck. As for making your doctor induce you, you have to work with your doctor on that one.



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