March 22nd Part 3

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Sonrisa - February 16

Ladies...only 34 days (plus or minus) to go. Can you believe that in 3--6 weeks our babies will be in our arms!


Gretta - February 16

No! I can't wait!! Anyone feeling body parts like feet or knees moving around?


amybaby2 - February 16

For those of us having issues..we have unfortunately have a better idea of when the babies will be here....i will be induced/csectioned on march 9th, if i dont go into labor before. so i have 21 days or less. i hate paying $30 for a dr appt, but i cant wait until next friday to see if this baby has minute i think s/he has, turned, and the next i dont think s/he has. i really have no idea, and i have finally accepted that what is going to happen will, so here i am! i feel good otherwise. i sleep fine, i just wake every 2 hours to pee, and change sides. i was in the house for 2 days so i was happy to go to the grocery store yesterday for a little while. i guess the baby is gettting bigger, because now when S/he is moving around, it gets really uncomfortable now. i still love the feeling, but sometimes it is enought to take my breath away!! i still have trouble believing we are going to have another baby in the house. have a good day all!!


Sonrisa - February 16

I am but it is hard to tell if it is a knee or elbow. The head is engaged at this point and I keep feeling his head in the cervix area. I also have been having some pain in the evening in that area. I don't know if that is that I have started to dialate. It almost feels like contractions but only in the cervix.


amybaby2 - February 16

sorry, i forgot to put my email in! had to do another post


Melissa32179 - February 16

Catgiggles: I would go for the antibotics. I have a mirtal valve prolapse with trival regurgation ( they actually just upped it to a MVP and then there are some numbers after it) ANYWAY...when I had my first son they "forgot" to give me the antibotics before delivery and you would have thought they did something wrong. People were running around like mad and then they had to do extra antibotics. To make a long story short...I too need antibotic for the dentist or anything invasive...IF the dentist makes you take them for a simple teeth cleaning...why would you NOT take them for labor when there is more chance of bacteria getting into your blood stream. It will not hurt you to take them (my son did get thrush from nursing and the antibotics still being in my system but that was an easy fix) SO I say go for reason to take chances now. PS: I am not a doctor or a nurse...just a pregnant girl with heart problems : )


amybaby2 - February 16

wow, this is a little weird...i also have MVP and have to take antibiotics before i deliver, and when i get my teeth cleaned. we all have a lot in common!


catgiggles - February 17

My dh and I were discussing about how we didn't understand why I would need antibotics just have my teeth cleaned but not to labor. I have this whole card thing I'm supose to carry around with me that gives a list of what all i need antibotics for and how much I should get if it is pill form IV etc. I guess that is what everyone has that has something like that. I just got the card in july and havent got my teeth cleaned the whole pregnancy b/c I did not want to take anything more that I have to. Now I worry my teeth will rot out of my head b/c I hear ppl telling horror stories about thier teeth getting bad during pregnancy. They don't feel like they are getting any cavities and Ive only had one small cavity in 16 years so hopefully just these few months wont cause problems lol It is amazing how much we all have in common. I guess I didnt realize how common it was for ppl to have to take antibotics b/c of heart problems.. I went and visited my cuz and its after midnight and I am exhausted so I'm going to hit the hay. Have a great weekend all!


iemc19 - February 17

Hi Cat - I also agree with the other ladies here - my cousin was born with a hole in her heart and both pregs she had to take antibiotics from early on... I can feel the bum pushing up against me all day and night! Then I get a foot launched out my side and a hand tries to rip my pubic bone out!!!


Sonrisa - February 17

My mom also has it and has to take the antibiotics for her teeth. She did not know about her hearth condition when she had me and did end up with an infection from the stiches. I just called her and told her that you all will be taking antibiotics and she went...oh my...that is what happened. So take the antibiotics to be safe.


iemc19 - February 17

Builders are gone !!!! Well hanging rail needs putting in - if they don't do it on Monday I'm doing myself...A few bits outside need finishing but.who cares...I have my house back...!!! Yay!!! We've moved into our new bedroom and the kids have their playroom up and running - playroom come library - I kind of took it over with my books!!! Ha ha ....I'm busy painting / cleaning Rianna's new room - our old room...How does a 6 year old end up with the biggest room in the house??? I confess with all the dolly things that she has, she needs her own house!! Pink, pink, pink...I'm totally pinked out....Next weekend I'm getting my baby things out...I think I'll pa__s my moses basket over to my mum- she'll love the hand washing that needs doing with it!! Maybe my pram carrycot too...!! Now I'll be able to get excited about baby coming!!


iemc19 - February 17

Isn't Jenn having her section this weekend??? Fingers crossed for her and her boys.!!!


Sonrisa - February 17

My father is painting the baby room today. The color looks great on the walls. This morning has been nuts. I had an overfloating toilet that caused mayor disaster. It is hard to move quickly lately as you all know. Well, I cleaned up the mess now. Two of my friends have invited me out today for a "mommy to be" lunch. I am looking forward to that. Then I am off to buy an anniverasry gift for my DH. Our anniversary is tomorrow. I cannot believe that we have been married a year. Oh...forgot to dh....put a love not in the paper for me on Valentines Day. It said that he knows I am going to be a great mom just like I am a great wife. It was precious. Gretta...your anniversary is next week, right?


Gretta - February 17

I think Jenn must have had the babies?? Anyone else? Son - Happy anniversary to you too! Its this week right? Mine is next weekend. Don't know what we will do because I am on bedrest but I bought my husband a gift. I was going to get him a set of cufflinks for his kilt but money is going to be tight now that we are on one income so I got him something he will truely love...don't laugh...I bought him a make yourself beer kit. He loves to "do stuff" and he like beer lol so I thought its not romantic at all but he will enjoy it. Two summers ago he planted grape vines in our back yard that are special for the midwest and I think this summer he might get a big enough grape crop to make some.


amybaby2 - February 17

well, everyone is getting so close...i am i think 21 days and counting! i am on my way out the door for a valentine to you all later!!


jenn95 - February 18

hey girls! sorry i's been a while - i was busy having my babies!!!!! my 2 very cure baby boys were born last sunday feb 11th! and the crazy thing is IT WASN'T A C-SECTION!!!!! i had little contractions all sunday day but i thought they weren't anything important. by evening i said ok, i'll go to the hospital . then in the 30 minute car ride there i had MAJOR contractions. by the time i got into the delivery part of the hospital they didn't even have time to hook me up to anything, they checked me and saw i was completely dilated and we all ran into the operating room (cuz it was supposed to be a c section) they did all the prep stuff and then baby #1 came out FEET FIRST! so the dr said i guess this won't be a csetion afterall and pulled out baby #2 feet first too. to make a long story short, they're ok now, even thoughthtey weren't too great in the beginning and now we're all home and trying to get them to gain weight. they were born 5.5 lbs but as all babies do went down. anyway, hope you guys are all doing great!


Gretta - February 18

AHHHHHHHHH JENN!! Congratulations!!! WOW! Hooray - The first of us has her babies!! So exciting! I am so happy for you and your little boys! How are you feeling? What are thier names? Oh so exiting. Write when you can you must be very busy! Are you in any pain after the breech deliveries? Well I am thrilled for you!



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