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ROBYN - December 4

OMG i cannot believe we are posting on the 3rd tri board no where else to go from here except infant care i think one of you wrote that a little while ago. So heres to the final 3 months.


BAF - December 4

Yeah, we are finally here! Cheer to the last 3 months before we hold our little bundles of joy! What a blessing!


My1stBaby - December 4

We are finally here ladies. Only three more months!!!!!! Its been a while since I have posted. I have been busy. Hope you all are doing well. Take care :-)


Rainbowbrite - December 4

Hi ladies! congrats to all of us for making it here!! What a journey we have been through!!! I am not officially here YET but was told i can come along since i don't have much longer to go to be here... I am 25 weeks. This is really exciting. Now we'll go through a whole different sent of experiences in this trimester... YES!!! Can't wait!!! Lots of baby belly rubs!


jennifer_33106 - December 4

CONGRATS GUYS!!!!! Not to far off now!!!!


ACG - December 4

Wow, you've all said it, but I have to add... I can't believe we're in the 3rd tri!! I'm 27 weeks today, so it's my official 1st day. ERICA, sorry you have to wait til Thursday for your u/s. Waiting can be maddening. Like you said, she's moving around in there, so that's a great sign. I'll be thinking about you. -April


val_jo - December 4

I'll only be 25 weeks tomorrow, but I will gladly make the move with you ladies!!! Congratulations!!!!


montie75 - December 4

Yeah, we made it!!! Congrads to all of us!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDY!!! Hope everyone is doing well today.................


Chris1975 - December 4

Wahooooo! Well 2nd Tri went fast...lets hope 3rd does that too :) I thought id enjoy being preggos, but with heartburn, back pain, and my emotions running riot, Im looking forward to the birth!!! hehe.


sarah21 - December 4

Well we're here. I'm not technically here for another couple weeks, but who's counting? I went and bought another pair of maternity pants today and found a pair of pants in a style called the secret belly. It is awesome! If you haven't tried them, go to a motherhood store. They are so comfortable. Alright, now that I sound like a paid endorser, I'll quit. Little girl is very very busy every day. Erica, I'm sorry to hear about your worries. That is really odd that your measurements stayed the same. I'm sure everything is great though. Hopefully time flies by until you get your next ultrasound. Well I'm starving so I'm off to find some food.


Astra - December 4

Congrats to us all for making it!!! I'm also unofficially here since I have a couple of weeks to go, but so what I'm coming along for the ride. I'm content to hop between trimester forums so I can keep in touch with you all and be here officially in a bit...Just had a chocolate brownie, Jr. is thrilled and saying thanx by doing a jig. Hope you all have a great night.


BriannasMummy - December 4

Hey girlies.. Im so excited to hop on over to this trimester. I think the second trimester kind of went quick because we were all excited day after day watching "its a... ".. its like we had an u/s everyday!! hehe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDY.. woohoo.. I hope you had a really great day, filled with good friends, good food.. and CHOCOlATE.. LOL. Im not actually supposed to be here for a couple more days.. but Im staying put anyway.. Ive got 14 weeks until due date to go.. and 12-13 until I give birth.. Imagine that.. soon enough it will be single digits! Erica: Im praying for you and Hannah.. I hope everything turns out great. Sometimes babies have a great way of hiding themselves well.. and Im hoping thats the case with you. Sarah: Are you going to have an u/s to find out if the placenta is anterior? Did your bathroom ever get complete? Anyway.. I have a dr.s appt. in the am.. so i should go to sleepy. Talk to you girls after that! ~Kristin~


Mel Page - December 5

How awsome that we're all here!! I'm finding out on Monday exactlly when my c-section date is, I know it's gonna be between middle and the last week of Feb somewhere, but my official EDD is actually 2 March only, but they schedule your section between 10-14 days before your EDD, so will see. Exiting never the less!!! I'm 27w3d today and my girly is VERY busy,makes my tummy change shapes and size the whole day LOL LOL LOL. Glad everyone is doing so well. I posted a belly shot a week ago on the marchluckycharms site if you girls wanna go have a look?! :-))


Question - December 5

3rd tri, well not until this friday for me but so close! Thanks for everyones wellness for little Hannah. Hope she is dipping and playing peek a boo! She wiggling aroung right now, so thats a wonderful sign to me. Kristin- Ka__sidy is turning 1, how sweet. Happy B-day to Ka__sidy! Alexis will turn 1 1/2 on the 9th, I can't she will be 2 in another 6 months! Erica


ROBYN - December 5

Hey girls i have been so busy and will be busy again tomorrow so i wont be posting that much for the next few days. MEL - i also get my c-section date next Friday and i am due on March 2nd also so you and i could have exact due dates !!! ERICA - I am sure things are gonna be fine with Hannah cant wait to hear how your u/s goes. Anyway DH is home sick and i have to go to a procedure tomorrow with my dad at the hospital so i will be sitting there for a good majority of the day so i wont be on too much the next few days.


ACG - December 5

Melony, I enjoyed your new belly pic! I'm due March 5th, so we're really close. Our bellies are similar sizes, too. I need to update my page with some new pics soon. I get another u/s next Tuesday, so I'll probably do it then. They're checking my placenta position, as it was a tad low at 20 wks. I can't wait to see Jack moving around in there again! It's so rea__suring to see everything okay on u/s. -April


Rainbowbrite - December 5

I think i've missed something but i guess i'm just wondering why Mel you get to schedule youre c-section? Are you having complications or what is making them schedule you a c-section? I think i have missed something and why that is happening! I hope everything is okay! And Roby nthe same goes for you! What is going on here?



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