March Lucky Charms Part 4

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cayingo - January 25

Here we are with anywhere from 1-6 weeks to go. Our immediate futures are consumed with preparing the nurseries, having baby showers, packing hospital bags, and of course coping with all those third trimester aches, pains, and irriations. It's the home stretch!!!!


cayingo - January 25

WOW Monica! 1 WEEK!!! You had better be packed and ready. How exciting!!!!!


sarah21 - January 25

Let us hang Melissa for starting a new thread... no just kidding. :) Man K2, I am so sorry for all of your combined pregnancy fun. I have never had a yeast infection (knock on wood) but it sounds mighty unpleasant. Try to eat lots of yogurt with live cultures and watch your sugar intake-- it'll help keep the yeast down. Monica, congrats on hanging onto those babies longer than necessary!! Good girl! Soon and very soon we'll get our second birth story. Then Robyn and Mel shouldn't be too far behind. Nothing terribly exciting to say on this end. My stepdad got to feel Claire move a bunch for the first time so that was cool for him. He has been so generous with this pregnancy I felt like it kind of made it worth all the money he's spending on our baby by getting to feel her and know she's really in there! :) She was doing her crazy movements in Walmart-- so like a woman already. April, it's okay to stop walking now. I'll give you permission. I'm with Astra-- I get my exercise cleaning and doing day to day chores. I get tired enough from that and my ligaments get sore. And I hear ya on having to pee when you start walking. Just about every time I change positions I have to pee. Soon it'll all be over and we'll all be saying how much we miss being pregnant... hah!


Astra - January 25

Missing pregnancy (cue hysterical laughter)


montie75 - January 25

Thank you for starting a new thread, the other one was just too long!! I don't think I will miss being pregnant!! HAHAHAHAHA, I am sooo DONE at this point!!!


BAF - January 26

April, I am with you, I am done exercising. Everyone, including my dh keeps saying you need to keep walking but I disagree. My dr thinks I have already started dialating as I have had some strange sensations down south, especially when I walk. So I give you permission to quit. I have officially quit too! I am just concentrating on resting up, getting the nursery ready, etc. I am so excited as I have my first of two showers today!!! Can't wait to see what kind of goodies we get. Monica, oh my, I am so excited for you. Only one more week!!! Can't wait to see pictures of the twins. I know you're ready. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend & blessings to all!


cayingo - January 26

Excerise? What's that? hahaha I DO NOT feel an ounceof guilt for not putting in my pre-pregnancy workout. My job has me walking and moving non-stop, not to mention coming home to a 7yo AND keeping up with the household chores. I too give you permission to spend the next weeks pampering yourself and resting. I for one am exhausted as we speak. I just got finished vacuuming the house, dusting, and folding/hanging laundry. That about does it for my daily chores. I'm soo happy though; it's about 70 degrees here in Texas (my part anyway) so I've got all the windows open enjoying ther fresh air. Now I'm going to sit and grade some papers while I watch a movie. DH and DD are over at my parents doing some woodworking for Reece's room (finally). So I have the house to myself for the time being. Have a wonderful time at your shower!!! Let us know asap what fun stuff you got.


sarah21 - January 26

Melissa, isn't this warm weather wonderful? It is only 58 here in my part but it feels soooo good. My windows are open and I am resting in between chores. I felt a bit industrious and sc___ped some old pain off our windows. I have so many chores I have put off since we moved into this house a year ago. We bought it with all these grand remodeling plans. So far we've gotten to one. Pretty sad. Life is just busy. And about to get busier! I can't believe we'll be seeing pictures of the twins so soon!! Brandy, have hope you are having a ton of fun with the shower! Definitely let us know how it goes and what cool loot you get.


BriannasMummy - January 26

Wow.. k2.. I feel so horrible for you. Everyday is such a challenge being so pregnant then add a yeast infection.. some heart issues and a toothache.. ITS JUST CRUEL. I soo soo hope that everything feels better soon.. ((Hugs)) MOnica: WOOHOO.. its soo soo close Shelby and Shane will be here soo soon. That is so so exciting. YAY! Sarah: Sounds like Claire is having a good time in there. Lots of kicking and moving around. April: I think its pretty safe for you to stop your excercising. I havent been able to excercise in like 3 months.. its way too snowy and icey outside.. the dangers far outweigh the benefits.. id probably end up face down on the sidewalk from all of the ice. Brandy: How did your shower go???? I hope it was fantastic. As for me.. Kayden is doing splendidly. Ive been having this tight tight tight feeling lately and it felt like he was stretching his bum outwards.. on thursday at the biophysical profile he showed us exactly what he was doing.. he was using the placenta as leverage by putting his feet on it.. and pressing WAY out as far as he could.. I seriously think hes trying to invent new ways to come out.. I think he wants to come out through my belly b___ton or something! To the girls that arent ready.. Im not either. If something happened tomorrow id be screwed!!! Ive got clothes and the carseat.. but as far as having his little area ready in my room.. NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Im starting to get a little anxious.. the end part of this pregnancy has definatly krept up on me. March comes soon girlies!! Just think Next friday we can say .. "next month" . Exciting. ~Kristin~


sarah21 - January 26

I hear ya Kristin. If Claire came tomorrow, we'd be picking up her pack 'n play up on the way home so she'd have somewhere to sleep! I can't hardly sleep with my husband in the bed so there is no way I'd ever sleep with her. I am way too light of a sleeper. She'd have clothes to wear, food to eat (since I do come equipped with b___sts) and bath items, so all the necessities. But no cute room of her own yet. I'll have her in my room for a couple weeks at least anyway while she's up 14 million times a night. Sounds like your little boy is doing his best to show you what he's got. Lol! That is so funny. How neat that you got to see him doing crazy stuff. Claire just tries to hide during ultrasounds. She gets really anxious. She stretches a lot now though. It is so much fun but I am still so ready to meet her. I am excited to see what she looks like and sounds like and smells like. Pregnancy has to be one of the most exciting times ever. Whew mushy moment there. Snuck up on me... K2 I hope you're feeling better, girl!


cayingo - January 26

Sc___ping paint??? Can't you do something relatively easy-going like clean out your fridge or reorganize the cupboards? lol We have this restuarant in town where you can go and prepare meals to freeze for later use. At the end of last school year my cla__s gave me a $125 gift cert for there. I've been saving it for this baby's arrival. Between Reece coming in a few weeks and it being smack in the mniddle of tax season I will be up to my eyeb___s in kid/baby duties and keeping up with the house mostly on my own (DH works 6 days a week/10 hours a day from Feb.1-Apr.15). I went to the restaurant and got the first of the ca__seroles I'm buying from them. They change choices every week, so this week I got 2 King Ranch Chicken and 1 Chicken and Ziti ca__seroles to put in the freezer. I'll end up w/ about 9 ca__seroles in the freezer in time for delivery. Isn't that awesome. All I have to do is stick them in the oven and make a fresh salad to go w/. Yummy and easy. What more can I ask for? BRANDI- How was your shower?


sarah21 - January 27

That's awesome Melissa. My stepdad did the plumbing on a place called Super Suppers and they have the same type of thing. It's awesome! The only thing is my husband refuses to eat any kind of vegetables so it drastically limits my choices, so I guess I'm better off just getting my own usual menu ready.


Astra - January 28

Good morning ladies. I survived the weekend! it was so wonderful having friends from out of town over, however it was exhausting. We went out to dinner and the next morning I hosted a really big brunch so was cooking all morning (with lots of help). By the time everyone left in the evening I was pooped. I think this may be the last time I am hosting people before the baby comes. Even with everyone helping so much I got too tired. I have also started getting leg cramps in my upper thighs? what is that about? anyone have these also?


ACG - January 28

Hey, everyone. Thanks for permission to stop exercising. I've decided that just making sure the dog gets somewhat of a walk most days will be plenty for me. Walking vigorously just makes me too uncomfortable, and I told myself I'd do it only as long as it still felt good. I had my second shower over the weekend. DH and I had so much fun going through all the stuff. Jack's room looks a LOT more full than it did! I've only got a handful of things left to buy, which will be fun. I'm still thankful for my easy pregnancy, but I am getting a bit tired of the heartburn, backache, peeing all the time, moodiness and difficulty accomplishing simple tasks like putting on my shoes. Still, it's hard to believe we're almost at the end, isn't it? -April


cayingo - January 28

I was talking to a fellow teacher just this morning about how thankful I am to have had such na uneventful pg, especially concidering what the past year prior to getting pg was like. BUT that the fun part of being pg is quickly coming to an end. I'm getting uncomfortable, achey all the time, the vericose veins are grossing me out (thankfully only behind my right knee, but still...YUCK), getting up twice a night to pee, and so on... I can't wait for my 2 appts on Wed. I have a feeling I may be making SOME progress down there. The u/s will tell. I just hope it's not so much they put me on bedrest, which I've been threatened w/ if my cervix has shortened "too much." I'll know soon. April- Aren't showers fun??? I have my last on the 8th (faculty hosting). There really are very few things we still need. Reece's room is also filling up and ready for him to make it his home. I can hardly wait. :)


BAF - January 28

Hey Gals, My shower was so fun. I think my favorite part was the incredible yummy cake! I am suck a sweet eater lately. The hosteses gave me the leftovers and I have been so bad as I walk by I'll sneak a little bite! I think later today I need to either give it away or freeze the last few slices! Anyway, we got so much cute stuff. My Mom & I went yesterday to Target to spend a $100 gift card I received and bought a bunch of necessity items that I still needed. I told her I am getting anxious to get everything ready in case the baby decides to come early. My dh went out of town but is due back Wednesday so once he sees all the goodies (which I have displayed on my dining room table) I will get to work on getting things washed like sheets, towels, gowns, etc. Is anyone else extremely anxious? I know my lo needs to stay in there a bit longer, but I am so ready to have him, hold him, kiss him and see what he looks like! I still need to pack my bag for the hospital. I have a b___stfeeding cla__s on Feb 5th and then meet with a birth planner on Feb 13th. The I guess it will just be a matter of time! So exciting. We have one more small shower on Feb 9th so hopefully we get a few more things then. If not, I think I'm pretty set except I don't have a swing or pack n play. But I think those items can wait if need be. Blessings to all!


ACG - January 28

Brandy, yes I feel that anxiousness, too. The novelty of pregnancy is wearing off, and I'm really wanting to meet my little man face to face! I also have shower cake leftovers. I walk by and "even it out" every once in a while. I'm about to even it out to gone! Melissa, yes showers are a lot of fun! After all the worrying about Jack and whether or not he's healthy in there, it's nice to get to the fun part. I hope you don't end up on bed rest, though at least we're near the end and it wouldn't be for too terribly long. - April



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