March Lucky Charms The Stubborn Stragglers

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sarah21 - March 22

So here we go. Val, Astra, Angie, Shala, anyone else I missed (sorry, pregnancy brain), let's get these babies out!


val_jo - March 22

No baby here yet. I have been plagued since Thursday with a cold/springtime allergies. This time it completely wiped me out. I missed Thurs and Fri from work and have only left my couch once since then. My poor belly just aches from all the coughing--I can only imagine what it feels like for him when I cough like that. I am starting to feel a little more energetic so hopefully the end is near. I go back to the dr on Monday to see how my bp is doing. If it's good, we're on for induction on the 1st. If it's bad, no more workin for me. At this point I really don't care either way, I just want my baby!!!!! Hope you all are doing well...I'm gonna go chug down some orange juice and fight this thing off--can't imagine being in labor AND feeling like this!!!!


ROBYN - March 22

hey all checking in to see if any birth yet. BRANDY - awwe poor Ford i am glad hes doing better it sounds like a good weight gain to me. Justin is 4 weeks and was 7.7 at birth and is now almost 10 lbs so now i am wondering if he needs nutrisystem LOL. We are bottle feeding and we arent having any issues with gas or fussiness or crying hes just constantly hungry so we feed him. Growing boys gotta eat


sarah21 - March 22

Poor Val! I hope you start feeling better soon. That would totally suck to go into labor when you already aren't feeling 100%. I wonder if Angie or Shala has delivered/ is delivering babies... Angie's usually on. Maybe she won't need the induction Monday after all. The thread is so quiet nowadays. Sigh. So sad. K2, how's it going girl? I miss ya! You were supposed to be waiting with us late Marchers but nooooo, you had to get to go into labor early. :) Tonight is just one of those nights when I really, really, really want to have my baby. With my luck I'll go into labor on one of those days where I'm up in the air about really wanting to have a baby after all...


treshala - March 22

sarah...I WISH i had delivered...nope i think i will be induced Thur. night...i dont see him coming any sooner. I wonder has Angie went already?? I even took a chance and rode to dallas w/ my b/f yesterday...thinking he would come when im out of town of course...but NOPE...he just enjoyed the ride and moved a whole lot. He is grounded when he comes out lol. I have been the same array of braxton hicks and random contractions...THATS ALL. Val. YEAH for the big baby report (hopefully its right) and im sorry to hear about your spring cold...those are the worst. Robyn...YEAH for Chunky justin...i love chunk babies.


mahagen - March 23

Hi ladies, your right I usually am on but I delivered my son at 6:48am on 3/20. I want to give details because they are good but I just got home today and I am drained so I promise to try and get the details by the next couple days. I thought of you all while in the hospital. I was wondering the same as you all, if anyone delivered. Well sorry this is short but I want to wish you all a Happy Easter and hopefully you all deliver soon! Angie


treshala - March 23

Angie im so happy to hear that...cant wait to hear all the juicy details and see pics :-)


Astra - March 23

Congratulations Angie! I am so happy for you. you had such a long torturous wait. Val I'm sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hope you feel better quickly. Shala and Sarah, I'm still right here with you, hanging in. Tomorrow I have the Ultrasound and stress test to make sure all is well....Otherwise doing a really good job of keeping my mind off things, I feel like I'm fuleing up for a marathon, lots of napping during the day and tons of food ALL THE TIME. Here's hoping the marathon is coming soon. Happy Easter to those celebrating. Sarah, do you have an inudction date yet? I know Shala you would go Thursday, I'm scheduled for the 31st and Val on the 1st...


BriannasMummy - March 23

Brandy.. i just read your post.. and I know im no doctor, but I seriously dont think only 1.5lb is that much of a weight gain in 3.5 weeks. I think thats actually pretty average, and it doesnt mean that Ford is getting too much. I know thats been the case in my experience, but who knows.. Ive been known to be wrong before.. lol. Just my opinion. ANGIE: Congratulations.. I wrote you a message on cafemom the other day.. I had a feeling you were off having a baby!! SARAH: Happy due date!!! Its finally here.. now tell that baby of yours to come on out.. the girls on the march lucky charms want to see her beautiful face. BTW.. shes a girl... every girl likes chocolate.. maybe enticing her with chocolate will make her slide right out.. hehe. ASTRA: Good luck at your nst and stuff tomorrow.. Im hoping that baby of yours decides to come out. VAL: I hope the bp is good, but i also hope that for some miracle the baby decides to come on out, and the doc sends you to L&D so that you can have this baby!! Im here cheering you all on. I know you all must be so tired.. and so excited about holding your babies. You girls are doing great at being patient!!! ~Kristin~


val_jo - March 24

So I have to meet with a surgeon on Wednesday to discuss the pros and cons of an elective c-section. With the baby's weight and my bp continuing to be elevated, she thinks we'll end up with this result either way. The question is should I just do it or should I see if I go on my own first? Those of you who've had a section, please share your thoughts as I really have no idea what to do.


ROBYN - March 24

Happy due date SARAH!!! VAL - i have had an emergency c-section and a scheduled c-section. The one where i went into labor and then waited and waited for the ulitmate decision anyway of a c-section was 100 times harder than a scheduled c-section. With the scheduled c-section i was able to plan and prepare and the recovery has been 100 times easier than the emergency one. If ultimately you are going to wind up with a c-section they i would suggest going wtih a scheduled section.


BriannasMummy - March 24

Val.. i have to agree with Robyn. My first c section wasnt exactly an emergency, but after 3 failed attempts to induce.. i was whisked away.. and it all happened so fast, that that recovery and the entire c section was soo much harder then my other 2 planned c sections. My unplanned one I was sorer for longer. Im part of a proud c section forum.. and almost all of the women agree.. the planned c sections always go much better then the unplanned/emergency ones. I seriously think that you should consider going for the c section before waiting for your body. Trust your doctors opinion.. if they think that you are going to end in a csection.. take their wisdom to heart. I hope everything turns out well for you. ~Kristin~


sarah21 - March 24

Happy birthday and due date to me! Sunday was my birthday. I am now 22. Woohoo. Anyway no I don't get an induction date since I have a midwife. Less than two weeks to go, max though. All babies come out eventually. No woman has ever been pregnant forever... And congratulations Angie! I can't wait for the details!! Kristin, I am actually an exception to the chocolate thing-- I really don't like it. Every once in a while I'll want a little but then I'm good for months. Weird, I know. Val, as far as c-sections go, as long as everything is okay, I've heard that it's better to go through some labor as it helps get some fluid out of the lungs and stuff like that. I haven't researched it much but that's what I heard on a birthing video. But since Robyn and Kristin both have experienced it I'd say their advice carries a lot more weight! Val I have caught your cold. Darn you for spreading it to me, hehe. I have the most rotten head cold. It's driving me nuts. I have so much construction cleaning to do. I went and hung out at my mom's house since she is sick as well and we just watched TV and napped all day. It felt WONDERFUL. So back to work tomorrow... I have been dying of thirst the past couple days. Very strange. I would so love for the baby to come but I go back and forth being very patient and being very tempted to try everything I can to get her out. So far I haven't tried anything but more frequent s_x. I know she'll come when she's ready. I am just so excited to see her and hold her and give her a kiss. Anyhoo it is about bed time. Took some Tylenol cold medicine and it's about to make me sleepy.


BAF - March 25

Kristin, I know what you mean, I didn't think that was too much weight gain but I think he is more concerned about the gas/tummy issue. Anyway, after cutting back for 5 days, it seems to be doing the trick. Ford still has some gas but no more of the screaming in pain fits & he is sleeping wonderfully at night. I will now start gradually increasing his time back a little bit at a time. For those who are b___stfeeding, any advice on how to get their lo to go longer between feedings? Ford will be 1 month old tomorrow & I'd like to start getting closer to feeding every 3 hours instead of every 2 hours. Val, I agree with Robyn & Kristin. The c-section is not a big deal. Mine was not planned & I bounced back so quickly. It's really not as bad as everyone thinks. Oh and girls, I have to brag. 1 month after giving birth, I have already lost all 30lbs I gained & I wore my favorite pre-pregnancy jeans yesterday!!!! My dh had been out of town for 2 weeks & when I picked him up at the airport yesterday, he could not believe how I looked. It made me feel so good! I just have a little chub left that hopefully I can blast off when I can start lifting weights again in a few weeks. One more quick question - is it totally necessary to wait 6 whole weeks to have s_x? I am dying to get back in the sack! Just wondering. Have a great day & can't wait to hear about the last few March babies.


ROBYN - March 25

BRANDY - question since Ford is having fits with gas Monicas boy twin is having ALOTof those issues shes trying everything hes very fussy what did you do if i missed it in your post to help Ford shes formula feeding. CONGRATS on the weight loss i gained 24 lbs the pregnancy and lost 21 lbs already so i am wearing my regular clothes too so now i will start Nutrisystem in a few weeks and get the ball rolling. As for s_x well.... since we went 10 months without anything we started 2 weeks ago i felt it was time and though i know we are supposed to wait 6 weeks i obviously havent and i am alive to talk about it LOL. OH K2 CONGRATS the baby is GORGEOUS!!. SARAH - happy birthday


BAF - March 25

Robyn, my dr was convinced that Ford was eating too much at a time so he has me cutting back on the # of minutes Ford nurses at each feeding. We are trying this approach since I'm nursing and can't measure how many ounces he's getting. We are also using the Mylicon drops although they don't always seem to help. Has Monica tried switching formula? I know Similac makes a special formula for ga__sy babies. Thanks for the congrats. Way to go for you too!! I would also like to drop a few extra pounds as I had gained a few with all the fertility drugs I took to get pregnant. Thanks for the advice on the s_x. I think if I feel up to it, it should be ok. I am really ready!! How does it feel to be a born again Virgin? Ha ha! One thing I haven't thought about it birth control. Guess I need to do that even though I'm nursing as we don't want another little one right now! How's little Justin? I guess we're almost all ready to move to the next forum? Bye for now.


sarah21 - March 25

Good morning everybody. Another day in pregnant land. You women talking about losing weight and going back to having s_x... sigh. Lol. I haven't been weighed in months at the midwife so I have no idea where I'm at. I'll get weighed when I go into labor just to know how much I start at so I'll know just how much weight I get to lose. Brandy how fun to get to surprise DH like that with looking great! Congrats! My poor DH is getting tired. We've been going to bed too late the last couple nights but it doesn't matter, I'm having s_x with him. I call him my prostaglandin donor. He looks at me like "Oh please no, not again." I don't know why I bother, it's not doing me any good. But then I remind him it will be a while after she's born before we can do it again so he better get it while he can. He's just lucky we never tried to get pregnant so he didn't have to be used then too. Hehe. Anyway nothing new here, just taking it easy trying to get better from this cold and still get a few things done to the house each day.



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