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Heather - December 9

YAY!! We finally made it to the third trimester! Hard to believe that we are on the home stretch! I hope to see everyone over here soon! How is everyone feeling?


K - December 9

Yes we finally made it!! It's actually going faster than I thought it would! I'm feeling pretty good but my dr is watching my amnionic fluid. They said I had a lot in my last ultrasound so I have to go back next Fri. How are you feeling?


Charlene - December 9

Can't believe we are here!! The 2nd trimester flew by. I am suspecting the third will feel a bit longer since we will be ansiously waiting for the little one to arrive. It's always the waiting - the toughest part. I am 271/2 weeks now and feeling great. Starting to feel more tired agian, but I think part of that is from not sleeping right through the night. I toss and turn alot cause my arms fall asleep or my hips get sore from lying on one side for too long. I find it a bit harder to turn over - there is much more effort involved - ha ha I am glad that Christmas falls in here as that will definitely pa__s some time and we start our prenatal cla__ses early January - yike s- I am sure it will feel way more real then!!


Skyla - December 9

I am 27w 5d. I'm so happy to be at the 3rd trm. I feel great except I have started to feel a bit more tired during the past week. X-mas is surely going to help the time go by. I started my prenatal cla__ses last week and have the hospital tour on the 20th. It's so exciting.


Heather - December 9

Skyla, How are the prenatal cla__ses? I start them on Jan 3rd. I can't wait. I am very happy that Christmas is falling where it is. It sure is making this month fly by.


K - December 9

I'll be 27 weeks tomorrow :) I'm doing prenatal cla__ses in Jan, 2 Saturdays in a row, all day! It's either that or at night but I'm too tired after work! I'm ordering a lot of things online this year for Christmas.


Holly - December 9

I am 27 weeks today and not sure if I am in my third trimester. I think it starts at 28 weeks, but not sure. I still have a very small belly and most people cannot tell I am pregnant. I think in the long run it will be a good thing though. I also have been feeling very crampy. A certain spot on the right side of my tummy cramps up quite often, is this normal? I am very excited!


Heather - December 9

Hey Holly, Everything I have read says that 27 weeks is the start of the third trimester! I wish I still had a small belly. I think because I'm so short my belly is getting bigger by the hour! Last night I couldn't even reach the coffee table from the couch without practically getting up. It is starting to become very uncomfortable. I am about to go home. I hope everyone has a good weekend!


krnj - December 9

Hi Holly, my drs office gave me this pamphlet that tells you the weeks and months. 27 Weeks is the start of your 7th month and the 3rd trimester according to this. I wish I still had a small belly ;)


Christi - December 10

Hi ladies... I am so excited... another mile stone. I have been feeling pretty c___ppy lately. The past three days have been horrible. I dont know why, but out of nowhere my hips started killing me. My arms have been falling asleep and waking me up in the middle of the night. I woke up one morning and stayed dizzy all day long... I'm falling apart on the! I hadnt really felt my baby move in those three days... but she finally got active again last night... I think maybe I was hurting so much in other places I couldnt really pin-point the baby's movements. I called my doctor... just because it was a Friday, and I wanted to make sure that I shouldnt be going to the hospital or something... she said everything was "normal"... and I asked her my due it is March 7th... all this time I have been giving myself that extra week. Plans changed for Christmas...looks like we're staying in town... I have to work the 22nd and 23rd... so going out of town would be pretty rough. I am glad to hear that you ladies are doing well... and seem to be just as excited as I am! I havent even thought about prenatal cla__ses.... I guess you ladies are a step ahead of me... guess I better start, eh? I think this trimester will fly by, so much happening the next three months!!! Anyway... take care ladies!


Heather - December 10

Hey Christi! I'm sorry you have been feeling so bad. My arms have been falling asleep since about week 12. My dr. said that it is carpal tunnel and all the extra fluid causes it to flare up. I have been sleeping with a brace and it seems to help. I also have been freaking out about not feeling my baby move. As soon as I started crying to my bf about it he started moving. Go figure. This morning I was sitting in bed watching TV and all of sudden you could see my shirt moving. LOL It was crazy to feel it and SEE it on the outside. I had a good day today! I totally pampered myself. Got a haircut, a pedicure and got my eyebrows done. It was soo nice to just have a day about me! And my bf went ring shopping!!! :) Hopefully that proposal will come soon! Anyways, I am off to bed. We are having our pictures taken tomorrow and god knows I need as much beauty sleep as I can get!! I hope everyone is having a good weekend. Talk to you all later!


Christi - December 11

Hi ladies... Heather... I envy your "pamper" day. I want one so bad. I NEED I have been feeling better today. I am starting to get a love/hate relationship with food it I get so hungry but I dont want anything to eat. Restaraunts/Fast Food makes my stomach hurt thinking about it (probably because I have eaten so much of it).... and nothing in the grocery store is appealing. It has to be a spur of the moment which is aggrivating... it means 5,000 trips to the store for my hunny! He's too good to me though. Heather, its really cool about your bf going ring shopping, exciting, huh? Nothing like the feeling. I am still sporting my little diamond with pride... loving every second! I have another doctors appointment December 13th... I am supposed to be getting a 4D ultrasound done then... I am excited about that! Anyway ladies... have a good Sunday evening!!!


Christi - December 11

OMG ladies.... I have to tell someone this because I dont know whether to laugh or I am at work (working the 3pm to 11pm shift). I'm in the office by myself... and I am about to starve... the animal crackers I brought wernt cutting it. I decided to order a large cheese pizza, they deliver and I only pay 5.00... (they give my place of business a discount.) Anyway... my appet_te isnt usually large... actually I normally have a hard time eating anything. Anyway... I just looked down and realized I just completely polished off a whole large pizza I know thats not healthy... sheesh! I am almost proud though... I have never (even before pregnancy) been able to eat more than three peices at a time... much less a whole! Wow... anyway.... I'll probably be paying for it later!!!


krnj - December 11

Hi Ladies! Just wondering, has anyone seen a decrease in appet_te? Seems like I'll eat 2 bites of something & get full right away. My due date is 3 months from today :)


Christi - December 11

krnj, I was like that until I dunno what happened...


Charlene - December 12

Christi, let us know how your appointment goes this week. Mine is on Thursday - wondering if my next appt will be 2 or 4 weeks - hmmm - still - things don't seem real. I envy Heather being able to see the movement. I seem to have enough trouble just feeling it. This week to month thing is confusing and gets more so when I actually sit and think about it. All I know is that I am due March 7 and will be 28 weeks tomorrow - yeah!! I am noticing that my belly is growing but still nothing major. Some things are more bending over and sometimes putting on shoes :) I am just amazed that we are in the home stretch - wow - it is stills o hard to believe and even though baby's room is almost done....I just can't believe we will be parents in the next few months. My prenatal cla__ses start Jan 3 and I don't get a hospital tour until mid February!!


Heather - December 12

I have definitely had those days that I can just eat and eat and eat. Most of the time though I am getting very full very fast. I am very jealous, Christi, that you are getting a 4d ultrasound. Hopefully I will get one more ultrasound. I know that my doctor has the 4d one in his office that they will use if you have one in the third trimester. I am considered high risk so I have already had 3 ultrasounds to check my cervix... hopefully he will want to check it one more time! :) It's hard to believe how fast he is growing now. It seems like I was barely feeling him move and now I can sometimes see him move. It is soo exciting and soo scary at the same time. Charlene, you are very lucky to be almost done with the baby room! We are having a house built right now which is most likely not even going to be finished by the time Carter is born. We live in a one bedroom apartment now. So, there will be 3 of us in this tiny apartment AND then we will have to move with a newborn! Ahhhhggggg!! I start to stress about it everytime I think about it.



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