March Moms To Be

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mary b - January 31

Any one else due in early March? I'm due March 8th, first baby...and we need all the support we can get to get through this last month!!! How are you all feeling??


HEATHER - January 31

hay im due march 8th also!!! although my first dd was feb 20th... Im measuring right on scedule so we'll see. I went 16 days over the first time. im curious this time. I feel great!! no pains, the baby is big in me though, he has moved in position and not moving much at all the last few days, sunday night I had contractions for 3 hours, but I think it was due to doing alot of house cleaning and having s_x just set them off. they went away on their own, but since then I have such bad pains in my crotch feeling like he is pushing down further... How about you?


nounou159 - January 31

Hi ladies,i am also due March 8th but i still didn't feel any contractions but sometimes just cramping,hope no one of us pa__s her due date


stg111 - January 31

Hey, I"m due March 10 with my first... are you guys working? I think I might work till the end of February..


chriss - February 1

I am due March 14th with my first baby and am working up until March 2nd. I am so hoping that I actually have the baby a week early. I don't want to go over my due date, but I hear that most first time moms do! I am starting to get uncomfortable, not breathing very well, not sleeping great, baby is VERY active. I haven't gained that much weight (24lbs) so I'm not sure why I'm so uncomfortable, but I guess it's normal. I have alot of BH contractions these days and they seem to get stronger and stronger as the days go by.


mary b - February 1

My last day of work is tomorrow!! I can't wait...i'm not comfortable in the office at all! HEATHER- i have these sharp pains in my lower v____a area too....i guess it's the baby's head is just hitting a nerve? They are pretty severe..thank God they only last for a second...The doctor changed your due date? How come? They better not push you back anymore!!! Lets all hope we go on time!!!


HEATHER - February 1

well im planning to work till the end of feb, I bring my dd to work with me and I dont do anything strenous, but I would like to have a bit of time to prepair, but not to much time or ill get stir crazy. Mary b in the begining I went for my 12 week appt and they couldnt find the heartbeat so they sent me to an u/s and it showed I wasnt 12 weeks yet. But just 2 days later they found the heartbeat. I am measuring only 1 week ahead, so I am only hoping I will go somewheres between feb20 and march 8th, but as long as I dont see march 8th pa__s Ill be happy. I cant wait to sleep again, I am at my most uncomfortable trying to sleep, I almost wish we had a recliner!!! Hay do you notice a larger weight gain now then in the past, I cant believe I am gaining 2-3lbs a week!! I thought it was supposed to slow down? It didnt last time either, I gained the most in the last 6 weeks.


stg111 - February 1

In my third trimester I put on a lot, I gained 11 lbs. in the last three weeks and my doctor was not happy, but who cares? It's not hurting the baby, overall I gained 35 lbs. so far, I hope thats not too crazy...



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