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Aai - August 23

I have comleted 36 weeks. But feel like m____eing almost everyday. Is it safe for the baby?


Missy - August 20

I am too 36 weeks but I don't feel the urge to materbate, although at the very end of my first pregnancy I did have the urge to m_________e, so I did. I don't think it will cause any harm to the baby at all!! Think of when your dr or nurses check you they practically put their whole hand in there.. And the same with s_x, it doesn't cause any harm I say it will not cause any harm at all..... go for it!!


rose - August 23

yeah. I am 32 weeks and i constantly feel the urge to m_________e and play with my nipples. the doc says it normal for women who are not having s_x.


name - September 30

what about using a vibrator just on the outside.. (not inserting it) is this safe


Martin Tran, M.D. - May 16

Masturbation is natural and does tend to increase during pregnancy. This is as much a response to hormones of pregnancy as it is to rest and idle time, so you have a double stimulus. As long as nothing is inserted into the v____a that is too long (should not reach to the cervix) it will be fine. Stimulation and orgasm tends to increase blood flow in the area and is relaxing, both of which would benefit. For these reasons, I encourage it. From my experience as well as the literature, once every other day to twice per day is typical. I recommend, of course, including your partner on occasion. It is an opportunity to share and continue intimacy when intercourse is not convenient.


sara - May 16

dr. martin, why would it matter if the object is long enough to reach the cervix? I m_________e and I use a cyberskin 8in. p___s with a c___toral stimulater, so now I am worried because I can reach my cervix with my fingers when I sit on the toilet, so I know an 8in dong could reach it. Sorry to the ladies who may find this repulsive.


Martin Tran - May 17

As it must be, my advice is for all pregnant women, the least common denominator for the lease risk. It would, of course, depend on how far along is the pregnancy. Too much direct stimulation or injury to the cervix would not be wise for high risk women in late-term as it could irritate and cause dilation early. I would be more concerned about hard, abrasive, or unclean objects long enough to reach it late in term. I see no problem with frequency, which was the question. I have found that even women who have had trouble reaching orgasm before pregnancy are able to far more easily afterward if they allow themselves to masturbate. This stays with them long thereafter.


sara - May 17

Thankyou for your response. I was worried I could be hurting the baby by masterbating. I clean my "toy" with alcohol wipes after each use and wrap it in paper towels to help keep it clean, that should be safe, shouldn't it?



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