Mat Leave

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Cheryl - December 18

I was just wonder how early is everyone leaving for mat leave? Two weeks before baby is due, a month, or the day of?


K - December 18

Hi I'm due March 11 and I'm leaving work the end of January. This way I'll have the whole month of Feb to get things done.


Beth - December 18

I am trying to work right up until the day. Although with the way I have been feeling lately I may leave a week or two early. We just didn't set a date. It depends on how I feel


Tamara-031306 - December 18

My plan is to end work on March due date is March 13th...this will give me plenty of time to do last minute preparations...I hope. Any more time than that and I'd just go stir crazy waiting for baby.


dwc - December 21

I have been struggling with this question also. I work for the state and don't really know how much time I have left to take off at the end because of having to take leave in the beginning due to complications. I have tried to talk to them in the HR dept, but doesn't seem like I am getting anywhere with info from them, plus we are short staffed like it is and I know a few of the staff here will make me feel guilty for taking off too long. I want to take as much time off as I can, but just not for sure how long that can be. Good luck and hope everyone has a great holiday!


Skyla - December 21

I'm due March 6th and last day would be Feb 17th.


lmrod55 - December 21

I am due Feb 14th and I plan on working up until delivery. Towards the end I will probably work from home a couple of days a week, but I hope that is the extent of it.


Jill - December 21

I left 20 days before my due date (which is now past) on Dec. 1st. I worked with a 7 yr old boy with behavior needs, and the last day I worked with him he head b___ted me and then punched me in the tummy. That was it! I took a sick day and was placed with another student for the last couple days of work until my scheduled mat leave. I am bored at home, but I'm so achy I don't think I could have kept up with that high paced environment full of little kids.


Ginny - December 21

I actually asked my dr. what she thought, and she told me there wasn't any reason for me to take off early. She thinks I'm healthy enough, and my job is stress-free enough for me to work right up until labor. I work in a small service center, behind a desk, and the owner has been very flexible about everything. And since I only get 6 weeks off, I didn't want to waste it just sitting around.


shelly - December 21

I'm due Feb 12th and think my last day will be Jan 13th. I waitress so its been getting really hard being on my feet for that many hours straight.


rl - December 21

I work in an office so I plan to work up til the end..I am due Feb 4th so if I have not gone into labor on my due date I will take off from then on


LRK - December 22

I am due Jan 28th, and am taking off at the end of December. I might do some work from home, but would rather just eat bonbons. I have a 30 mile commute, so my main issue at first was not wanting to go into labor early and be that far from my husband and hospital. Now that I am 5 weeks left, I have to say that I get too tired and easily distracted to do a full day's work. It guess it depends on your work. Some women on the forum waitress until their due date.....they must be younger than I.


T - December 22

I am 36 wks and work 3rd shift in a busy intensive care nursery. Just last week, the md decreased me to 6 hour shifts because my blood pressure was creeping up and I was having contractions from being on my feet so much. Since decreasing my hours, my BP is back down to my normal and I haven't dilated or effaced anymore. I still feel like I have braxton hicks the whole time I'm at work!


andrea - December 22

I am due march 13th and will be taking off starting feb 1st-hopefully.I just want time to sit and relax.


stia - December 23

I am due April 5th and might go on leave by Jan end itself. Just wondering, how much of paid leave do you ladies get? I work from India and travel to office is a major pain here with the traffic and roads, so i plan to take leave early itself.


Melissa - December 23

I am off until the 5 th of january, PAID, so I kinda feel like I have to go bak to work for at least a week or two. I am due feb 8th, so hepefully will leave thirs week of january (and not go inlabor right away!)


Maria - December 23

When I was pregnant with my son my water broke while getting ready for work! This time around I am now a stay at home mommie with my 4year old. Good luck!



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