Maternatiy Pants Suck

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gina143 - March 5

So im so tired of wearing sweat pants all the time.. so today im wearing maternity pants (jeans)but there sooo uncomfortable... kinda tight around the belly (below the belly) And Its just causeing more pressure of having to pee.. and more BH. Maybe im growing out of them. But im gonna wear them today, maybe they will streach out.. lol I thought they were supostoo be comfy??


gina143 - March 5

Or maybe its not the pants...


xoxticiaxox - March 5

I dont know, all I know is they are expensive, you can get normal dress pants, and normal jogging pants kind of thing that fit nicely and comfy, and they dont loook like sweat pants...they are acctually stylish. Maternity clothes are a waste of money I 100 dollars for the pants and wear them for maybe 4-6 months....


aaaaaaaaaa - March 5

Ive managed to get by so far with only buying 2 pairs of maternity pants, and both were 10 bucks (from Old Navy). Luckily they sit below my tummy and theyre both still pretty comfy. Of course, now that I only have like 8 weeks to go, I'm sure I'll grow like crazy and not be able to fit them. Oh well, itll be sweats from then til the end i guess


nanders - March 5

I hate the pants with b___tons!!!!!!!!!!! I now have a nasty rash from it and it's dumb, like I'm gonna use a b___ton and zipper, at least cover them with a little fabric to prevent the digging in!!!! GRRRR! Oh and tops other than t-shirts seem to only come very low cut!!! I'm large chested and feel like everyone is staring at my bbs in the dressy shirts, I've started to sew some of them up a bit! I honestly prefer yoga pants, reg yoga pants not mat!!! no elastics strings or b___tons and tank tops for at home. But when ya have to be more presentable i like the dress pants that have the tummy that rolls up or down, I roll it down and it supports my belly. I only bought 2 pairs, a pair of jeans and black dress pants and a couple of shirts to mix and match! I also wear dh sweaters! They make me feel better just being in them! It's funny I actually prefer them after he has worn them, prob b/c it then smells like him and his cologne! Not really dirty, just worn like a few hours. Weird huh!


excited2bemama - March 5

I totally agree with you!! I hate wearing my maternity jeans or pants b/c they are so not comfy at all..... I just feel like the put pressure on my lower abdomen. I too prefer to wear yoga pants/track pants (regular,not maternity ones)


jennsfirst - March 5

I feel ur pain, I have bought maybe 2 pairs of maternity pants but I only wear them if I absolutely have to like the other night I went out to dinner and my boyfriend said I had to actually get dressed and stop wearing his army sweats all day everyday.


jendean00 - March 5

I guess I have been lucky. have to wear dress pants and shirts for my job. I have not paid over 19.00 for slacks, most I paid 10-12.00 and they are comfy. My most expensive purchase were jeans at motherhood and they were 39.00 but very comfy as well. I have shopped at Ross and Burlington and a little at Motherhood so good deals are out there you just have to look for them as far as comfort I agree nothing beats my sweats but I would be sent home, if I showed up in that.


Tammy276 - March 5

I bought a pair from old navy that isn't too bad, and a pair of khakis from Target that are alright as well......I am 37 weeks now and the ones from old navy are starting to get too tight, even though they are below my waist..when I sit when I'm at home, I pull them down otherwise I start to get more BH contractions from them


mary b - March 6

omg Gina I understand!!! I have like 3 maternity jeans that i have not been able to wear comfortably since before Xmas!! I have ONE pair of pants that i can wear now..i have been in them EVERYDAY!! i can't wait to put them away and not look at them again!!!


Kristin11 - March 6

lol you know i believe i posted somethign similar to this a couple mths ago, when i got these black maternity slacks that had a b___ton on the inside of the pants, seriously the inside!! I ended up with a b___ton embedded in my belly lol. I pulled the b___ton off and now use the pants without it lol. I do have a pair of maternity jeans i got from ross that i love thay are zero to 9 brand, i paid 9.00 for them and god are they comfy!! I agree with nanders on the low cut shirts, i feel like dolly parton in them lol.


gina143 - March 6

Ill be happy when I can wear my old jeans agian... that will be awhile... have to loose the baby fat.. lol This time around I dont even care about the baby fat I have to loose... with 2 kids who cares, or has time to exercize??


Kristin11 - March 6

gina lol this is my second too, i figure chasing this baby and my 3 year old will be my exercise!! lol


gina143 - March 6

lol true! My daughter will be 4 in august... Ill be chasing alot... lol Are you scared? about having 2 kids? I am a little bit.. when I first got prego I was like I can do this, easy!! Now im not so sure... Like OMG I wont be able to take a nap when the baby sleeps cuz my daughter dont nap! and getting up all night, then staying up all day with her... Im gonna be sooooo tired!!


Kristin11 - March 6

lol yeah a bit nervous, but i guess i am lucky my dd does nap still lol. She usually takes a 2-3 hour nap, she is a great sleeper too. I am mostly nervous about her reaction to her new baby brother, will she be jealous? will she drive me nuts because she wants to hold him....i guess we will see. I just hope she doesnt feel left out.


Kristin11 - March 6

When are you due gina? I am due April 16th, ahhhh less then 6 weeks to go!!!


gina143 - March 6

Im having a boy too!! YAY! Im due april 20th-24th the ultrasound said april 20th the doc said april 24th (LMP) so 7ish weeks!!! I cant wait!! I want to hold him. Are you scared of labor? I am... its all comming back to me now.... OUCH!



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