Maternity Belt

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jb - January 6

Have any of you used a maternity belt. I am 34 weeks and my doctor suggested I get one after I told her how "heavy" my stomach feels. I told her when I walk, I feel muscles pulling on the right side of my belly. It is not painful, just heavy feeling. I also feel like I have to pee with every step....almost as if with every step the baby bounces on my bladder!! I have recently started walking very slowly and with smaller steps to avoid the feeling. Any comments on the belt would be appreciated! :-)


Annette - January 6

I bought mine last week (I am also 34 weeks), the support is just like if you were holding your belly with both hands; imagine the sensation of wearing a bra, the support feels great and taking it off is a bliss, even baby stretches and gets comfy when he feels free. Since I started using it my back doesn`t hurt and I also heard it will help preventing stretch marks so I highly recommend it. However, it makes the skin a little itchy so either keep your cocoa b___ter handy or try hard not to scratch. Good luck!


jb - January 6

Thanks for your info, Annette. I think I will head out and buy one tomorrow.


Chris - January 6

I've been thinking about getting one too. I have trouble walking around, especially in the evening.


jb - January 7

JB, I also go by the name jb and I am 34 weeks too! Crazy! How much weight have you gained. I am at 28 pounds at least. I have seen the belts at Motherhood Maternity stores, they are supposed to really help.


jb - January 7

[email protected] jb!!! I have gained 30#. I was doing great until this last month or so. I gained 9 pounds between my 32 and 34 week checkup. I was bummed out about it. I know it is mostly water weight though. I finally started to get swelling in that time. I never made it out to get my belt yet. My hubby and I started cleaning the spare room so we could put new furniture in it for the baby. The next thing I know we were cleaning every room in the apartment!!! It has been a long day!!! Maybe I will make it out tomorrow!! Where are you from jb? I am from Wisconsin.


Stacy - January 8

I got mine at Motherhood. I like it, BUT it is velcro so it has to be undone each time you go to the bathroom. Also, I feel it makes me pee more b/c you wear it under your belly and I think it presses on my bladder. It definitely helps with my back :-)


GET A BELT!! - January 9

I am 29 weeks and bought one last week. I also used one with my first daughter. They are Wonderful. I don't have much pain in my stomach but it really helps with my back, especially if I have a lot of housework to do. ( I also work full time and it helps at work too). I strongly recommend them.



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