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andrea - December 13

Hey everbody! I bought a pair of old navy maternity jeans and They've got the low-rise panel. I was just wondering how low-rise were supposed to fit. They seem to be a little snug around the belly, but too big everywhere else. Are maternity pants supposed to be snug around the belly?


Emily B - December 14

I loved my old navy low rise jeans for a while. They came in Talls so I bought a pair! They stayed up. They fit great in the legs and were not super tight in the waist but snug enough to stay in place. I really liked them BUT as soon as I got BIG I hated them! They wouldn't stay up, everytime I bent over they'd show plumbers crack if you know what I mean and I was always pulling them up and adjusting them. My stomach is just too big. ( 3rd baby) I put them away and bought a pair of over the belly jeans that actually looked hip and they are SO much more comfortable! I paid for them, ripped the tag off and wore them out of the store!


Jill - December 14

I think it depends how you carry. I'm HUGE by now (39 weeks) but carrying very high and up front so I prefer low rise under the belly - and CANNOT STAND over the belly pannel pants. All my clothes are from old navy maternity too. The one 2 pair of over the belly pants I have I roll down under my belly because the pannel won't stay up any way and then I get a baggy crotch as the pants slide down to my knees! Especailly going down the stairs!!! My 2 pairs of low rise cords still fit the best - so I guess it's all in how you carry.


Jean - December 14

They shouldn't be around your belly. Low rise means they shoud sit under the belly so it can hang out and be free :) I like them, but you really need to make sure you have nice long tops to wear with them, or some camisoles that you can tuck in to avoid drafts and underwear sightings. Ha.


Ginny - December 14

I loved mine up until around week 28 or so. I had the plumber's crack problem, too. My belly sticks straight out, and pants can't find a catching place around my hips or b___t, so they just slide right down. Maybe being nug around the belly will help them stay up? I'm not sure. I had to switch to the panel pants, too.


kaitlin - December 15

I really prefer to have a panel, because the low risers dig into my pelvis too much. I do, also, have the problem with the panels on some of them where the panel isn't big enough to stay on my belly and rolls down and then the crotch is way too's been winter during my last trimester and cold so having a bare belly isn't really a good thing. I've had to either wear pants with a large panel that stays up (I only have one pair of those) or wear maternity tights with everything. Since I'm wearing tights anyway, I just wear skirts with the panel and then my belly isn't showing. Doesn't help on weekends, though. I'm carrying low and up front, so my belly is always hanging out. Very embarra__sing. There is no tank top or t-shirt that is long enough...


levimom - December 15

No, they shouldn't be snug, especially if they have a stretchy band and you're not in your 3rd trimester. This morning 2 pair of my maternity pants wouldn't b___ton. I had to wear capris in December!


jaime - December 19

I have bought a few pairs of low rise jeans from old navy.And yesterday I bought jump suits from old navy.Guess what I will be wearing for the next 3 months!!The jeans are being given away!!My advice to you go get your self the jump suits and dress them up with cute beaded T,s underneath.I couldn't stand pulling up the jeans evey 5 steps I took.Jeans really are just a waste of money after the 7th month.Good luck.


andrea - December 20

jaime- yeah, I've given up on the whole jeans thing. After trying on EVERY pair in that store and every other store i have realized that I am not going to be able to find a pair of jeans that I like. I just wanted one pair, just one, of jeans that i could throw on.nope.



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