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blfox4 - October 26

Hello everyone...I am so excited to be on the last trimester. I am 28 weeks along....and we are pregnant with our first child. I have a very stressful job..I work at American Express and if you want to speak to supervisor because you are come to me. In other words....I am getting yelled at all the time for 10 hours straight. I do this because of the money and because I use to enjoy this....however, I have worried since I became pregnant. It is so stressful and I can feel my blood pressure go up with every call I take. I stay angry all the time at work and inside work....No concerns at the docs yet....but I don't know how much longer I can mentally take it and I am scared of hurting this child because I am always stressed?? So, my question for everyone is when do you plan on going out on maternity leave? If I am in this type of environment, should I talk with my doctor? I tried to talk with my boss to see if there were any options and there are not...I can go or choice there at all :o( Any suggestions on what I can do or what I should do? Any advice would be the way...if I quit...I won't have insurance and I get paid 100% my whole maternity leave when I go out for up to 26 I don't want to just throw in the towel when I am this close.


DaBonkElsMe - October 26

Well, I am staying at work up until the last minute if I can, but that is b/c I do not get any paid maternity or disability leave, so I have to use my sick days until they run out and then go on unpaid leave. If I were you, I would go out on maternity leave at least a month before your due date, if you get 26 weeks paid! Why not stop soon? Give yourself some time to relax and get ready for baby!


tish212 - October 26

I left work at 5 months.... I am a certified food safety inspector so I basically work for different fast food chains training their staff on state and federal safety laws. the reason I left is because my stress level got way too high and my blood pressure went way up and my dr advised me to stop.... since I sign no contracts or anything and my insurance is from my husbands work I could just leave. Honestly u should do what feels best for u and ur baby...but if ur dr says ur ok then I would work as long as possible so that u can spend more of ur time with the baby after its :)


Greeklady28 - October 27

I used to work at a call center right after I got out of college, and it's tough working the supervisor queue. There is nothing worse than being yelled at because someone couldn't make their payment on time and got a late fee. I used the mute b___ton quite a bit. I know this sounds silly, but I actually bought a coloring book and some crayons and would color to take my mind off of being yelled at. It helped relieve stress. Try to find something to distract yourself while you are getting yelled at. Please remember that the people on the phone yelling are not mad at you so don't take it too personally. Hang in there and know that in just a few months you will have a beautiful baby. Good luck!


babyfever2006 - October 27

I am a child protective investigator for the state of Florida. I investigate child abuse and child neglect. I'm currently 32 weeks. Up until 31 weeks I was going into drug infested homes and removing children from bad situations at 2 or 3 in the morning in the worst parts of town. There were a few nights where I would work my regular work day and then on call through that whole night and not get to sleep until 10am the next day because I was up all night transporting the child I just removed to foster care and then having to stay awake for court at 8 in the morning. After this happened 2 times in one week, I told my supervisor that I would like to be taken out of the field by November 1st and she gave me such a hard time about it. Right now, I am sitting in the hospital because my water broke last Friday and I truly believe that it was stress induced. There is no other explanation. I had a very good pregnancy up until now. Anyway, my point I'm trying to make is if you feel under stress at all, my advice to you is to have your boss lighten your load at work. And be adament about it!! Do not take no for an answer. Don't make the same mistake I made. I was so dedicated to my job trying to save children when I should have been more careful about the child inside me!


AngelinLuv - October 27

I'm currently 35 weeks and work in a daycare center. (cue; stress, high blood pressure, & body aches). I've managed to keep stress to a minimum by simply ignoring and tuning things out. I've learned a lot to leave work at work and come home to relax. My blood pressure has stayed perfect and I'm doing okay with everything else. I plan to work up until about 39 weeks(possibly longer, should body permit) simply because I know my boredom level would skyrocket. I am also hoping staying active all day will help things progress.


alirenee86 - October 27

Okay, so you get 100% pay for 26 weeks?? I'm extremely jealous. I manage a bank branch and only get short term disablitiy for 6 weeks for a regular birth- in NJ where I live, it's basically a maximum of $502 per week which is nowhere near what I make so I've been stressed about making next to nothing when I go out. I am going to opt for the additional 3 months unpaid leave however afterwards for the reasons you said. Not only to of course be with our new baby and take care of him fully, but for the stress factor. I have people yelling at me all day because they can't balance a checkbook and were charged NSF fees. I hate all the complaining customers when I have to do that aspect of the job and have noticed ESPECIALLY being pregnant that I have NO tolerence for any of them whatsoever. You have to try to force yourself not to let them get the best of you and stress you out because you're the one with a beautiful baby on the way and that's probably way more exciting than anything they have going on at the moment so push it all aside. Take the maximum amount of time that you can. I'm not due until Nov. 13th but have basically been off this entire month at 100% pay because I've had so much vacation time accrued that I lose if I don't use. So it's helped me a lot to be home and out doing things to prepare for the baby. Whatever you do, don 't quit. If it's something you want to do eventually and can afford to do, milk your job right now for everything it's worth!!!


blfox4 - October 27

Thank-you so much for all the responses. I think I might have led everyone incorrectly...I don't have 26 weeks paid for maternity leave unless the doc writes me out for that amt of time. I have the standard 12 weeks 100% pay and then if the doc writes me out for additional time, then I get those weeks, up to 26 paid time. My question was if stress was a reason to go and talk to my doctor about...which I am gathering would be the right solution. I dont' want to go out because I will be so bored...but I hate getting so whole face turns red and sometimes the baby moves when I get so upset. I can handle it....but I don't want to chance our child. I think that I am going to talk to my doctor on this Wed to see what they say. I haven't had any issues with my blood pressure, but am not sure how all that would works in relation to stress?? And of is hard for anyone close to me to understand how I am feeling because they aren't pregnant....a lot of people a__sume that it is ok to work in this type of environment and go to full term...I am also in school fulltime...which my own stupidity, but I have that on my mind as well. I just took on too much and I am facing it all now, trying to maintain my sanity. But work is the only place that I could cry about all the time...I worry how it effects the baby and I don't want to take any risks. Babyfever....good luck to you. I am sorry to hear that you went pre-term. How far along where you?? Did they say it was because of work or other reasons? How is your little one?? Keep us posted...I will pray for you until then :o) Good luck to everyone who is staying at work until they deliver...I wish everyone the best and again...thanks to everyone for responding and I hope to hear more :o)


babyfever2006 - October 27

blfox, I actually am still pregnant. I am now 32 1/2 weeks and despite my water breaking they have been able to keep her inside for a week longer. I still have to stay at the hospital because I'm at high risk for infection. She is doing great though! Thanks for your prayers! and good luck at your job. I know you will make the right choice for you and your baby.



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