Maternity Leave

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amber - October 26

hey who took or is going to or did go on maternity leave?? Why or why not? What type of job do you do? Who decides when you go on leave?? Im new at this pregnancy stuff i am 28 and a half weeks pregnant so i dont know much about leave but my job is pretty stressful, very hard working on my feet 6 hours a night i just dont know about leave.


amber - October 26

Also my job is im a busser so i carry trays of stuff around all night, it gets pretty tiring, i get really hot fast.


shelly - October 26

It depends on where you're from, where do you live??


Kelly - October 26

If your job is stressful I would go on leave soon so you don't cause any stress on the baby, but if you can handle it then work through as long as you can stand it


amber - October 26

i live in nebraska, i think im planning to work till x-mas then i will hopefully be done christmas season is going to be the worst at the restaurant i just know it from past experiences.


Katie - October 26

Hi there. I am a teacher and went on maternity leave a week and a half ago. I am due on oct. 31 and had planned on working until this past week,but it got to be too much. We have 12 weeks maternity leave in our contract and can get paid for as much time as we have in our sick bank. I only have 32 sick days, so I will only get paid for 32 days, but it is totally worth it. There is no way I could be teaching right now. I am getting induced on Friday so I will be so happy when she is finally out. Good luck.


Tess - October 26

Amber~ visit and under maternity laws you'd find you're answer. It all depends on where you lived and how many employees does your Co. has? from there you'd know if you will qualify for FMLA. good luck!


Shea - October 27

I work in an office, but is still stressfull since I just got a promotion and am now responsible for all sorts of new things. I plan on working until I have my baby, and will only take 3 to 4 weeks after. (I have no paid maternity, and also will be during our busiest season) I am lucky though, b/c DH is going to be a stay at home daddy. Every situation is different and you need to make the best decisions for yours. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about taking more or less time. You need to weigh your health, finances and support system when deciding what is right for you.


Lynn - October 27

I just wanted to say that I think the U.S. has the WORST policy on maternity leave. How come we can't take puppies or kittens away from their moms until they are 8 weeks old but some companies can get away without giving ANY maternity leave? And some companies provide paid maternity leave when some don't? Other countries get 1 year off with some pay - either from their company or subsidized by the gov't. My company is o.k - I get leave under FMLA but only get disability pay for 6 weeks if v____al birth & 8 weeks if cesarean. The rest of the 12 weeks is unpaid. We can't carry over vacation time from year to year so I don't have that acc_mulated. As i get closer to my due date, I can't even think of leaving my little girl with someone for 8 or 9 hours a day when she is only 6 weeks old! We found a daycare, but can't get her in until April, so I'm going to work somethng out where she comes to work with me for 2-3 days a weeks and my neighbor can watch her the other days & husband is off every other friday so she can stay home with him on those days.


amber - October 27

okay thanks for all your help


Beth - October 27

The US really does have horrible mat leave policies. I can't imagine having to leave my baby with strangers when he's less then 2 months old! I'm lucky, I live in Canada and we are ent_tled to a year of 55% of our salary, which is paid by the canadian gov't. We only aren't ent_tled to it if we haven't worked a certain # of hours in the past year. Good luck ladies, your strength is amazing! And congrats on your healthy babies!


Charity - October 27

I'm 27 weeks and I figured I take leave when I go to the hospital or the dr. puts me on it. But i'm totally different, I have a desk job so I can work all the way up to time to deliver. I'm a accounts recievable clerk.


jo - October 27

I've been w/my company for 6 yrs, which earns me 6 weeks paid, the rest unpaid, though vacation days/sick days get applied too. By FLMA law, you get max of 12 weeks out of office and get to keep your job. I believe that you can decide when you take leave, but i'm staying til the end (i'm actually due monday), b/c any days I take off now, are fewer days w/the baby. But i also have a desk job, as a staff writer for a magazine. But by end of jan, it'll be back to work and kid will be in daycare.


Kim - October 27

I worked as long as I could. My last day was supposed to be tomorrow (10/28) but I wound up going out 2 days earlier, which was yesterday, due to painful contractions that are coming on a regular basis. I am due this weekend. I work in sales and so I am either on my feet or driving all day long and there are things that I need to get done before my leave like finalize product counts, expenses, etc. I did all of that last night and will now be off for 12 weeks. My company pays for the first 8, they will use 2 weeks of my vacation under FMLA, and then I will have 2 weeks unpaid, although the state of CA will pay 55% during that time. It's a shame that in the U.S., there aren't more guarantees so that we can all have an adequate amount of time to spend with our newborns. For those that are not being given time, have you looked into state disability? I believe that this gives you at least 6-8 weeks off, at partial pay.


SRG - October 27

I am due in 2 weeks, tomorrow is my last day. I live in Canada, and I get the year off with my pay at 55%, it is better than nothing. It will be an adjustment however well worth it to spend the first year at home with my baby. Good Luck everyone!


Shea - October 27

I would not want leave that was subsidized by the government, I think that it is your choice to have a family, and therefore up to you to finance that. I left a job with tons of maternity leave in favor of a job with a smaller company, but better opportunities. My company does pay 100% of my family plan health ins., which is almost unheard of these days, so there are always pros and cons. I just think people should stop blaming the government and their companies, and look at what steps they can take with their own spending and saving to allow them the time they want to take off.


??? - October 27

SHEA...who are you referencing your comment too? Nobody is complaining?



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