Maternity Pad Question Re Labour

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whatisgoingon - October 14

No book or Doctor has mentioned this to me yet, it's a question I am curious about. When you first go into labour and indeed experience the beginning phase do you bleed at all?? I don't want to be going into labour and freaking out if I see blood and go rushing off to the hospital looking like an idiot lol. Do you need to wear a maternity pad during the first phase of labour until you are near to giving birth, will "stuff" be coming out that is? Thanks xo


Cevvin - October 14

I didn't bleed, and i think bleeding is a sign of trouble like placentra previa. But im not sure on that so dont take my word. Near the end (this is gross) i had alot of discharge that flew out like i had just broke my water. My doc laughed everytime i cried when it happened. Then when your water breaks you will have a continual flow of fluid. But mine didn't break til i was in the hospital and hooked up, and after that happened it went so fast they kept me busy i didn't notice. I would wear just a panty liner in the later weeks. and if your water breaks go with a full on heavy pad. I also put one of those blue pads they use at the hospital underneath my sheets for some extra comfort. Good luck


January - October 14

my water was broke by the dr so I was already in the hosp. Prior to that I wasn't leaking anything, blood or otherwise. While at the hosp and in labor, I lost the rest of my mucus plug into the toilet, there was blood with that.. but nothing that continued or that I'd need a pad for.


chickiepoo9 - October 14

when i woke up the morning i was in labor with my son i lost my mucus plug and there was blood in it and i had blood in my discharge all day i wore a pad to be safe but really i only saw it after i went to the bathroom and wiped it is normal so no worries if you start bleeding bright red and there is lots of it i would rush to the hospital but if you have a bit or brown or pink it is called a bloody show and all is well, good luck


c_baer19 - October 14

I had a little bit of red blood, but I had been wearing a pantyliner because I had been losing my plug already. Turns out it was because my water broke, but just a trickle, and some blood came out - I called the hospital and they made me come in to be checked, and I gave birth 12 hours later!


denimb__terfly - October 14

You don't need a pad. In fact, in can be a problem. My water broke in spurts instead of gushes (which is common- but not what you see in the movies- it just means it is breaking at the top of your sac instead of the bottom) anyways, I went into the hospital Friday night and had filled an entire pad with amni fluid, but when I got there it was not leaking (it had been leaking in spurts here and there) anyways, they said if they could have tested the fluid in my pad that would have helped, but my pad was an always pad and they are so good that the pad draws all moisture and liquids into a strip and it turns to gel- so they can' t test it! I ended up being sent home, but the next morning when I came back they agreed that it WAS amni fluid the night before. So, I am now warning everyone to just let it stay on your clothes so that you don't get all upset and frustrated and sent home when you KNOW FOR A FACT it is your water!!!!!!!!


denimb__terfly - October 14

oh, and when I came back the next morning I let it leak all in my shorts and underwear and it looked as if I had peed myself- but they can test it when it is in your clothes- so this time when I left the hospital- I left with my baby :-)


Stephanie_31 - October 15

The amount of blood should be minimal, like spotting. Once your water breaks it could go all at once or small amounts at a time. Because you are constanly being checked and there is always some one rooting around up there, you are usually bare under your gown. They will put a large square absorbant pad (24" x 24") under your bum if you are laying in bed. If you want to get up and walk you just kinda fold it and tuck it between your legs. You aren't going to be moving very fast so it won't go far. The amount of water is really not as much as people think it is just annoying if it happens to come out on something that you own (counch, car seat, ect.) and not at the hospital!



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