Max And Jax Are Here

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mrssolo - November 28

Hello ladies and babies!!! Maxwell and Jackson are here! They were born on Sunday 11/25/07 at 11:06 and 11:07. My pre eclampsia just kept getting worse so on Sunday morning they thought it was best to deliver the babies. Max was first at 6 lbs. 10 oz. and Jax came next at 6 lbs. 4oz. They were really big for being a month early. Everything was fine they didn't need oxygen or anything and they are eating well. we all came home today. They a perfect! C section sucked. Having done it naturally beore this was very uncomfortable but all worth it to have my sweet little babies. I'm still in a lot of pain but it will pass soon I hope. I hope everyone is doing good. I'll check back tomorrow just wanted to get on and update as soon as possible. I will upload pics to my myspace soon and let you know when I do. Check back tomorrow! TTYL!!!


margie - November 28

YaY! Congratulations, by their size they sound like very healthy boys for being early and twins. I am so happy for you, hope that you heal quickly from your c-section!!


AmberNicole - November 28

So great to hear from you and hear everything is going well! I'm jealous that you get to hold your babies:) Can't wait to see pictures!


DaBonkElsMe - November 28

YAY!! Congratulations! I was thinking you must have had them b/c we hadn't heard from you! Glad everything's fine, hope you recover quickly!


Jilloh - November 28

yeah!!!! you had them and they are wonderfully healthy. get some rest and take care


wantanotheraftertr - November 28

Congrats mrssolo we have been waiting to hear! I hope you are feeling back to normal soon! So glad they are healthy!


Buffi R. - November 28

Congratulations!!!! My sister had twins at about 37 weeks and hers were just over 5 lbs each, so that's great yours were so big and healthy. Good for them at least, I know you were very uncomfortable....... :-)


staci - November 28

congratulations!!!! So good to hear you all are happy and healthy!


tish212 - November 29

OMG congratulations! that is so awesme..I'm so glad u finally have gotten to meet ur lo's! I bet they r just perfect! I'm so happy for u! hope u feel better soon...can't wait to hear more about them! :) hugs!


Fall - November 29

Congrats, how exciting!! Twin Boys:)


VenusdiMilo - December 2

Congratulations!! Enjoy your babies forget about the pain :-) ~Blessings~


HeavenisMine - December 2

Yippee! That is so great to hear! I knew you would need to get those little guys out soon since it was so uncomfortable. I bet they're to die for cuties:)



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