May 4th POLL

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E - April 28

My baby is due may 4th, and for fun i thought i would take a poll to see when everyone thinks i will have my baby. I am already 100% effaced. 2 cm dilated, and I lost my mucus plug on monday(25). and baby is a 0 dropped..


Jen C. - April 28

I'm due May 5th!!! You are lucky girl that you are already in that position. I only wish I were that far along. Today I went for my pre-natal and she said I was not effaced, and that I am only a fingertip dilated. Grrrr!! I thought I'd be a lot farther than that but I'll probably be late!


Kymmi - April 29

For fun only,,,, I am going to say you will be in the hospital delivering that baby by Sunday (May 1st). Let us know!


Amanda - May 1

That's Kool!! My baby is due May 04. (My 1st Anniversary)


Lyssa - May 1

I hope you have the babies 05-05-05. Cool birthday!


Toya - May 1

Yea, it's May!!!! :) 7 days left until my due date...E, 3 days left until yours...You're having that baby tomorrow! :)


E - May 1

Toya, Im excited to be getting close to my due date, all last night i was having very painful contractions and the baby was doing lots of movements... i was lopsided belly for awhile.. so i hope she's going to be coming soon..


Robin - May 2

You are having that baby TODAY. I'm not due until July 20th. I can't wait to have my body back. Let me know how it goes.


E - May 2

Last night around 7 pm I felt a pain in my stomach.. and it started getting stronger around 9pm. Then i told my husband it was time for the hospital. So we went to the hospital they admitted me to get checked and be monitored.. I was in soo much pain that i thought it was the real thing. then they checked my contractions.. which were coming every 2-3 mins.. and the babies heartbeat was okay. Then they did a v____al exam. I was 100 effaced and 1cm dilated.. she told me my doctor was wrong about saying i was 2 cm.. So that upset me.. i thought i was getting closer. anyways they gave me demrol for the pain.. and i was totally out of it! then i pa__sed out and when i woke up they monitored me agian.. contractions were no longer close together.. and i was still the same when they examined my pelvic area.. so then they sent me home.. i was very upset im due in 2 days...


Robin - May 3

If you don't drop that load on the 4th will most deff. be in the hos. on the 5th and giving birth on the 6th. Have fun.



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