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aaaaaaaaaa - March 5

Hi girls, that other thread was taking FOREVER to load.


laurenl - March 5

Jessica - if you see this thread first, make sure you go back to the last one and read what I wrote. I didn't realize this one had been started.


MichelleB - March 5

Ah good..i was hoping someone would start a new one! I feel so good this week. Baby is in a great position. I hope he stays this way!


Tracy88 - March 5

OK, first lesson of the day......if your doctor tells you to go on bedrest, DO IT. The first week I was on bed rest my cervix lengthened from 1.8 to 2.2, now it is 1.6!!!! Simply because I could not sit still, I am at complete risk of having this baby soon. Pray that I am not leaking fluid now. I should find out tomorrow or wednesday.


laurenl - March 5

Tracy - Oh no...did you go to the dr. today...I can't believe they didn't put you on bedrest in the hospital. What is your doctor going to do?


ejmeskan - March 5

Oh no Tracy- WOW!!!!! Good luck. I hope they don't put you in the hospital but that would be better than having the baby right now


MichelleB - March 5

Oh no! Good Luck Tracey. You sit down and put your feet up. I hope you are not you think you are? Is there anyone that can come stay with you when your hubbie is not home, to make it easier on you? (Someone you enjoy being with of course!). Keep us posted. This is scary. We're worried about you.


jessica72 - March 5

Lauren, what did you think of the travel system's look? I also noticed that about the Epistride vs the Galaxy shuttle but I figured I'd go with the newer model. I so am a hands on person, so this was a huge leap of faith on my part. Let me tell you why I went for it. On the Target site, they post reviews for it, evidently if you order it online, it arrives between 2-6 weeks so many couples have already received it before it's hit the stores and commented on it. So far, all of the comments on the fold up component are very good. The only complaint was that the material is not cloth, it's like a plastic soft "space-like" material that can make baby sweat, but if you throw down a little blanket over it on hotter days they'll be fine. So based on those reviews and the excellent ratings that the BabyTrend Flex-Loc carseat received, I'm going for it. Check out the reviews on Target, just type Galaxy Shuttle Travel System. You know, I just couldn't find a GRACO that I completely loved and the salespeople were getting on my nerves. At least if it doesn't work out, we can return it to Target. Tracy, I'm thinking of ya and hoping all turns out well. Take it easy now. It's only a few more weeks, girl.


nadine Brunet - March 5

Good afternoon everyone. God it took me forever to catch up. Tracy, I hope everything will be ok, you better take it easy and REST! keep us posted with the leaking. I am going to have a huge diner at my parents tonight for my birthday. Can't wait to find out what we will be having, my mom wants to keep it a surprise. Binx: Wish a happy b-day to your husband.


laurenl - March 5

Jessica - I really like the looks of it. I love the colors. I read the reviews and it sounded good. I wonder why the material makes the baby sweat. I did talk to someone at Baby Trend and found out the weight. I hate having to buy something online and not being able to touch and feel it. You know what I mean? Anyways, I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. Dang, if picking out a freakin car seat and stroller are this difficult..I'm worried about my decision making Tracy - I'm worried about ya, let us know how you are!!!


kashni - March 5

Tracy, take's just a couple of weeks more, get yourself a bunch of movies and put your feet up...keep us posted on how you are doing.. It took me so long to catch up with everything, we're one of the few yet to get a stroller so all that talk really helped...we're definitely getting one of those mentioned. Lauren, I know what you are saying, even I donot like buying things online without touching's wierd, but I'd much rather hold it before making up my mind. I love the idea of meeting up...hope it happens will be great to see you all..


ejmeskan - March 5

Who's birthday is it today? Nadine? I remember it is someone's- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Michelle33 - March 5

Tracy- Take it easy girl:) Hope that you are O.K! Kick up your feet and relax and everything will be fine:) My father already bought me a stroller that has the carseat that fits right on it. He also bought me a ba__sinet. Thank god since DH is getting laid off on Friday. Hopefully he will find another job soon:( Started training my replacment today:) It feels so weird. Anyway, time to watch law and order:) TTYL


dot - March 5

hi all tracy u ok?


flappergirl - March 6

hi everybody... tracey - sending you some good thoughts! ** I had an awesome weekend. My mum and mum-in-law were visiting and we shopped like crazy. My baby room is now completely stocked - the only thing we need are diapers. That's it! It's such a great feeling to have it all done. As soon as we've set everything up and organized things i'll post a pic. on the web site. I also had a fantastic babyshower. The girls who organized it did a wonderful job... there wasn't any fun games at all.... we just basically cackled like a bunch of hens. Those who are mums told stories and shared advice while the rest of us listened, asked questions etc. A lot of the time the discussion wasn't baby related either... which was nice... it really was just like we all took the afternoon off to hang out, eat way too much food, drink way too many martinis (me excluded) and just enjoy each other's company. My favorite gift was a little duck that says a prayer when you squeeze its foot. I know have one month and one week left at work - whoohoo! Anyway, it's bedtime for me. ttyl.


MichelleB - March 6

Morning girls. Tracey, hopefully you are resting and not able to get to a computer. I hope your results are good today! Nadine, HAppy Birthday ! 7 weeks 2 days until my last day of work! (and one day before my due date!). flappergirl, it must feel good to have everything done. One of my favorite things...just to let you know....were ROBEEZ. Little slippers, that kinda look like shoes. They last forever (size 0-6 months and 6-12 months.). My friend and I were talking about it last night cuase I pulled out my sons. Babies feet are too small to buy shoes for, and of course they dont walk, but Robeez complete the outfit! Strollers and that are great, but ROBEEZ ROCK!


laurenl - March 6

Hopefully Tracy isn't able to get the computer, but I am worried about her. MichelleB- how's your son? Is he feeling better? Happy BDay Nadine!!! I feel like I'm behind you all when it comes to the nursery. I need to get my b___t on the ball! It's painted and we got the crib set up, but a piece of the crib was damaged when it was shipped, so they're having to send us that piece. I still have to order my dresser (I found one that matches). I have the bedding, but I've got to get decoration things like pictures, etc. My theme is Ballerina Bunnies, so I figured I would be able to find cute bunny things soon, since Easter is right around the corner. Who was is that said they were doing Winnie the Pooh? We went in Rooms to Go Kids and they have really cool stuff anyway, but they had a bedroom suit that was Pooh and it was so freakin cute! Anyways, guess I"m going to eat my Fiber One Honey Clusters...I'm really getting sick of that cereal, but I can tell when I don't eat! Talk to you gals later!



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