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blairmama - March 13

just posting a new thread.. the last one was waaaay too long! yay, only a few more weeks guys! theres a light at the end of the tunnel! hoooraaay!


blairmama - March 13

as for circ_mcisions.. we're having one done for max. the way i see it.. sure, its easier to keep clean these days as opposed to back then.. but does that mean they will? in my opinion, boys for the most part dont always do a good job taking care of themselves until they're older.. and i know im not gonna be jumping in the middle of his shower when hes 13.. 14 years old blurting out "DID YOU CLEAN AROUND YOUR PENOR?!" hahahaha.. so i think i'll be able to rest better knowing its something i wont have to worry about as much. DH wasnt circ_mcised.. so at first he really thought we shouldnt. but we read up on it.. and i just think its better to get it done. jessica -- as for getting her ears pierced.. im in your corner! im not hispanic.. but my mother had mine done at the doctor's when i was just 6 weeks old.. and even though i didnt wear earrings for most of my life.. they're still open. never closed. even now i dont wear earrings too often.. but im glad she had them done early on.. besides, earrings are SO cute on little baby girls. hehe.. if we were having a girl.. she'd definately be rockin' some studs =]


flappergirl - March 13

hey girls. **jessica, my mum had my ears pierced while i was a baby too. She said it was horrible to watch me cry, but now, i couldn't tell you a thing about the experience. All i know is that i have the choice of wearing earrings without 'ever' having to suffer for it (since i don't remember having to suffer.) LOL ** Binx, we're having a boy and won't be circ_msizing. No one i know is actually circ_msized so i think perhaps the commonality of it as a procedure is more an american thing than elsewhere. Either way, i don't see the need since everyone i know seems just fine with being 'whole.' However, for anyone who does want to do it that's just fine too. I really dont' have strong feeling on this subject.** Oh and as for that real harsh pressure on the bladder. That means the baby has dropped. My doctor told me today that i am now officially ready to go into labor... well... my baby is. He is head down and right in the launch position. For some women this meand impending labor - but not for everyone - so he says not to panic but to just keep an eye on everything and continue as usual. Plus, with the babe already in position it should make labor a bit quicker since many women don't even have the babe ready to go yet when they're in labor. So hmm.. do i feel happy or do i feel anxious? A bit of both i think. Jeez, i'm only 32 weeks so this bug better not plan on coming out too soon. Now i have a question... and i should have pressed my dr. on this question earlier today but for some reason i felt too dumb.... with the babe in this launch position and therefore the possibility of a labor, should i still be working full time? Or should i try to slow down and keep off my feet more to try and prevent any possible stress? What do you guys think? Also, for those of you who aren't first timers like me... do you remember when your first baby dropped into this final position in relation to when you actually went into labor? ** Oh as for room decorations. I love those blocks. DH and i almost baught some but we couldn't find an R (and since we're thinking of naming the little guy Ruan, an R is kind of a must). Anyway. cheers everyone!


ejmeskan - March 13

I updated my page- just one picture from my shower this weekend- it was the only picture I could find that didn't make my face look like I was 10 times my normal size!!! (which I am!! ha) Flappergirl- that is a great question, I think it depends on the stresses of your job, are you exurting yourself a lot at work? Do you have a long commute? is it stressful? Those are all things I would watch out for. I do think though your Dr would have none if the baby was in a position that would have given you to much stress to make it come early. I am a first time mom though so I don't know!


Tracy88 - March 13

Cute pictures you guys!!! I love them all. Blairmama...I will post directions in the morning. Too tired to do it right now. Kashni, talk about hormones.....I threw the entire laundry basket (with clothes in it) at DH yesterday. I know, sounds crazy, but it's a long story, he p__sed me off, and I just had to throw something!!! I have NEVER gotten like that with him, so we both just started laughing because we knew it was baby induced! I will check on you girls tomorrow.


blairmama - March 14

its ok tracy.. i figured it out on my own. thanks though! i posted a bunch of pictures! enjoy!


MichelleB - March 14

I cannot wait to check out the pictures. Circ_mcisioin, we did not do it to our son. I have nothing against it, but its not common here to have it done. Plus, i imagine it being really painful. My son did have an infection under his foreskin at about 6 months. It was hard to watch, and came because he had a really tight foreskin, but he hasnt had any sinse, and it loosened up a lot. If he had one more under the age of one, we would have circ_mcized him. Even with that, I will not be circ_mcising my new baby (if its a boy). Like I said, its just not common here..i wouldnt even know where to go? I think piercing is great too. Go for it. Dr appointment today at noon..Im excited for some reason. Flappergirl, my babe dropped and was in position at 30ish weeks, then swam back up (common in second pregs), but I do not think you should worry. Baby will not come out until he is ready, it will just make you more unconfortable for the next 8 weeks! I dont remember dropping with the first. It probably wasnt until near the very end, and I worked pretty much up to birth. Guess I should go work. TTYS


laurenl - March 14

Jessica I love the letters. I wish we could put some up. And I plan on piercing Claire's ears, but I'm not sure when. I've heard to get them done early so that they don't pull at them. I LOVE everyone's pictures!!! EJ, how did your shower go? Did you get lots and lots of things. I'm so excited for mine next weekend. Binx - I WANT A POOL!!! Actually DH wants one, but I've been the one saying that I didn't want one. I've heard they're lots of work. Tracy, glad you guys could laugh about the laundry basket throwing incident afterwards. That's really important to be able to get over things quickly. That's how me and DH are. I can be really p__sed off at him and then he makes me laugh (which I try really hard not to laugh), but he still makes me. Oh and how are you girls getting all these ultrasounds??? I had a few around 20 - 23 weeks, but I won't get anymore, unless there's a problem (which I hope not). Is that the only way they know how big the baby is, etc? I want another one!!!


GIGI - March 14

lauenl...I got my daughter's ears pierced at 3 months...that's the earliest they'd do it. She didn't touch them until she was well over 1, it's like she finally noticed them. She's almost 3 now and she's so used to them because it's like they're just part of her ears.


MichelleB - March 14

I love the letters Jessica. It looks so nice. We used wooden ones, and painted them blue. I will take a pic. We bought ours at MICHEAL's...its a craft store. They have lots of stuff. The ribbon through it looks great! 1 hour til my apponitment! God, I wonter howmuch I weight now.


GIGI - March 14

Hi girls! I love all your pics on piczo but I can not figure out how to add a page. Can someone please help?! Thanks! :)


Tracy88 - March 14

OK, Gigi, I added a page for you. You have to login (upper right hand corner of blue bar), the username and pa__sword are the same ::::: "maybabies". Then once you are logged in, go to "My Site" on the left of the blue bar and then click on page editor. Then on the right of the page you will see "tools", you click on that to add pictures and text, etc.... I am going to have Savannah's ears pierced too. I should check to see if my hospital does it shouldn't I ??? If I had a boy, I didn't want to circ_msize him, but since my husband is Jewish, his parents were going to want us to do all the traditional stuff, so I am sooooo glad we do not have a boy!! I don't know why I didn't want to circ_msize, I just didn't feel good about it. Well, thank heaven I don't have to make that decision. I would hate to have to choose something against his parents wishes. I like being on their good side!


Tracy88 - March 14

Oh, and I can only speak for myself when it comes to the amount of ultrasounds one gets, but I have probably had 20 or more!!! I don't know whether to feel glad about that or scared since there are no known effects of that. The only time I really had a choice on whether I received one was when we got the 3D done. I have jusy been a high risk pregnancy from the start, so for one reason or another, my belly has been scrutinized.


GIGI - March 14

Tracy88 - Thank-you so much!!! When I get home tonight I will post some pics. I had Mya's ears peirced in a salon at the cost $25 and that included 14K gold studs. I was more scared than she was because she didn't know what was coming. She handled it well! She only cried for about a minute afterwards.


aaaaaaaaaa - March 14

We're definately getting our son circ_msized. My husband didnt get it done when he was a baby and had to get it done when he was older (like a teenager, I think). He said it was the worst pain ever and would have done anything to not have to remember that. Plus he HATED it before it was circ_msized, he thought he was weird because none of his friends looked like that. Ultrasounds: I only had one, at about 20w. I dont think I'm getting any more. I'm a little grumpy because I dont see my doctor again until April 10th!!!! Thats four weeks! He wanted me back in 3 weeks, but he'll be away that week so I would have had to see someone else (which, considering it would be the beginning of getting internals every week, I wasnt too thrilled about), so 4 weeks it is. Its crazy to think though that the next time I see him I'll be 36 weeks, and only 20 days away from having the little dude! I hope time pa__ses quickly because I'm going insane :)


kashni - March 14

Hi everyone, we are not circ_mcizing our baby either, it's not very common in our culture too, so we're just going without. As for ear piercings, my mom had mine done when I was a baby, I don't remember anything about it, but I love earings too...even though I am a tomboy and wouldnot wear any other jewellery, little studs are a must for my ears. As for ultrasounds, I get one done at every appointment, not a high-tech one, but one where they can see the heartbeat and the baby's profile, I love it...but unlike most of you I don't know how much he weighs or how tall he is...the ultrasound machines in the doc's office are not able to measure those things...I will ask her about it next week though. Tracy, that is so funny, but why were u lifting a laundary basket anyway, u need to be in bed...good thing u guys laugh about it though, we do that too and it feels really silly to be arguing afterwards. BTW, I am copying your idea of wooden blocks, I spoke to DH this morning and he loved it...though he doesnotlike most of my ideas about baby decorations..he thinks the baby will look less manly with too many cute things :)


ejmeskan - March 14

Lauren- my shower was great- it was very overwhelming because there were over 30 people there. But it was fun and I got a ton of stuff- I washed a bunch of the babies stuff in dreft last night and they are all so adorable- just tiny little things!! :) I am so excited for this baby- I can't wait to find out who is inside of me!!! I have a killer headache today- I am just falling apart! ha!



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