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angelmarkie - February 8

I'm starting our new (and last) thread! Yay! Just twelve weeks or less :) to go! I don't see the doctor again until 30 weeks, but then I think I go every two weeks? Not quite sure on that. I have been going every week to the office anyway to get my progesterone shot so, whatever! Just happy we're coming to a close!


dreamy2433 - February 25

Congrats on nearing the end:) I wanted to invite you ladies to check out the due date and pregnancy boards and even the play group boards at chatterscene dot com


Mari26me - February 26

Hey everyone, I have not been on in a while. I am 27 weeks today, and starting to feel big and uncomfortable. I had my glucose test 2 weeks ago and everything was normal!! yay!, I am so happy. I am starting to feel tired again. I see the OB on tues. I am already seeing her every 2 weeks. my 18 month old is pretty sick. Poor girl was up most of the night with a fever, bad cough and plugged nose. :( bye for now


TaraO - March 2

Hello all, I am 31 weeks today - I haven't been on in quite some time - My lo has been sick with chronic ear infections- YUCK no sleep!! New baby will probably sleep before this one! He's 14 months! ANyway, how is everyone feeling. I am feeling so much pressure now. I feel great though. I have been noticeably more tired lately, but still able to sleep - Looking forward to the peeing in the middle of the night ending though. Hope everyone is feeling well. I look forward to hearing from heveryone.


angelmarkie - March 3

Well, I'm glad to see that we have a little activity happening here. Tara, I was 31 weeks yesterday too; guess I didn't realize that we have the same due date. I am kind of banking on an April baby though :) Nothing really new to report. Saw doctor last week; gained a whopping 6 lbs. in one month...whoops! However, that only brings my total so far to 14 lbs. See the doctor again next week. Work is having a baby shower for me this Friday, so that is kind of exciting. We also have a baby pool/lottery going on at work. Everyone thinks I am having this baby by mid April. I think the last one took everyone for surprise when she came 5 1/2 weeks early (8 years ago). Mari and Tara-I have to say that I am happy that I don't have a toddler to run after like the two of you. I am exhausted as it is. My girls are decent helpers at 11 and 8 and I'm looking forward to them being able to help with the baby too. Keep in touch...all of the major stuff is about to happen! :)


Floricica - March 7

Hello! I am going to have my son on May 20th. I am having a c-section for the seccond time. I really want time to just go faster!


Shannon85 - March 9

Hi everyone wow we are so close to holding our babies in our arms. I hope everyone is doing great I will be 29 weeks on Thursday and im so uncomfortable already have really bad hip and back pain I have only gained 13 lbs so far I only gained 24lbs by the end with my daughter. I am so exhausted my 2 year old has really been testing us with her terrible 2s and she just turned 2 so im guessing we have a while to go. I really just cant wait for her to have her little sister here. good luck to you all in the last stretch :)


Mari26me - March 9

Hey ladies! I am 28.5 weeks. shannon - I hear ya on the back pain!! I have gained 14lbs so far. I cannot wait to have this baby, so I can have my body back! lol I have a 19 month old daughter that I chase around all day. She is starting to have tantrums alot and really testing my patience! But overall, she is a great kid. :) I have another ultrasound tomorrow to measure the baby's size. My daughter was 9lbs11oz, so my OB wants to keep an eye on this baby's size. I am not going overdue, will be induced between 39-40 weeks. Hope everyone os well. :)


Mari26me - March 15

Hey ladies!!! How is everyone feeling this week? I am really starting to hate my leaky bladder!!!! Sometimes when I sneeze or cough, I leak! It is worse with my second pregnancy for sure. My bladder must be weaker! lol I find out the results from my ultrasound tomorrow. I had a growth ultrasound done last week. My doctor wanted to see how big the baby is already. I am just over 29 weeks. Hopefully everyone else is doing well. Talk to you all soon!! :)


angelmarkie - March 15

Hi Mari, Yeah, the bladder thing has been my biggest issue for some time now and it continues to get worse. I have leakage when bending over and sometimes I get painful tinges in (or over or on) my bladder; not sure exactly how to explain it, but it is usually when the baby is doing acrobats on the bladder. Anyway, 33 weeks for me tomorrow, yeah! For the last two days I have felt like things are getting harder to do and feeling like I am ready to have this baby. We had our first birthing cla__s on Saturday and toured the hospital birthing center. Next week my hubby, two girls (8 & 11) and I will be taking a cla__s called, "Taking care of your newborn". I thought it would be good for the girls to know the right way to do things since they are going to want to help anyway. Also, hubby never really even held a newborn, so I think it will help him feel more at ease. Well, I've gained 14 lbs thus far. Hoping I can keep it under 20! Take care and keep in touch!


Mari26me - March 18

Hey Angel! I just had those painful twinges last night, they were horrible! :( The baby also put pressure on my bladder all night! It was the worst night sleep I have had so far. :( Wow, you are 33 weeks already, I will be 30 weeks on Friday. I got my ultrasound results this week, and the baby is measuring big! 2 weeks ahead in growth. I was 28.5 weeks when i had the ultrasound and the baby already weighs 3.5lbs!!! I have gained 17lbs so far an hopefully won't gain the 40 i packed on with my daughter. hope u r well.


mommylove2 - March 20

Hi Ladies! We're getting so close! Thursday I crossed the 33 week mark, just 7 weeks or so to go! I've had a lot of Braxton Hicks, which I know means my body is preparing for labor. I've felt them since around 16 weeks, but they are definitely stronger now! And, since baby is head down, I feel a lot of pressure you-know-where! Anyone else struggling with varicose veins? I have them really bad in my legs (each pregnancy has made them worse, though they get better in between).


angelmarkie - March 25

Hey girls! Well, I had my 34 week check-up today and I've learned that I'm 1-1/2 cm. dialated! Whoohoo! I obviously don't want the baby to come too early, but 37 weeks would be great and it looks like I might be on a good time schedule for that to happen. What's really great is that I can stop taking my progesterone shots to prevent any preterm labor next week. Week after week since 20 weeks has been difficult and I can finally be done! I am also scheduled for another ultrasound on Tuesday to check baby's weight. She wouldn't normally do this, but I am a little worried because my other two children would have been huge if they would have gone full term. I'm really excited to see the baby again since we haven't seen him/her since 18 weeks gestation. All in all, great day for me! Hope you're all doing well too! Keep posting!


angelmarkie - April 1

Well, I'm not sure what happended to everyone, but I'll write anyway. I had an appointment today and an ultrasound on Tuesday. Baby is looking good; they are estimating his/her current weight at 5 lbs. 13 oz. Doctor said that I am 1 1/2 to 2 centimeters dialated and 50% effaced. So, things are progressing well in my opinion. I had mentioned to the doc this morning that I hadn't felt any movement this morning and the doctor sent me for a NST (non-stress test). I wasn't worried because baby is typically sleepy in the AM, but she sent me anyway and the test came back good. I also had my Strep B culture today, so we'll get results on that next week when I see doc. Well, that's all for now. Happy Easter!


KatieKat - April 3

Hi ladies. I haen't been on in forever. We're getting closer. I know my date isn't until May 27th but I really don't think I'll go that long. I haven't gained that much weight I just look huge. It doesn't help I'm short as is. Plus I'm carrying super low. I constantly seem to think he's dropped. But I won't know anything until the 5th of April. I've just started going every two weeks now. I keep having inner thigh pain and hip pain and back pain. But the thing that really gets me and I'm sorry if this is tmi, is I feel like the outside of my v____a is bruised and that things seems swollen down there. Anyone else having this problem?!? I am so frustrated. As weeks go by it gets worse and worse and I have no idea why it's happening. This is my first boy and I carried my girls really high. He also enjoys popping my left rib out of place. Thank god I have a good chiropractor. My sister in law had her baby girl last week. Elizabeth Louise 6 pounds 10 ounces. She is so cute. Then the girl I worked with for a while ( I recently transferred locations at my job) just had her first baby. She had a boy that was 10 pounds 10 ounces!!! I was seriously shocked. But she's really tall so she didn't look like he was so huge. I've been dealing with the leaky bladder issue a little bit but not too bad. My biggest issue is with the swelling and bruised feeling. Seeing everyone around me having their babies just makes me wish even more that my little guy was here. My baby shower is going to be in May on the first so I'm going to be even more huge by then. At the 28 week sonogram we did that was 3d he was already weighing 2 pounds 9 ounces. But who knows how big he is now. My daughters are getting anxious, everyone is for the new baby to come. I am just ready to be done being pregnant. I've been really tired lately and now that I open in the mornings, I'm up at 530 in the mornings now. So by the time 3 rolls around I have to take a nap in order to function the rest of the day. What's new with everyone else? Have any of you had your baby showers? Wishing everyone well and a Happy Easter!


mommylove2 - April 3

Katiekat--This is my third baby, and I have the same problem you described in your post. I can actually see the varicose veins popping out though. I spoke to my midwife about them and she suggested witch hazel on a wash cloth applied to said area, taking a vit E supplement, and wearing a maternity support belt. So far, I've just tried the witch hazel. While it provided a little relief at the time, it didn't really make things go away! I guess we just have to wait until we deliver these babies for things to return to normal. It is not comfortable, though! I can't believe I'm 35 weeks already. I have this feeling the baby is going to come early (between 37-38 wks), but I think it is probably more based on the fear that I am not yet ready for her arrival! We're very excited about her, but we're just in the middle of trying to figure out our housing arrangements. I know that the time is growing shorter, so I think I may just have to plan that we're going to be in our current housing situation when Baby arrives. I told my hubby that I want to get completely prepared for her arrival this coming week, just in case she makes her debut early! My braxton hicks come and go, and are more prevalent on some days. Just like Baby's activeness. Do you find that some days your babies are very active and other days it seems as though they sleep all day? Have a happy Easter, Everyone! Our family is celebrating our new life in Christ tomorrow and rejoicing in His resurrection! Ps Anyone else noticed their baby having the hiccups?!?! :)


KatieKat - April 5

Mommylove- I had my check up today at the OB. He hasn't dropped or anything. He's super low and they said while his head is down the rest of him is leaning forward and sitting quite happily on my bladder. You were right. She thinks it's vericose veins down there too. She can see how things are swollen down there but can't offer me any relief but advising me to stay off of my feet. :( I forgot to add in my previous post I am wearing a support belt but it's just one I got from motherhood and maternity. Not the one the doctor is selling. Apparently they have special ones just to keep the pressure off of your labia. But my doctor hinted they were pretty expensive and doesn't think it'd be worth the investment this late in my pregnancy.(Due the 27th of May), I guess we'll keep trucking along and daydreaming about our precious babies coming. I know I can't wait!



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