MAY Babies Are Here

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KatieKat - April 5

Mommylove- I had my check up today at the OB. He hasn't dropped or anything. He's super low and they said while his head is down the rest of him is leaning forward and sitting quite happily on my bladder. You were right. She thinks it's vericose veins down there too. She can see how things are swollen down there but can't offer me any relief but advising me to stay off of my feet. :( I forgot to add in my previous post I am wearing a support belt but it's just one I got from motherhood and maternity. Not the one the doctor is selling. Apparently they have special ones just to keep the pressure off of your labia. But my doctor hinted they were pretty expensive and doesn't think it'd be worth the investment this late in my pregnancy.(Due the 27th of May), I guess we'll keep trucking along and daydreaming about our precious babies coming. I know I can't wait!


hiperact13 - April 8

Hey everyone lots of good news I see!!! We are almost through!!! I am 35 weeks and 2cm dilated yay! crazy nesting going on which causes major contractions, so I have to slow down... I am still throwing up yuck but although I lost 16.5 pounds and have only gained 9 of it back the baby is measuring big I have an ultrasound tomorrow for a weight check! I am swollen there also and leak urine badly. My OB thinks it is because my urethra tore when I delivered my son! Hopefully that will not repeat itself!!!


angelmarkie - April 8

wow hiperact...that sucks that you are still so sick, but at least you won't have to work too hard at getting baby weight off once baby is born since you basically gained none. Had a doc appt. today. No progress since last week. Was a bit bummed about that. Just 3 1/2 weeks left for me. My ankles have disappeared and my fingers are double their size...needless to say, I'm a bit swollen. Doc wants me to drink more my bladder can take anymore abuse! well, I have my big baby shower on Sunday, so I'm looking forward to that. Then the baby can come anytime...that night if it wants :) Talk at you later...


Mari26me - April 13

Hey Ladies, sorry I have not posted in a while. We just moved last week. I am just over 33 weeks and starting to feel really uncomfortable alot. I am not sleeping much at all. I have my OB appt tomorrow. She is going to order another ultrasound to check the how big the baby is now. Ladies, my bladder is horrible too! The baby presses on it all the time. If I sneeze or cough too hard, I leak!!! I cannot wait to have my old bladder back! lol I cannot wait to give birth and have my body back!! Talk to you all soon. :)


angelmarkie - April 15

well girls, I'm 37w2days and had a doc appt. today and it looks like I'll be having this baby in the next week or so! I am almost 3 centimeters dialated, 50% effaced, and baby has dropped down to -1 station. I've had lots of contractions in the past three days. Doctor does not believe I will go past 39 weeks, so it looks like an April baby for me! We are all set for baby to come. Had my baby shower on Sunday and got lots of stuff and then bought what was left on Tuesday. Everything is put away and looking quite cute, I might add :) Feeling a bit unconfortable with the baby dropping. Kind of crampy and walking around with quite the waddle! well perhaps next time I post it will be about the baby being here!


TaraO - April 15

Hi Girls, Just wanted to stop in and say hello... I had my baby on Sunday. I was only 35 weeks... Almost 36. He weighed 5lbs, and 10 oz. He spent a few days in the NICU, but is home with us now. He has a slight bit of jaundice, and will be getting monitored tomorrow to make sure everything is ok. He seems great! I am trying to nurse, but it is not going too well. I have given it everything, and am disappointed, but positive that I will get successful sometime soon! Well I hope everyone is well!!! GOOD LUCK ~ Tara


angelmarkie - April 15

Congratulations Tara! It is so exciting to see all of this come to reality. It's good to hear that your little guy is doing well. Take care!


hiperact13 - April 16

Yes Congrats Tara and you too angelmarkie it is almost over!!!! So exciting, went to Dr and am 37 weeks today, dilated 2cm only 30% effaced but she is allowing me to induce on the 29th of April so April for me too!! crazy fast good luck everybody!!


Mari26me - April 16

Congrats Tara! I am glad you little guys is doing well. Angelmarkie, I hope it is alomost over for you too. Hiperact, that is great u are already dilated. So many May babies will be born in April!! I am 34 weeks today,due May 29th, and wanting it to be over now. But I know the baby needs a few more weeks to finish growing. :) I will be induced between 39-40 weeks, so I am counting down the days. Good luck to everyone. :)


Shannon85 - April 16

Congrats Tara and to angelmarkie and hiperact13 on your soon to be new arrivals. I am now 34 weeks 5 days they have now changed my due date back to my original one of May 24 instead of May 27th only a few days difference but oh well im ready to be done my 2 year old has been really active and im so exhausted and my pubic bone constantly feels like someone punched it really hard I had my daughter at 38 weeks so im hoping somewhere close to that again first week of may would be great :) hope everyone is doing well


mommylove2 - April 17

Well, I've reached the "window" as my midwife told me. I'm 37 weeks and can deliver at any time. No idea how things are progressing, but I do know my braxton hicks are getting stronger and there is a lot of pressure on my cervix at times. I've had several dreams about labor the last couple of nights. Congratulations to you two ladies who have already delivered your babies! :)There'll be more of us joining you in the upcoming weeks!


mommylove2 - April 20

Anyone else paying real close attention to their bodies, trying to count contractions and wondering if labor is on its way? There are some times when I'll have a few contractions in a certain spanse of time and I begin to get anxious and wonder if the time has come! I always think this is one of the most difficult parts of pregnancy--knowing when labor is going to begin! You just don't know! :) I know it's best not to get too caught up in counting contractions at the beginning, but it is hard not to do! lol Anyone else like that? I've had several contractions in the past hour, but I don't believe they're strong enough to be real labor, but I still wonder! :) Just excited to welcome a new baby into the family soon.


angelmarkie - April 20

I'm there with you mommylove2. Last night I had contractions 5 minutes apart for 2 hours, but they never intensified and they just stopped...completely stopped! I couldn't believe it! I am so ready and my family is so ready for me. We have everything completely ready for the baby; I mean we couldn't possibly be anymore ready. I am so anxious and I just wish my water would break so I knew it was definitely time to go have this baby. I am 38 weeks today. It is the longest I ever been pregnant with a baby (this being my third). Anyway, I am patiently (as much as possible) waiting with the rest of you!


andysforever0217 - April 21

I have read many post on how much people have gained so far. I usually gain 4 or more lbs a wk. im currently 35 weeks pregnant and have gain 44lbs. by the time my pregnancy is over im sure it will be at least 50 or pretty darn close. i was underweight when i got pregnant (so i know i needed it) but a LOT of the weight has went to my stomach instead of porportioning its self. ladies be glad you only have a little bit of weight to work off, lol. plus i read in my "what to expect when expecting" book that if you are normal weight you need to gain 25-35 lbs.


andysforever0217 - April 21

my docs partner told me that i can be induced at 38 wks so that i can have him delivery my son instead of my actual doc (i do NOT like him at all) but his partner is a VERY VERY good doc. should i let him induce me or should i wait until my sons ready?? i dont know what to do, all i know is i really dont want my doc delivering my son!!! all opinions welcome!! THANX!


hiperact13 - April 24

andysforever I think you should do what is comfortable for you! If you are showing signs that your body is ready for labor and delivery I would 100% have the partner induce you. 38 weeks is considered term so your son should be fine!! I am inducing at 38 4/7 (which is THURSDAY) yikes and did so with my son also! He was 7 pounds 12 ounces and plenty ready! Good luck with your decision! Mommylove2 and anglemarkie ME TOO start and stop contractions are driving me crazy plus my right side of my uterus really gets harder than my left? Any clue what that means? False labor sucks because these contractions can last several minutes and be just as darn painful with no cervical changes!! So ready is all I have to say!!! Good luck



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