May Go For C Section Next Week Already

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Mariefe - October 23

Hello ladies, I just want to let you know that my breech baby has not turned head down since week 35. My lo seems to be so comfortable in its position with its head near my right rib cage. My doctor said the reason could be the shape of my uterus. I am now 37.3 weeks. I feel frequent hardening , tightening of my belly, movements & im getting uncomfortable right now with light pain in my pelvis due to pressure. We plan to schedule my c-section on my appointment this Saturday to be on the 31st. I do really want to go for natural birth but the doctor highly advised us to go for c-section due to breech baby. We are not going to wait for my labour now to avoid double pain she said. Im a little worried but excited too. I never been through this as this is our first baby. How is it like, and feels like to go for c-section? Does it really hurt? What did you choose as pain killers which suited and worked well for you. I heard from the doctor that I have many options to take. I highly appreciate your kind answers. Thanks!


sahmof3 - October 23

Here's what my 2nd c-section was like. I picked my 2nd, because my 1st was an emergency c-section and my 3rd was under general anesthesia, so the 2nd will probably be the most comparable to what you could expect. Anyway, I went in that day and got signed in and got a room where I was changed into the hospital gown and was hooked up to some monitors. The nurse came in and hooked up an IV, put our ID bracelets on and went over some medical history questions. After a bit, my OB and anesthesiologist came in to go over the basics of what was going to happen and when, and for me to ask any last minute questions that I might have. They left and I was shaved and prepped for surgery. Finally, I was taken down to the OR. DH had to wait outside while the spinal was placed. I barely felt it. My legs felt warm right away and they laid me down. They put on oxygen (nasal tube) and ran a brushy feeling thing over my abdomen until I couldn't feel it and they knew I was numb... actually, I could still feel a tiny bit pf pressure from the brushy thing, which made me VERY nervous, but I felt nothing when my OB made the incision. I wouldn't have even known that she started except that the nurse anesthestist told me that my OB had started. Then, the NA was at my head observing me and talking to me, which kept my mind busy and somewhat off the fact that I was being operated on while awake! The table rocked just a bit and I felt some tugging and "slithery" sensations... nothing painful, just weird. I got nauseas, but they gave me meds for it, so I didn't throw up. Those meds made me itchy, so they had meds for that, too lol. Those meds made me a little sleepy... I never fell totally asleep and it made me feel warm and cozy and happy. It took my doc awhile to get my dd out, because she was head down and face up, but when my OB was about to finish cutting she looked up, took a breath and turned breech and had to quickly be pulled out by her feet. This is a very rare thing, so don't worry about that too much. My OB had never seen a baby do that in all her years of practice, so it's not a likely thing to have happen. So, my daughter ended up in NICU for suctioning and observation for a few days for doing that stunt, but she was a healthy baby. Anyway, I was st_tched, which I barely remember, because I was watching intently as they were suctioning Leah, trying to get her to cry and breathe better, which she did after a few minutes :-) DH got to hold her up to me and then she was taken to the nursery to be cleaned up and monitored. They moved me onto the bed that was eventually wheeled to my room... but I went to recovery first, for about 45 minutes. I was doing well, so they wheeled my whole bed right into the NICU so I could see Leah. I wasn't able to hold her, because I was still a bit sleepy. I stayed for about 20 minutes and then was taken to my room. I wanted to get back to her and try to nurse her, so as soon as I could feel my legs again (probably 2-3 hours post-surgery) the nurse had me get out of bed and get cleaned up a bit (TMI, but from the icky bleeding "down there") and I got into a wheelchair and went down to see her. This is very soon to be out of bed. The average is probably about 8-12 hours after surgery. The first time out of bed is usually quite painful, but it gets easier after that. Keep moving as much as possible those first few days... it will help your recovery and reduces your risk of blood clots. I had different pain meds afterward with each c-section. Percocet seemed to help me. Hmmm.... I'm probably forgetting a few details, so maybe other ladies will answer and fill in some more details/experiences, too. Best wishes for a healthy baby and speedy recovery :-)


DeeD - October 23

I would highly advise you to try a version first. I have had 6 babies v____ally but just had to my first section. i am almost three weeks out and am still in pain...I would advise you to do anything you can do to avoid one if possible. They are not pleasant. But obviously you need to do what you need to do to to have a healthy baby. Even if you have a C you will get through the will make it through and it willallgo well. For me, they started the IV, then they did the spinal. Baby was born within about 20 minutes....I was in recovery for about an hour. Then they took me to my room. I was on serious drugs for about 24 hours. Don't remember much...then they have you get up to walk. That is one of the hardest parts...getting up for the first time...OUCH! But get up, walk, just do gets better. I also had serious anaphylactic reactions to the morphine, and to the spinal so I had to overcome some extra challanges too. GL!


Judy H - October 23

I have had three c-sections first was due to baby being in distress and the second b/c baby broke my water at 32weeks and was breeched. My third was just b/c I had two prior. From what I remember, I had an epidural. It did not hurt much at all. Just felt different and funny. When it was in my system , the thought of me not being able to move my legs kinda freaked me out and then my pressure dropped, but the nurse was right there and pushed some other med to help me. In surgery, I felt only pressure and tugging when they were taking the baby out. But that is normal. I had the shakes with all three afterwards and I was a bit nausiated, but it was short lived. I did the mind over matter thing nad forced myself to try and move around on the second day. depending on the type of suture you have the healing is different. I had desolving suture for the first, staples for the second and bonding skin glue for the third. I will opt for the glue and tape again. Hope this helped.


Mariefe - October 24

Thank you ladies for sharing with me your c-section experiences. Sahmof3, thanks so much for your well doc_mented c-section. It relaxes my mind to think that its not gonna be so much worrying to go for c-section. How many weeks pregnant were you when you delivered your second child? Deed, wow 6 babies! you must be really proud mom of 6 naturally born babies. Congratulation to your first c-section baby. Hope you are recovering well now and enjoys your lo. I've asked the version to my doctor but she did not want to do it for me. She said it would be better a c-section as undergoing to a version may not work specially this is my first baby. And to Judy, thanks so much too. I may take that epidural as well as mentioned by my doctor.


sahmof3 - October 24

Mariefe... I was 38 weeks, 4 days when I had my 2nd. But, when I went to schedule my 3rd they would no longer do scheduled c-sections before 39 weeks unless there was a medical necessity... so that's something to look into... what your hospital's policy is on that. gl



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