May Have To Be Induced

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Ruth - October 3

So, I'm 39.3 weeks and doc told me today that I may have to be induced. 4 weeks ago I was 70% effaced and 2 cm dilated and having some minor bh contractions. Well the contractions only lasted for 3 days. Since then I haven't felt anything. My doctor kept telling me that I was having them, I just wasn't feeling them. So now I've been going every week since then and as of today I have not effaced or dilated anymore. Doc was a little worried that there has still been no progress and so she hooked me up to the fetal monitor to check baby's stress, fetal movement, and contractions. Like I've been telling her for the past 4 weeks, I had no contractions during the 25 minute period. I tried to tell her all this time, but she wouldn't listen. She kept telling me not to worry, I was having them and just not able to feel them yet. I thought that even if I didn't feel pain, I'd at least feel my stomach tightening up. So now she says that I may need to be induced, but that she doesn't like to do that because you end up in labor longer since you're strapped to machines and you can't walk around the hospital and the positions you can be in are limited. Also, she said that it raises the risk of c-section if the baby doesn't tolerate the pitocin very well......This sucks. But what irritates me the most is that I have told her for 4 weeks that I'm not having contractions and she doubted me, now I've been proven correct and I'm probably going to go past my due date (October 8th). But if she had listened to me weeks ago and strapped me to the fetal monitor just to check, I could've been induced or had an induction date by now. Instead I have to wait another week to see the doc and that's when we'll set the date. Anyone else not having contractions? Anyone else have their doctor suggest induction? Anyone had an induction and want to share the experience? Thanks for the info.


Holly - October 3

HI Ruth. I am not exactly in the same boat as you, but I am 33 weeks along and have been diagnosed with preeclampsia. My doctor told me that I will most likely never reach my due date. She said it would be great if i could hold out until the first week of Nov., but it's not likely. Of course I will have to be induced. I thought this meant that i would have an automatice c-section (due to my blood pressure) but she said i could have him naturally. I guess i just have to wait and see. Good luck to you and your baby.


Ruth - October 3

Holly, my mom had toxemia (another word for preeclampsia) when she was pregnant with my sister. They induced her, she had a c-section but only because my sister weighed 9 lbs and 6 1/2 ounces and was too big for my mom to push out. After my sister was born they ran tests on both her and my mom for a few months afterwords. Checking blood pressure and sugar levels. Both of them turned out just fine. I wish you the same luck.



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