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krista-lee - May 1

hey girls! its FINALLY MAY! Ive been counting down to this day since october! so i guess ill start with a poll <3 : 1. How many weeks are you? 2. When is Your due date? 3. Boy or Girl? 4. Have you decided on names yet? 5. When was your last doctors appointment? 6. Were you dilated/effaced at all? 7. Has your baby dropped? 8. what are you looking forward to being able to do again after your baby? 9. Any problems/complications? 10. How old are you? 11. is this bay #1, 2, 3 etc.?


krista-lee - May 1

ill go first :) 1. 36 weeks. 2. May 26th. 3. not sure yet. 4. yes, Emmy for a girl, Logan for a boy. 5. April 27th. 6. i wasnt checked, but i was effaced @ 34 weeks appointment. 7. yes, way down! 8. sleep on my tummy! if i can sleep : P. 9. nope, none :) 10. 16 years old. 11. baby #1 ! so excieted!


Tess - May 1

Hello! Im 37wks/3days pregnant, Im due May 19th. We are expecting a baby girl. The name we've chosen was Isabelle Lorraine. My last Dr. appt was last friday 4/28 and I have another one this Weds. for my 38 wks appt. I am 1cm dilated not sure about effacement though. Yes, my baby have dropped. Im lookin forward on getting back in shape and seeing my feet and able to move around easily. My nurse just called to let me know that my blood test came back normal but she said that "toxemia" might occur? I should watch out for the symptoms and call them right away (day or night) They want to do a blood test again this weds. to check and see. Im 24 yrs old turning 25 this July. Yep, this is our 1st baby. Thats y me and hubby are very eager to see her and hold her. Goodluck!


Kiddolebel - May 1

Hey there! Im 36wks, due May 29th. We are expecting a little girl this time around and plan on naming her Laci Maria. My last drs appt was last Monday. My next one is this wednesday. Baby has dropped. One thing Im looking forward to being able to do again when the baby is born is getting back into my normal clothes =) Also being in the mood to have s_x again will be nice too, lol. I am currently high risk due to high blood pressure and my little girl also has a single umbilical cord. (sua). Laci weighs 8lbs 2 oz as of today, May 1st. They are planning on doing an amnio next monday (may 8th) to see if her lungs are mature and if they are they will induce me that evening. I am 23 and this is baby #2 for me. =) Good luck ladies!


SarahB - May 1

Hi everyone! #1 Im 39 wks and 3 days. #2 Due this Friday May 5. #3 Its a boy YEAH! #4 We are pretty sure we are going to name him Caleb Lankfurt (Lankfurt was my grandma's maiden name and Fri. would be her wedding anniversary, so its kind of special for me.) #5 My last appt was Wed the 26th but I was in the hospital today with contractions 4 mins apart. They werent strong enough though and I was sent home. #6 I was only 1 cm dialated and im not sure about effacement. #7 My baby has definitely dropped, he dropped even more today though. #8 Im looking forward to being able to walk without back pain or swolen ankles. #9 No complications now i had some in the 1st trim. but all are well now. #10 I am 22 years old. #11 This is mine and my husbands first baby. We are both very excited. Good Luck To Everyone!


Trina_ - May 1

I'm 37 weeks 5 days. I'm due May 17th. They are telling me its a girl...and I hope the ultrasound was right! :o) We plan on naming her Ellie Lyndell (Lyndell is my middle name/my mother's name). I went to the doctors last Friday the 28th and go again on May 5th. They will do an internal then and I'll find out more about being dilated and such. Everyone keeps telling me that it looks like the baby has dropped. I'm soooo looking forward to sleeping on my stomach again....and being able to tie my shoes without holding my breath! So far we've had no complications. I'm 27 years old and this is our first baby. We are sooo excited! Good luck to all you girls! May we all have easy labor! haha


2StarsOnMyBack - May 1

Hello everyone! Yes! Finally May! I'm 40 weeks tomorrow, due date May 2nd, we are expecting a boy, his name will be Gabriel, my last appointment was this past Friday, no dilation or effacement, baby dropped at about 36 and is now as low as can be. The thing I am most looking forward after baby is sleeping on tummy again and b___stfeed. Luckily, no complications whatsoever, I'm 20 years old and this my husband and I first baby.


Daniella - May 2

39 weeks. Boy and he will be named after daddy. Since daddy is a Jr. he will be the third (III). Just got home from my 39 week apt. FInally at 4 cm. Have been 3 cm for the past 3 weeks. Was 2 cm the week before that and 1 cm the week before that at 32 weeks. Fully effaced and baby fully engaged. Doc can feel his head. They stripped my membranes today and hope I go into labor within 24-48 hours. Gosh, I pray!! LOL... This is mine and dh's first baby, been married 4 years and lost 3 before this one. So, he is our miracle baby. Oh complications.... none really except that last week my uterus was measuring a week short and today it measured 3 weeks short (36 weeks). SO, they think he may be done growing. So I sure hope he comes out soon!!!


Rachel0510 - May 2

Hey ladies! 39 wks tomorrow, due May 10th (also my birthday), so I'll be 22 next week - hopefully with baby! It's a girl! Her name will be Jada Elise. My last doctor's appt was Friday, the 26th of April, my next appt is tomorrow, the 3rd. As of last week (38 week appt) I was not dilated or effaced. Hoping to be tomorrow (will let ya'll know). Baby has dropped a little, no complications during pregnancy at all. I look forward to being skinny again and dressing my little girl up in little dresses (she's going to hate me for that)! And this is our first baby.


angelbebe - May 2

So happy it's May!! I am 36 weeks, due May 31st. Having a girl and we are naming her Paia (the "ai" like the word "eye". Our last doctors appointment was a few days ago and I am 1/2 cent. dialated and cervix was soft and effacing. Baby hasn't dropped yet. I'm looking forward to being able to bend over after she is born. : ) No problems, except a little anemic. I am 29 and this baby #1!! Anyone else feeling like time is just standing still!?? So anxious and excited!


Ba8y6irl - May 2

Hey All!! Yay May!!! ok... 1. I am 37 weeks... 2. My due date is May 23rd... 3. It's a Girl!!... 4. Her name will be Sara... 5. A week and 4 days ago, I have one this aft... 6. I will find that out this afternoon possibly... 7. She's starting to, but not yet... 8. Drink a bottle of wine!... 9. The tube ending to one of her kidney's is slightly bigger than the other, nothing serious though... 10. I am 22, but will be 23 on the 25th!... 11. Baby Numero Uno!! Good luck to all!!!


Higgy - May 2

Finally! i can't believe May is finally here :) 1. will be 37 weeks tmorrow due on the 24th. We want a surprise so not sure if it's a boy or a girl, but went for and ultrasound today and I think it might be a boy. Brooklyn if a girl and Xavier if it is a boy. Haven't had an internal yet so no idea if dilated/effaced at all. Baby has not dropped yet :( I can't wait to roll over in bed easily!!! I am 30 years old and this will be DH and I's first baby. Starting to swell quite a bit and the Dr told me to rest more, so I am cutting down on my work hours a little. I'm so nervous because DH is our of town from the 6-13! Just hoping this little one waits for him to come home before coming out into the world :)


Leann - May 2

YAY! IT'S MAY! 1. I am 36 weeks, exactly, today. 2. My due date is the 30th, eventhough I keep hearing from the doctors I will probably go sooner 3. We left the s_x a surprise 4. Will Garrett (boy) and Alayna Cole (girl). 5. My last Drs. appointment was yesterday. I had that nasty Strep B test done and then also found out I am 3 cm dialated and 80% effaced. Moving right along. 7. The baby has dropped. 8. I just want to be able to sleep on my back!!! I miss it so much!! 9. no problems or complications. I have had such a wonderful and easy pregnancy. 10. I am 26 and this is baby #1 for my husband and I. Goodluck to you all, let's stay in touch!!!!


yungmama - May 2

1. 38 weeks 2. May 15 3.Boy 4. John Nicholas (We think) 5. April 27 6. They wouldn't check. didn't want to get my hopes up 7. yes, but I can still feel him in my ribs sometimes 8. Not really too worried about doing anything besides sleeping but I won't get to do that anyway. Just wanna cuddle my baby boy 9. fluctuating blood pressure 10. 20 (21-May 31) 11. Baby # 1!!!!


^lucy^ - May 2

1. 37 weeks tomorrow 2. may 24 3. girl 4. yeah, taleen will be her name 5. today was my last dr appointment and next monday is my next 6. i never got checked yet 7. baby is dropping as mom and relatives noticed 8. i want to wear my pre-baby clothes :D 9. thanks God no complications 10. im 22 years old 11. baby #1 for me and DH and we're 9 months married :)


missy - May 2

Hi Ladies!!!! This is #2 for me-its a girl!!! We are naming her Abigail. My original due date is May 18th but I am having a c-section which is scheduled for the 10th!!! Cant Wait!! I have not dropped yet and never did with my first that is why I needed the c-section, so I elected to have another. Like you Kiddolebel my daughter also has a single umbilical cord so I am high risk as well. I go tomorrow for my last appointment!! Hope everyone is doing well lots of luck to all!!!!


karine - May 2

Iam 38weeks (tomorow), my due date is the 17thmay,its going to be a girl, her name will be mackenzie rose, my last dr's app was today, i will find out thursday if iam dilated or effaced, my baby hasnt dropped, iam looking forward to tying my shoes- wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes-and not beeing sore anymore!, i had no complications, iam 23yrs, this is baby number 3, all planned



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