May Mommies Lt 3 Any Dialation Amp Effacement Yet

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krista-lee - April 6

hey mommies! its not long yet! i get my first internal next friday (im 33 weeks tomorrow) and i was wonder how far along you guys are and if you're dilated/effaced at all : )


Ba8y6irl - April 6

I dont know as I havent had an interal yet... :)


maxsmom - April 6

krista-lee I am 35 weeks along and had an internal yesterday where I was told that I am 50%effaced and dialated to a 1. My doctor recommended that I take it really easy until the end of next week at least. She is hoping labor will hold off until then. She said because I am having a boy that she would like me to be a full 36 weeks. She said boys are slower to have full lung maturity. I am still working and she recommended that I take next week off work and that I could go back the following week if I hadn't delivered because I would be in the clear by then.


cteel - April 6

I am 36 1/2 weeks and had my 1st internal Monday. She said I had a dent in my cervix but not quite dialated so Im hoping this Monday I will get better news. I


DueMay10 - April 6

I am 35 weeks and am having my first check on Tuesday!! Then we'll know how things are going!! I can't wait to meet my little guy!!


BabyGirl - April 6

I am 36 weeks today! Im not sure if im dilated or not because my doctor said she didnt want to check me last time because the baby was SO low and i lost my musus plug the day before ... so she said that it would be better not to cause it could move thigns along! But im sure she will check me at my next appointment! Not long now though! My doctor told me it could be any day now really! :)


Tess - April 7

Im 34 wks today w/ a doctor's appt. later. Im not sure if my Dr. would do an internal on me. Hmmmmmm


Karen S - April 7

Im 36 weeks and I just found out today that Im 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced!


TaraNMatt - April 7

I'm 35+3 and I am having my first internal Tuesday. I think I'm going to be at least a little because the past week or so the BH contractions have really stepped up a notch...


luvmyboys - April 7

My apologies, but this thread makes me wonder what's wrong with me!! I was due in March, i have still not delivered and last they checked me, I was not dilated or effaced at all! And you are all due in May??? I'm not mad at any of you, just wondering what the heck is going on with me!!! Anyways, don't mind me, just a little hormonal and impatient.


LoriAnn2994 - April 8

Hi, I am 34 weeks 1 day, 2 Cm and 50 percet effaced. currently on Bedrest for Pre term labor and Pre-eclampsia. Taking Brething to stop contractions which makes me very ill tempered. I go back Monday for a BP check. I just collected my Urine for 24 hours to eval the progress of the pre-eclampsia. My hands and face are very swollen. This is my second child. The first was born at 36 weeks due to Pre eclampsia. I am just ready to get my life back.


Tess - April 8

I went to my 34 wks appt. yesterday and my Dr. just did the routine (check baby's hb, took my bp and weigh me in) He said he'll see me in 2 wks then after that it will be every wk. Then hopefully thats when he'll do my 1st internal. Im just wondering how am I progressing.


Lizh - April 9

I dont know about if i am dialated or not.. but I am 36 weeks and I am going for a check up tommorow. And i am hoping that this is when i get my first internal done too see.


LoriAnn2994 - April 10

I went today again to see my OB. I am 34 weeks 5 days. She said I can stop my Brethine. My Bp is still up, she wants to continue Bedrest 1 more week, however she states that if I went into labor she will not stop me. I am still 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. The baby is at -1. Does anyone know if the station of the baby means anything in regards to going into labor?


^lucy^ - April 11

hi all,, im due may 24th and still didnt have my internal yet so i dont know anything about that :) LoriAnne, i heard that its like that.. -5 -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 when the baby is at station 0, then this means he has dropped totally.. when it's 5 then the baby's head is starting to get out.. so ur almost at 0, but ur a bit early as u had complications as u mentioned earlier.. hope ur baby hangs in there until he's ready enough to come! :)


Trina_ - April 11

Well I'm due May 17th...went to the doctors last thursday when I was 34wks and 1 day. She said that I'm not dialated or anything but the hormones are working cause my cervix is softening...whatever that means. But she said she doesn't think I'll be a 41 weeker...which is good.


Karen S - April 11

Im 36 weeks and 4 days and Im so ready to be done. I just want my little guy here. Im 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. I know everyone is different but do you all think I will go soon?



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