May Mommies Lt 3 Appoitments

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BabyGirl - April 17

Hey everyone! I thought that mabye we can start a new thread for appointments!Make sure you say how many weeks you are at the time of the appointment and include all the info!!! I have my doctor appointment tomorrow so i will right mine then! So far i am 1-2 cm and baby is still up high. Im having tons of contractions , but nothing regular and there not getting worse. This has been going on for about 3 days now! *sigh*


Heather W - April 17

hi all! Last Wed, I was 33weeks and 1 day..I didn't have an internal, but I had an ultrasound due to a amniotic fluid leak from a severe cold 2 weeks earlier. And they found that I had 9 cm. of fluid still..I guess you are supposed to have between 12 and 25 cm...but she said they don't worry until you only have 5cm. I have some tightenings, but I am supposed to rest for the next couple it is usually when I over do it. I think that having this little one at 36 would be fine...until then..I'm keeping my legs crossed..haha!


sphinxminx - April 17

I go for an appointment tomorrow, 2 appointments left keeping my fingers crossed that I hold out that long. Been on bed rest since 27 weeks. Doc will not do internal because he doesn't want me going into labour we want to bake this babe for full term. Babe is weighed in at alittle over 4lbs. Hoping U/S is way off. Keep fingers crossed going for 6 to 7 pounder. 37w and 2 days today.


Trina_ - April 17

I will be 36 weeks on Wednesday the 19th. I have an appointment this thursday the 20th. The doctor told me two weeks ago that my cervix was softening....whatever that means I guess. Hopefully I get another internal to find out more this week. I'm very anxious.


BabyGirl - April 17

Opps sorry i forgot to mention i am 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant!


Ba8y6irl - April 17

I am 35 weeks. I have a paediatrician appointment tomorrow to discuss the slightly swollen kidney my little girl has. I dont know why I have to meet with this dude, the doctor said its no big deal and that its no cause for alarm. She could possibly have a bladder infection when born, so the paediatrician is supposed to be on hand to give antibiotics. Her kidney is measuring at 3.25mm where anything under 7 mm is perfectly normal. I dont know what its supposed to be, and how much its swollen. Maybe I will find that out tomorrow I dunno. I also have a doctors appointment on friday, dont know if I will have an internal, as there has been really no need for it yet. Maybe Group B Strep test tho... although I would like to know in advance so I can make sure I am "extra clean" ya know... :-) well not to long now! ttyl


mom2b2x - April 17

Ok i am 37 weeks today and my drs appt is tommorrow i have had 3 internals since 34 weeks because the baby dropped then and i have had several times where i have been having really bad contractions but all times they were just false labor and bh . When i went in last week i was only 1 cm dilated and he didnt tell me if i was effaced or any of that ... i will let you all know what they say tommorrow.


Mom2b - April 17

Hi everyone! I am exactly 38 weeks along today. Last appt I was 2cm and baby at -1 station. I've been like this for almost 3 weeks! My next appt is this Thurs. My doc said she would strip my membranes to get things moving along. She doesn't want baby getting to big considering I'm less than 5ft tall. Hope it's over soon.


mama3 - April 17

36 wks+6 2cm 50% -2. Baby is haveing a hard time droping on her own. My mid-wife told me how to help down. But i have a high uterus. She also told me my baby girl is about 7+lbs and growing. Scarey seeing since my other two were only 6lbs 14oz. I just wanted to scream. lol. This baby I am very nervous about having. Hope you ladys are having good check-ups.


maxsmom - April 17

mama3- Just curious how your mid wife said you could get her down??? I need some help there!


2Bamom - April 17

I have my 35 week appt this Wed. I said to my husband last night that someime within this next month the baby will be here. I can't believe it!


Tess - April 17

Hello! My last appt was 4/07 and I was 34 wks along and my next appt. is this wednesday for my 36 wks appt. So I will right mine (again) after this weds. 4/19 Just want to be added in this post. :P


mama3 - April 17

maxsmom-- She told me during a comtraction to stand straight with my legs bent just alittle and instead of rocking back and forth go front to back. When I go forward put my hands on each side of my belly. Put your hands lower than your belly b___ton. When going forward push up. An keep doing it during the contraction. This will help move things inside so the baby can go in the cannal. I have a very high uterus and a tilted cervix. So by baby just keeps hitting my pelvic. She said I may be able to help her in before I go into labor or I might still be trying to help her in at the hospital. I wish I would ahve known this with my 2nd. The same thing happened to her. But ti was to late for me to help her so my dr had to reach in and help her down. That wasnt very comfy but wasnt to painful. Though I hope I dont end up having to do that again. I was very sore for almost 2 wks. GL if you have any moe questions just ask. Have a good evening.


Lizh - April 18

I dont have my appt untill tommorow. I am currently 37wks. And last wk at my appt the doctor told me that nothing was going on down there. But i kind of expected that responds, becuase with my first i had to be induced because she didnt want to come out..


Nina - April 18

Hello!! At my last appt. at 36 weeks I was told that the baby hasn't dropped yet but is definetely head down and I'm 1 cm dialated. I still feel great and sleep good between pee trips. Baby's been getting hiccups about once a day.


Kiddolebel - April 18

Hi there, figured I would add my name into this post too. I am currently 34 weeks as of yesterday (monday). Baby weighs 6lbs 2 oz, found that out april 14th (my bday). My son was 9lbs 6oz at 40wks. So I tend to have big babies. Im not diabetic nor over weight either. Just lucky I guess, lol. My next dr appt is this coming monday, but I also go to the hospital twice a week for NST and sonos. I found out yesterday that I am scheduled for an amnio on May 8th, I'll be exactly 37 weeks and if the lungs are good to go I'll get induced that evening. So 3 more weeks for me!! Hubby is a nervous wreck because with my son I went into premature labor at 34 weeks. Kinda funny seeing him act the way he is. As far as sleep at night goes...its been pelvis has been popping in and out of place due to that hormone release that softens your bones for delivery. Well take care ladies!!


mom2b2x - April 18

Ok i had my dr appt today (37 weeks) Dr did and an exam and the listened to the baby on the heart monitor... he said all is good but i am still only 1cm dilated so its not time yet but at least the baby is in good health ;o)



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