May Mommies Who Are Left

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angelbebe - May 25

Just thought I would get a new thread started for those mommies still in waiting. How is everyone feeling? Contractions? Effacement and dialation? Birth plan? I am feeling good, but very ready! Lots and lots of contractions and feeling more pressure down there. I am 50% effaced and 2 1/2 cm dialated and I plan to give birth at home with a midwife and doc. Whew! SO excited. The cool thing is, our babies are coming. Period. They are on their way!


2Bamom - May 25

I was due on the 22nd or so. I had my first internal today, at 40w and 3 days. Wow, don't know why I was wishing for them earlier like others. Ow! I am 2 cms and baby's head is at 0 station. Not sure how effaced I am. I am scheduled for induction June 3rd, but the midwife thinks I will go before then. I feel super, super tired and nasueated today. Maybe that is a sign.


2Bamom - May 25

Oh forgot to add my birth plan is to try to use relaxation tecniques and a birth ball to go natural, but if I am in severe pain or feel overwhelmed I will get an epi.


krista-lee - May 25

i made a thread called "Overdue May Mommies * 05/25" earlier today : ] i am due tomorrow but 0 dilation and effancement so ill be an overdue may mommie, maybe even a june mommie! : )


Heather W - May 25

Hi ladies...I am not overdue...but kinda feel like it...I am due on the 30th, I had a check up today and was about 50% effaced and dilated 1 finger ...? 1 cm...TONS of contractions, but I have a feeling that the last day of them was the only day that actually made me dilate. The dr figured a few more days...but I'll believe it when I see it. Oh and my cervix is very soft. Everyday I feel like..ok I think today might be the day..yeah...and then by 4pm..I say that I'm too tired anyway...I'll wait til tomorrow...I guess it keeps me sane.


angelbebe - May 26

Yeah, I keep thinking each day will be it...just waiting for the contractions to pick up. 2Bamom-I hear the birth ball is wonderful...I have one I will use as well...hopefully the nausea is a sign!! Is everyone walking and/or doing other things to help get labor started?


mejjohnson - May 26

Hi! I posted on krista-lee's thread as well....I feel frustrated, 41 weeks, have been having more BH contractions then usual, and at my last doc appt I was 2 cm dilated, 70% effaced, -1 station. My birth plan- I'll be getting some pain med. and just focusing hard on getting this baby out as easy as possible! I have another appt. today at 5 pm for another internal wish me luck on more progress!! Doctor said last time that if my cervix is thinned out more that he will strip my membranes. Good luck to all of you and I hope that labor goes well for all of you!


Alycia - May 26

I can't say enough good things about the birth ball! Hula-hooping my hips on it is what got me all the way until transition - it was the only thing that worked well for me. Good luck, ladies!


Ba8y6irl - May 26

I was due on the 23rd and I am stilll preggo! I am 3cm dialated and the doc gave me a 60% chance of going into labour on my own within the next week. If not then I am scheduled to be induced on June 1st... I want a May baby!!! I am in so much bottom half pain, I feel like I am sitting on a watermelon!! Hopefully she comes soon, I heard inductions bring pain quite fast :( Get this baby out of me!!


lori - May 26

I was due on the 22nd and had my first internal on the 23rd. My Dr says I'm still completely shut, no dilation or effacement. I haven't even had any BH contractions. Oh well, I guess s/he can't stay in there forever. I am scheduled for a fetal a__sessment on Monday if I don't go into labour before then. I can't wait, at least then I will be able to find out the s_x of the baby. (they wouldn't tell me at my 20wk u/s - some sort of hospital policy). At 10 days overdue my Dr. said we will start talking about the possiblity of inducing. I think I would like to wait a full two weeks past my due date before going down that road. But I hate the thought of the baby getting bigger each day, ouch ;o) I like to think I will go natural, but I'm no martyr, if I feel I need pain meds I'll take something.


2Bamom - May 26

I lost my mucas plug today. Hopefully this baby is coming!


krista-lee - May 26

im so upset right now! i had my 40 weeks appt today. doctor checked me and he said cervix is "long, posterior, close, but will admit the tip of one finger". He told me last week we'd talk about induction because my belly looks like its so far off of my body the baby must be huge! but he said NO INDUCTION TALK UNTIL JUNE 13TH!!?!? thats over 2 weeks away! im so mad right now, he said its not likely ill go into labor soon but theres a SMALL chance. but does anyone else think its ufair i have to wait till the 13th to even talk about inducing?? (18 days after im due)


2Bamom - May 26

That seems lons. I will be 41 weeks and 5 days when I will be induced, and my midwives are very hands off. Are you sure you and the doc are on the same page as far as your due dates?


angelbebe - May 26

Yeah, that does seem like a ways off. I would do whatever you can to get labor started naturally. Also, talk to your body daily. Tell it you are ready. Visualize your cervix opening and effacing. The mind is very powerful. I am doing this myself...time will tell if it works! Of course, I'm still 5 days away from due date, but I'm trying to do whatever I can to get it started. I would be VERY surprised if you didn't come by then. Couldn't the doc maybe just strip your membranes before then? Anyways, I'm sending baby dust your way. Oh, and don't get down about the lack of dialation and effacement. You could go from 0-10 in one day...every woman is different. Others on this site may be dialating early and what not, but it does not in ANY way mean that we are going into labor sooner than you. Keep us updated!


lori - May 29

Just an update. Still no baby at 41 weeks so I had a fetal a__sessment today. They said the baby is doing just fine, healthy, and lots of fluid. But they still coundn't tell me the s_x of the baby because a foot was in the way. No matter how much I tried to convince the baby to shift a bit that foot wasn't moving. I guess s/he is determined on making a grand entrance. I did find out that they are estimating the current weight to be 8.5lbs., which is a far cry from the 7.5lbs. I was hoping for, ouch. I have another u/s on Thursday if the baby still hasn't arrived and we discussed inducing next Monday, after completing my 42nd week. Looks like I may have a June baby after all. Any other May Mommies still waiting?


Karen S - May 31

Hi girls oh how I miss this thread:) Im glad my little one is here but I also miss being pregnant:) I had my son may 3rd and he's perfect but good luck to the rest of you! You little ones will be here before you know it:)



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