Maybe Im Just Overreacting Or Not Counting My Blessings

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Wondering - October 31

Hey...Well I go on this site everyday..and read what yall have to say. And it worries me cuz I havent felt the things yall have. I know that is a stupid thing to say, but one example is baby on the bladder. I felt that for 1 day, than no more. I mean, I get newsletters from sites about each week of pregnancy (I'm almost 31 weeks) and they say what u should or could be feeling that week. I dont feel nothing! No heartburn, No peeing every hour (unless I drink a lot of water) no braxton hicks, no backaches, no swelling, nada. I measure 30 and a 1/2 cm (well I measured myself yesterday, so who knows how accuarate that is) and I feel him move, but it feels like everytiime he makes a move, I feel it. Somedays not as active as others. I am sooo not trying to rub this in to anybody, I swear, but it just makes me think I'm not normal, or my baby aint progressing like he should, or something. So should I just shut up? Its probably gonna catch up to me.


melissa - October 31

count your blessings!!!!!! as long as your dr says you're ok, i wouldn't worry about it. i wish i could be in your boat!


Hi Wondering - November 1

Count your blessings, tho it could change.


to wondering - November 1

with my first pregnancy I felt completely normal until 38 weeks! So enjoy! I never had the waddle walk or anything until the day before I delivered. My little girl also didn't seem to be super active & making me uncomfortable - this one really is. Enjoy life now while you can - as long as the drs think all is well, don't worry!


lisa - November 1

i never felt the bladder thing till right late on, nor heartburn/backache/swelling, it all depends on how your body copes, it all got to me in the end, im now 41 half weeks pregnant and being induced today. if your measuring yourself can i ask why your midwife/doc is not doing that, and why they are not reasuring you on the development of your baby, because if they had any doubts they would send you for a scan, my baby is also really quiet somedays active others, but i really think you need to discuss all this with your pregnancy care provider as you have so many worries. good luck


tina - November 1

I have gone through pregnancy with 2 friends, one that was 2 weeks ahead of me (who just gave birth) and one who was two weeks behind me. I could not figure out why I was not feeling the things they were. I had not gained any weight (now at 37 weeks I gained 4 lbs although I am still down 13 from prepregnancy weight), they both gained like 30lbs. They would laugh and joke about crazy cravings, I have none. They were exhausted, taking naps etc, I was volunteering to help waitress at benefit dinners and walking 2 times a day. So I understand what you are saying. I am not sure that I want the back aches and weight gain, etc, it is just I felt so different sitting with them and listening to everything that is going on. Don't worry though, every person is different.


Christy - November 1

I felt great until a couple of weeks ago. I am now 36.5 weeks, so it could still change for you. I hope it doesn't, but it could.


Christy #2 - November 2

I was like you with my first 2 pregnancys. This one I've had every pain a__sociated with pregnancy. I think it has a lot to do with where the baby is laying. Good luck, I hope it continues to go well.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 2

Count your blessings! My kid kicked my b___t (and my bladder, and every other body part). As a matter of fact, he is 11 weeks old and my organs are still trying to put themselves back where they belong!LOL! I did not swell, other than my belly but had every other single solitary symptom of pregnancy, he is so worth it but boy, was I exhausted and sore by the last month or so!



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