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DeeD - October 9

Okay-here is the scoop on Mazden. Last week I started to itch really bad on my palms and feet. I saw my doctor on Monday and he gave me some steroid medication and some creams to help with the itch. By Tuesday it was so bad I couldn’t sleep and I knew something wasn’t right. On Thursday the 4th, I called the doctors office but my results were normal. I was frustrated and in so much pain and discomfort. He advised me to go to labor and delivery. When I got there they drew more blood work and started an IV to flush fluids through me. My doctor came to visit about and hour later and dh and I heard him go “Oh, c__p!” We knew at that point that there was something really wrong. We heard him call a specialist friend of his and consult two other doctors. He came in and explained that the blood work he had done just two days earlier was fine, but that the blood work for an hour before was really wrong. He said it looked like my kidneys were shutting down and the bottom line was that we were having a baby right then. I was so worried because baby was only 35 weeks and a few days. When he did the ultra sound though, Maz had flipped back to breech. He was going to do a version again-except the cord was wrapped around baby’s neck and dangling in front of his face. The only option left was a c-section. We did not take a bag, I had not even packed my bags for the hospital. I had so much stuff to do and get ready for still. I was just panicked. We were an hour from home and had no way of getting my stuff before the surgery. DH went to grab something to eat while they made preparations in the OR. Then I remembered WE DIDN’T HAVE A CAMERA with us!!! It was 45 minutes till time for me to go in to the OR and I sent DH to get a new digital camera with video capability so I would know what had gone on. He got back just minutes before I went in. It was scary and frustrating. But, it all went well. I was really excited when my doctor explained that he was st_tching up my abs to put them back in place and then he told me if I do this again, he can tie my tubes and do a tummy tuck on the last one all at the same time. Hmmmmm, I might take him up on that offer-but not anytime soon. While baby did well with his lungs, he did not have a good sucking reflex so we have been working on that and it is getting better. My kidney function was back to normal 48 hours after I had the baby. I have had reactions twice to unkown medications in the hospital causing painful hives and welts all over my body. I am still trying to get over that. Other than that, I am good, baby is good. I am glad to be home. Just trying to feel better and get back into my old routine. I hope all goes well with your deliveries. Remember, if something isn’t right…make your doctor listen to you…it could save your life and your babies life in the end.


wantanotheraftertr - October 9

Oh my what a delivery. Did they say why your kidneys were shutting down? So glad you and your lo are doing well how scarry. Congrats on your baby!


ahay - October 9

DEE--OMG!! So you didnt really have cholestasis? I am scared because my itching is getting so bad that I can barely handle it anymore. Maybe I am doing the same as you?


DeeD - October 9

Ahay, Cholestasis may still be part of it. The bile test results will be here by Friday for a conclusive diagnosis then. I know how you feel! It totally stinks!!! You will feel sooooo much better after you have baby.


January - October 9

As of today I am being treated for cholestasis.. They have me on oral meds and are doing NSTs twice a week. Congrats to you and your dh.. what a wild ride!!


AntsWife - October 10

DeeD- Congratulations!! What a delivery story. I would have been scared to anything. I'm glad you're all doing well!!!!!


kimberly - October 11

Don't know if you remember me, but congratulations!! I am so glad all turned out fine!!


josie4 - October 11

That sounds like it was scary.... But congrats!!!!!!! I hope you guys can get the sucking issue worked out!



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