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eli83 - April 30

I'm 34 weeks and 6 days .In every visit that I've been , my doctor tells me that my measurements is good. but I feel like my belly is a bit smaller than other pregnant women at my stage. has anybody had a belly like mine?


livdea - April 30

well...whats your belly like?!!!!


foxhoundsrgr8 - April 30

Yeah, probably me...Everyone tells me that I look a lot smaller than most women at 35 wks. But that doesn't mean anything. Baby is exactly the size he should be for his gestational age, based on all u/s measurements.


angelbebe - April 30

I'm with ya. I have been so small! I mean, most people guess I'm like 5-6 months along and I am just starting my 9th month! It's wonderful though, isn't it? I mean, less weight, if feels like, and I personally feel comfortable most of the time. If the length of my fondus was not where it should be or the ultrasound didn't measure up I would be concerned, but otherwise, we are just the lucky ones who carry baby so well! Are you tall and is this your first? I think that helps.


eli83 - April 30

I'm not tall, just 5'4 and yes this my first . I've gained about 40 pounds from 125 ib to 164 ib. Though I've not gained much weight in my arms,legs and my belly. And so far I've had two ultrasound one at 7 weeks and one at 21 weeks. So I'm not sure about the size of the baby yet.


RJ22 - May 1

It's been the same with me. Everyone I talk to, even strangers, tell me that I am so tiny for how far along I am. All the measurements match up though, and I know that some women just carry more compactly, with the baby more internally positioned, so no worries. As long as your doctor isn't concerned, don't fret. It's actually been a blessing, since I haven't felt as much discomfort as the women whose bellies get huge and cause them lots pain.


Tess - May 1

I used to think like that too....Im 37wks/3days and let me tell you....most people ask if Im carrying twins?!?! So I guess my belly is really HUGE but from what I see....its small. Don't worry too much.


Leanne_ - May 4

I'm almost 38 weeks and look only 6 months pregnant. My uterus (or fundus) height is measuring 36 and a half cms. Doc says even though I'm short (5'2), I'm long waisted which means my belly isn't going to be huge like other women. I guess every women carries different.



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