Measurement Is Not Adequate

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Vanessa - July 26

I am 27 1/2 weeks pregnant and was told that my measurement was not where it should be. I am too small for the weeks I am pregnant. What would this mean?


Angela - May 20

It is possible that you are not as far along as they have told you, usually your measurement should be the same in cm's as you are in weeks of pregnancy--so if you are 27 weeks, you should measure 27cm from your pubic symphisis to the top of your uterus. It is possible you doctor will let you go a while past your due date if you are not ready or your baby is not fully grown yet. Have them check on an ultrasound how the baby is developing, and take measurements to see how much the baby weighs, this should give you a good idea about the size of your baby and if he/she is big or healthy enough


Ang - May 26

Up until this week, I was measuring anywhere from 3-5 cms to small as well. I was actually getting nervous, thought the baby was too small or not growing or something! Went to the Dr. yesterday (30 weeks pregnant) and finally I am measruring 29cms, where I should. So don't get anxious yet, give it a few more weeks and maybe your baby will take a growing spurt like mine.......If this is your second child, apparently it is common, because your baby sits in your pelvis lower! Hope I could help


Ang - May 26

I was measuring small as well, about 3-5 cm to small up until this week. I am 30 weeks now and I am measuring 29 cm. This is good! With my first 2 children I was always bang on. Don't start to freak out yet, give it another couple of weeks. If you are really freaked just ask your Dr. That is what I did. He told me that my baby is measuring fine by ultrasound and that this is common in subfrequent pregnancies, meaning if this is your second or third or whatever it is probably normal


Kim - May 30

Before you start to worry, relax and know it could be tons of things. I'd ask the doc to schedule an ultrasound so they can check to ensure that the fluid around baby is okay and that baby is okay. I was way too big but my son normal. :-)


jackie - May 30

i had the same prob. i'm 36 weeks now and 2 weeks ago my doctor was worried that i was too small so he scheduled an ultra sound to check fetal growth. (i was about 4 cm too small) a week later i popped. all pregnancys are different, so you might just didnt pop yet, or your due date was just mis-calculated.


elizabeth - June 18

i was first told that at this time i would be 11 weeks , i went to the doc yesterday and going by the measurments i would be 9.5 weeks is this normal or is my bbay growing slower ??


Naomi - July 4

You may have a slow growing baby , your midwife will have been checking your baby's growth from week to week. It can be caused by smoking heavily or if you have had a small baby in a previous pregnancy. Your midwife will be checking your blood pressure to see if there's any sign of trouble . If there is any further worry you will be asked to keep track of your baby's movements , If they become slower or less frequent you must contact your midwife or doctor immediatly.


gneblu - July 26

My doctor said the same thing at 30 weeks pregnant and sent me in to see the ultra sound tech for measurements. She said I was right on target. From what I understand, later in the pregnancy it is more difficult to get a true reading on the size of the baby. I didn't worry about it, I don't think you should either. The baby is as big as the baby is supposed to be. You just have to keep the faith that the baby is healthy. Especially if you are feeling as many kicks, and movements and hiccups and stuff as I am. I have no doubts at all about the health of my baby girl.


Lisa - August 13

I am supposedly 18 weeks pregnant (1st pregnancy) I had a real flat abdomen before pregnancy (my husband's a gym nut) but am measuring 25cm at last dr visit and I am VERY visibly pregnant. A woman I met in the store said man you look like you're gonna pop you must be due any day! I had an early u/s though (at 8 weeks, or so they thought, I thought I was at least 12 or 16 because my symptoms started way earlier than that) and my doc says u/s are very accurate at that stage. Going in for a second u/s in three weeks. My doc says it is either polyhydramnios (excess fluid) or twins and one hid. I think I might be further along then they thought. Sometimes I don't think they really know, everyone is different.



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