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lemi - June 12

I'd been for my appointment yesterday and when my doc measured me she said it measured short of 3 cms. She said i'll have to go in for an u\s a few days later...It's written fundal length -26cms. on the report.What's fundal length?My daughter was small too at the time of birth.I'm due Aug.22nd ...will turn 30 wks tomorrow.


3babies - June 12

Hi Lemi. Fundal height is the measurement from your pubic bone to the top of the uterus. It can give a rough idea on the size of the baby, and should correlate weeks in pregnancy to cm. Eg. for 30 weeks, your height should be 30cm.... but this can also be influenced by the position of the baby. If the baby is lying sideways the measurement is lower. If you are out by more than 2-3 weeks, or consistently measuring small, or have relevant history they will usually scan you to get a better idea of baby's growth. Personally I was 3 or 4 cm behind at 28 weeks, but at 31 was only 1cm behind. I have a scan this friday. Good luck!


mishy - June 12

At 32 weeks I was told the same thing, scan at 34 showed growth had slowed since 20 weeks. Another scan tomorrow at 36.5 weeks to keep another eye on how our little girl is going. If not any better, obstetrician said he will do a C section next day. Scary because my first was problem free, all natural etc.. Fingers crossed for all of us.. seems to be fairly common thing tho'?


GraphxGirl - June 12

I am 35 weeks now and have always measured 2 cm behind... my ultrasound showed great growth of baby, they just said that it more than likely means I will have a smaller baby thats all... no 9 pounder or anything like that hehe!! Try not to let it worry you ok :)


Prissanna - June 12

I measured small too so they ordered an U/S that day. It seems I hadn't grown any in 4 weeks. Talk about scaring the c___p out of me. Anyway, the U/S showed that he is in the 39th percentile. I had no clue what that meant so I asked. If he was 10th percentile or under, he would be too small. 90th percentile or higher, he would be too big. 50th is average so I'm just running a little small according to the U/S. Hope that helps. Get them to explain things to you if you're not sure.


Deb - June 12

At 32 weeks I was measuring at 29 weeks. My doctor ordered another ultrasound to check the baby's size and make sure there was enough fluid. The baby should have measured 4lbs, but measured 4lbs 12oz! Go figure...I am smaller than normal on the outside, but the baby is bigger than normal on the inside! Well, it is not an exact science. But anyway, don't panic, you're probably just like me with this amazing ability to hide your baby well. I am now 36 weeks and people are shocked to hear that I only have 4 more weeks to go. Everyone tells me I am small (and I am not a small person - 5'9", 140lbs pre-pregnancy) You will have peace of mind when you have your ultrasound. Good luck.


mishy - June 12

3.5 hrs to go til my ultrasound.. you are lucky Deb, I carry huge, from 30 weeks people have expected that I was due next day or something. People are shocked I have 4 weeks to go still.. I carried the same with my son, would dearly love to be tiny! Anyway, fingers crossed for me this afternoon.. Lemi, let us know how you go!!


lemi - June 13

Thnx alott for the a__suring replies!! I feel really relieved now. 3babies ,like u said the baby must be lying sideways...that's how i feel from the movements it makes.Anyways I'll get to know it from the u\s.Deb, like you ,


lemi - June 13

oops..sorry,I accidentally clicked submit. Like Deb i don't look like i'm 30 wks either.


mishy - June 13

Good news, baby has grown some, dr is happy with her progress and will just monitor me at weekly visits. Still ordered to bed rest tho' - had to give up work 3 weeks earlier than planned which was hard to manage but seems to have worked resting this last week so will give it another go. Keep in touch girls!



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